It is a 6s quad, so it has a lot of bells and whistles on here and i'll. Just go ahead and jump right into this. We have first up truex design. Right here is around 225 millimeters, i believe from motor to motor. It is in upwards of 500 grams on the scale and an upwards of 600, with a 4s 1300 battery on here. You can expect a pretty good flight time out of it. If you're just kind of cruising, you can get five to six minutes. If you want to put a bigger battery on there, something like a 4s 1550, you can get maybe six to seven to eight minutes now mine came with crossfire and i've got. My immortal t already set up back here, ready to go, came from iflight all ready to go also with vista on board and a singular antenna out the back and a lot of times. When you see a vista setup, you're gon na see that singular antenna but it's sort of a medium sized antenna. It'S not super tall for long range. But you could send this out there quite a few miles with the stock setup so with tbs, crossfire and vista. On here, pumping 700 milliwatt, you might be able to expect, for you know three to four miles out of this type of setup, so we also have 45 amp eses on here for the power system, we have the sus x e, f, 4 flight controller.

This is a 2 up stack, it is a 30 by 30 setup. You also have a 20 by 20 in there as well, and you have replaceable arms. They have this new led that comes up from the flight controller and sort of snaps into this little tpu mount right underneath here and then you have an iflight logo which lights up, which is pretty cool. I had a battery around here somewhere. I was going to show it to you guys, but now i can't seem to find it, but 6s is the way to go um. You can also fly it on 4s, obviously, but if you're new to fpv that's how it would start out slide on 4s and gradually move up to 6s it's just going to be a lot more power than you're ready for if you're a new guy. So this would be an intermediate to advanced type of quad, but a very sexy design, really nice and easy on the eyes. I love this quad. Also in the back, we have tpu mount right there to protect it in a in a backwards crash. We have tpu motor mount bumpers on the bottom here and four bolts on the bottom of these 2207 1800 kv motors, and these are obviously rated to four to six s. We also have a 3m pad on the top for top mount battery. Mostly you guys like to film with the top mount – and this is nice for the battery – to push up against the gopro and keep your gopro nice and steady when you're flying.

So it takes away a lot of vibration. If you have all that nice and tight, they also seem to have redesigned the strap as well. This looks like a more beastier strap. We sort of have this like gun, metal type of looking metal on the buckle, which is also pretty cool. I did notice that's a little bit different and this almost looks like leather, but it's, probably pleather and we've got an xt60 in the back, as always for our 6s batteries, and these are 5.1 props. So these are 5.1 inch props and i have to say that looking inside the motor coils, they actually look really nice they're, really thick sturdy. Looking motor coils they're not super thin and they look like high quality motors. So you can expect a really nice freestyle rig out of this, so this can kind of have duality, it can be a freestyle rig or it can be a cinema rig. So, however, you'd like to fly this, if you're looking to do like some motocross cinema style stuff or some drift car racing, this quad will keep up with anything out there, motorcycle motocross, drifting drift racing or any type of racing um. If you want to fly and film cinema stuff for that type of video and the kits are available, you can get replacement parts for this entire quad. It is also sporting, five millimeter arms and they have that new, updated wire cover on there that we saw on the xl5 model, which comes along with this new nasco 5, which is pretty sweet, but let's go ahead outside now.

Let'S do a little flight test with this one. I will show you some cinema, smooth style flying with this quad and i'll also show you some crazy freestyle. We'Ll. Do some tree dives there's, that big massive evergreen tree that i love to dive and we'll? Send it down that and see how it does on the bottom end of that dive, so we'll see if we have any vibrations or any type of washout on here, but it's not likely with this quad, because it is very well tuned from iflight. It is a seriously seriously seriously nice quad here we go so so so so, incredibly incredibly smooth i mean that was that was awesome, smooth tune exactly what i was expecting um just like next totally next level, it's gon na be worth the money absolutely eye flight. Is killing it this year, one one two all right, guys now just some some time for some final thoughts on this quad, i don't believe it comes with the gopro mount. So if you're looking for a gopro mount for yours, you want this ultra fancy, tpu multi color mount that they've been printing. This one is nice it's, pretty showy, and what i like best about this mount is. It is changeable on the tilt they make this base plate right here. It is four screws on the bottom and one big bolt through they give you an allen key in there and you can turn that and adjust it.

So you can get crazy with your tilt. There and go far back as you want. It also comes with this nice camera protector on the front of my vista lens up here. So this is nice. You can shave this back a little bit if you don't want to see any blackness on the outsides of your video. So that might be one thing that you want to do. Just maybe trim off a tiny little piece of that. But if you're not worried about recording dvr footage and having that little black edge, it kind of looks like some type of silhouette around there so that's something to think about. They also put tpu dampening inside of this as well, which is nice because that just smooths everything out but we're, running 50 megabit now on dji. It is just so nice looking and i could really see where i'm going for freestyle in between branches up and over trees, tree dives, and i can put it places on those dives or what typically cinequad. And if you're going to ask me well who's this quad for well, i would say this is the quad for the guy or girl that wants to have the ultimate freestyle machine based on the nazgul series and the xl5, the newest frame, the fifth iteration of this Frame which is kind of crazy, this frame has been around for a while they just keep making it better and better. It also does have eight different standoffs in here, so it's going to be super super sturdy, and i love that it is the classic x frame with replaceable arms and that long body as well.

So you can put a pretty large battery if you want to go. Even bigger, you could probably get 12 minutes out of this if you put something large on the bottom, but a lot of cool stuff in this frame, and it looks like it's going to be an easy winner, because this is another one of those quads that i Set up in betaflight on my laptop in about five to six minutes and set up my switches bound it to my crossfire module and i was out and flying this within 10 to 15 minutes. It was ready to go so my suggested battery on this one's going to be a 4s 1050 for the shorter flights, and if you want a longer flight, you can go up to a 1550 or 1500 6s battery so either way you go. You'Re gon na have fun with this one. It is a beast guys: i'm justin davis take care thanks for subscribing on my channel, and i have some really awesome reviews coming up for you guys so stay tuned on the channel click subscribe and hit that bell for notifications on when new videos come out, and You can see the latest and greatest in fpv. Take care guys, happy.