So trying to get this video out quickly and essentially the refresh, is motor or a motor update, so they have upgraded. The motors from the 1106 3800 kv motors to the 1404 4500 kv motors and they’ve changed the props from the five related gem fans to the three bladed gem fans and with those changes the you get. Basically, a change in the weight um in the original configuration with the 1106 motors. It came in at 116 grams, obviously without the camera and then um in the updated configuration. If you include the screws that i removed, it increased the weight to 124 grams, but i decided to save a little bit of weight and i removed the screws from the motor mounts here. So only two screws promoter now for mounting the motors. So that would be eight screws here on top and then i did not use the screws for mounting the propeller so that’s. I saved those, obviously that reduced the weight from 124 grams down to 121 grams. Okay, so obviously without the camera so essentially yeah and then the change in the weight going from the 1106 motor to what you see here without the screws it it went up about five grams. Now the benefit is you get um better control with the wider stator motor going from 11 size to 14 size, and you give up basically the tallest, your top end power. So if you’re looking to do like drag racing with this, you probably want to get an 1106 motor version, although that’s not for sale anymore at big fpv, they told me that this is the only version that they are now currently shipping.

I don’t know what the other stores have. I can get i’m still going to get questions down in the comments. Oh do you know if xyz store has this version, the 1106 version or the 1404 version – and my answer is: i have no idea. I don’t keep track of what every store uh his store’s inventory is and i’m not sure why anyone on youtube would know that, but apparently people think that i would know that, so they would ask. I don’t know what their inventory is like, so you’ll have to contact them, i’m sure they have a phone number or email or whatever story. You are interested in getting this at and i would contact them first to find out which version they’re shipping, if you’re interested in a particular one. So if you, if you particularly like the 1106 motor version – and you want that, you probably want to jump on that before they run out of stock in some of the stores or if you prefer getting the bigger 1404 motor version, you might also contact that store And find out what they are, what they’re going to be sending out so you’re not disappointed in getting the version that you’re not expecting so definitely contact those stores, if you’re interested in a particular version, so you can get the one that you actually want to get So essentially, the flight characteristics that are of this in the updated 1404 version is much better.

In my opinion, um this is actually the motor i originally told them. I told pftv shipped this uh version out there when they’re, considering making the v3 and they released it with the old 1106 motor version. Although they changed the keyboard propeller, i told them that they should have just waited and updated it released with the 1404 motor because uh. I know that some of the other companies like hom fpv with the wingsuit and uh there’s, a couple other ones that have the 1404 motor version like the protect 25, i think, is another one. Those have 1404 motors and in my opinion, they fly better. As a cinema, because you’re just doing kind of like slow, deliberate motions – and you want um pretty you want, you know you want more control at the low end of the throttle and with the largest theater motor. With this all this kind of weight and carrying on a naked gopro or some sort of naked camera carrying around the extra weight, you want more precision, more precise control at the low end of the throttle versus the you’re. You know you’re, never flying this other uh. In terms of racing style, where you would need like a taller stadium like 1106 or 1108 motor, you know if you’re racing, yeah there’s. You know when you’re going full throttle. You want that top end speed and high rpm, but no one flies cinemas like that. They’Re trying to get nice smooth cinematic videos, so the 1404 motor makes more sense to me and it you know in terms of flying it slowly.

You just feel, like you, have more control over the cinema versus uh, the smaller 1106 more, so this totally makes more sense to me, and now i feel like this is an on par with um, the other synonyms like the protect 25 and the the wingsuit s. Those you know with the bigger motor they feel so much better and that’s kind of why i waited to put out a sort of roundup video, because i knew this was coming out and i didn’t want to put out a video comparing the 1106 motor version, because I knew that was going to be going away, um that’s, why? You know you guys are like wondering where that video was on a two and a half inch cinema, roundup and that’s. The reason why, but if you essentially want to know my opinion, if you compare all the ones with 1404 motors, they barely feel the same uh, not a whole lot of difference again. Obviously, the more weight you add, it’s, going to feel a little bit more sluggish, but with the bigger motor, the additional weight doesn’t make that much of a difference. So i think the out of the three that have the 1404 motor. I think the proto 25 is the heaviest at least of the ones that have the uh digital and that’s, not the reason why, if you are going to go with a two half inch, cinewhip style and you’re, going to go with dgi with the more weight, you Definitely want to go with the bigger motor now.

I know that a lot of you guys are flying analog with uh flying the two and a half inch versions of the analogs that are have less weight. The differences aren’t as noticeable or you won’t, be maybe like. Oh, the 1106 feels totally fine analog and that probably might be true to a certain extent uh, because it is, i think, about 10 to 15 grams, less weight on the analog side for all this, all the ones on the two and a half inch pops. So you know in the smaller 200 crop you’re going to feel more of a difference for every 5 grams of weight in terms of how it feels in flight and so on, on the smaller mode of the analog. It might be okay, but if you’re going to be going dji for any of these, you definitely want to go to the bigger motor for sure now. Regarding the differences in flight time, i just blew them with the force 450 and the 4s650 and flight times were pretty similar to the 1106. I think i was getting three and a half minutes on the four uh the 450 and about four and a half minutes on the 650. So i think bfpv makes claims that the flight times are longer now these batteries are older, a lot of cycles on them. So if you have newer batteries now, if you’re new, a brand new battery, you’re – probably going to get a longer flight time, so maybe their claims are true in that case, but i’m not going to go and buy a brand new battery for every single flight test.

To confirm a manufacturer’s um claim on a flight time, i can just tell you what i have on some of my older batteries. They have you know a few hundred flights on them already, so take them with a grain of salt. Maybe you’re gon na get four minutes in the 450 and five minutes on the 650.. So somewhere in there, i would say you you’re, probably more realistically, going to get what i got something around three and a half minutes to four and a half minutes on these two batteries so um, which is fine on the bigger battery. You know when you go to 650. You definitely want to go with a 1404 motor because you’re adding so much more weight, um yeah, because i did try to fly this with the 1106 motor on the 650 and i didn’t really like the way it felt they just felt really mushy and just not Very controllable on this with so much weight at such a small motor, so anyway, um yeah, i think that’s gon na do it. I show you some flight footage.