This is the x 935 by beta fpv. They decided to join the 3.5 sub 250 category in drones. So lets take a look at this and see if this thing is right for you: okay, so heres the box here, beta fpv, pretty small box actually, but not much on here, just some branding on here. It has the x9 series logo on the front here and on the back here it has the x935 toothpick quad and it says tbs on here now. This drone comes in three different flavors. It comes in the tbs, it comes with the express lrs, which is amazing. I mean better: fpv is one of the first mainstream companies to actually include express lrs in their buy and fly drones. And then you have a plug and play where theres no receiver and then you can either use your dji controller or just add a receiver to the flight controller here. So lets open this up and see. Whats inside got my unboxing knife here: try not to damage this thing as usual. Do that to the side? Oh nice, all right, all right! So we have our beta fpv card here. A lot of manufacturers are doing this now, just a qc card. You can scan and go to their social media sites beta fpv. You have a whole bunch of props in here. It looks like six props in here and, if i remember correctly, you have two different brands here, one from hq and one from gemfan, so pretty cool.

All right so heres the drone right here, pretty nice straightforward. I just like this experience really protected, as you can see here with the foam so lets pull this out. Hopefully, were not gon na break this and put this down and thats. All you get is a foam pretty straightforward, basic boxing, hair and yeah. This thing is really nice guys, but this category is so exciting. So interesting, you can do a lot with this. These drones usually perform like a five inch drone and yeah. You dont have to register these things, so anyways lets take a look at it. Most of the stuff here is already installed. I see a battery pad here, a mat right here, pretty good carbon fiber everywhere. You have these protectors here for the camera, which is pretty cool on this side. You have the vista system right here, which is all digital. Now this x935 does not come in an analog version, its only digital, so that could be a good or bad thing, but it is pricier to have a digital system, and the price of this also goes up, because you also have to have digital accessories like a Digital goggles uh very stealthy thats. The first thing i noticed most of the times these drones are colorful and tend to just pop, but this thing looks pretty cool in this. Color lets go around the drawing here. The first thing i notice here is just the carbon fiber top plate is pretty cool bottom plate its a little bit thicker.

It is a one piece bottom plate. If you do break this thing, then you do have to get a new bottom piece here since im. Looking at this right here, i also see some tpu legs here on the bottom and i think thats, a cool touch, a lot of the three and a half inch drones. Dont come with that, and i know it does add some weight. But i think for the longevity of this drone thats a really important and cool touch, as i said before, it does add some weight in here. Besides that you have these motors here. These are the 14 to four. Now, a lot of three and a half inch drones use this motor size here. These are 3 800 kv motors. If these are like any of the other three and a half inch drones in the market. These should be plenty enough for acro, maneuvers and uh. Just punch out so well see how that goes. Besides that it looks really nice. You have these covers here for the wires going to the motors really nice and they are black. Now this uh flight controller really sticks out here going around to the back here uh. We have this battery strap and its pretty cool. This is pretty typical of beta fpv and it has that reflective material on here. No big deal there coming around to the back. You have this big tpu mount in the back here and thats, where all your connections and antennas are mounted in this case.

This is the tbs version. So i see my tbs nano receiver back here and you have your circular polarized antenna here. This is the left hand for the dji system, since this only comes in the digital version we have. Our xt30 plug here looks like in a pretty decent location. Nothing crazy on here and, as i said before, we have our immortal t antenna, looks a little different and ive never seen a blue one on here. This kind of looks almost like the express lrs antennas. Take a look at this guys, its pretty interesting. Just a small detail, i like the small details and drones here, but take a look at this. The antenna goes into the tpu mount here, theres a special hole here or a pathway for the antenna, and that keeps it steady. So you can see this one here is kind of out. If i were to just line this up and push it in here, then it should go in here and thats, pretty cool thats, a really nice touch by beta fpv um. This thing is going to be very, very sturdy uh, besides that, in the back here i see a capacitor, which is awesome. Most drones have this. This one here has a all in one uh flight controller. This is the f4 flight controller, with the 20 amp escs. In here, so that should be adequate a little bit lower than some of the other manufacturers, but well see how these motors behave with that kind of power, output or current draw and come to the front.

Here. You have kind of the the new kit on the block. This is a digital system. This is the vista polar by caddix and its a pretty cool camera. This is a starlight camera really specializing in low light filming. This camera here should do very well im, hoping it does very well, but its pretty cool. The other thing about this camera is that its uh recessed a little back. In fact, it may not be recessed. Actually i do think the camera is in its normal position. I just do think that they have some guards and protectors on the side. That extends a little bit further to protect it. Now, having said that, this camera here is a little further than normal um. Usually the camera is mounted in this part here, the standoffs because of this extension here the props will not be in view so technically, you could use this camera and this system here to do some recording, which is a pretty cool touch, and they thought about that. Besides that, the frame is pretty cool, looks like an x, a traditional x here actually, but you do have these bracings at the bottom here and im sure that increases structural rigidity, which is good. If you do have to crash this thing and uh i mean we dont tend to crash it, but in case you do crash it uh. It does add some added protection inside here we talked about the flight controller f4 and everything seems to be conveniently located now.

Im looking for the port here for the actual flight controller, okay, i see it right here and thats pretty accessible micro usb here you can plug this into betaflight, so you can tune and add some features to that. On the other side. Here you have your usbc plug here and thats for your vista, so you can activate and bind to your goggles and your controller. This is a, i think, a pretty extensive drone here, meaning ive seen some other manufacturers with less things on the drone and it still weighs around lets, say 250 or sub 250.. Now beta fev is claiming with the recommended battery. This takes a 4s battery. As i said before, an xt30 plug here, they recommend a 750 milliamp hour battery and with that theyre expecting between 7 and 13 minutes, thats a huge number guys thats, pretty impressive. Now i dont know if you can get that now. They do say that thats, for you know, smooth flying um, maybe just hovering, but just smooth cinematic nice smooth flying you get up to 13 minutes that is crazy for in the fpv world, youre, not reaching. You know flight times of dji camera drones and thats pretty impressive. Now i have a dji spark and that thing yes, its an older drone. They claim 15 to 20 minutes and i get around 12 to 13 minutes. So if this thing can do 12 to 13 minutes, hey man thats, pretty thats, pretty impressive, so im looking forward to testing that out and seeing how accurate those flight times are.

Ive also tested some other three and a half inch drones and they flew pretty great guys. So this is a really exciting segment in that category and um. Hopefully i mean im not pushing for the 250 or the sub 250 drones, but it does make life a little bit easier when you go fly in a public space, and maybe someone wants to question hey. Is this drone legal wheres, your registration? If this is sub 250 theres, none of those issues, no one has to question your motives question. If youre legal or not for me its here or there, it doesnt really matter im kind of indecisive about that. But i do think they are helping a lot of people not only in the u.s but other countries where theres, probably stricter rules. As far as drones. Being over 250 grams, so yeah guys uh as far as first impressions im pretty impressed um next video here we are gon na. Do the setup on first flight were gon na put the propellers in here. Go on betaflight, see whats in here. Make sure this thing is all tuned out and then go for a flight and see how this thing flies. So, if youre interested in that video hit that subscribe button so youll be notified. Whenever i do post that video guys so anyways tell me what you think about this join in the comment section below. Let me know what you think about all these companies making two or sub 250 gram drones.

If you have any questions about this, leave them down below as well, i will happily answer those see you guys thanks for watching, and i will see you in the next video peace flight x, flight 35 x night x, night x, night x, night, dark knight, thunder Thunder thunder fpv fpv, knight 35 by beta fev, come on thunder. Ah just let me make a video come on. Give me a break all right.