This is the beta fpv, vr202 fpv goggles. Now what are these? These are really intended for beginner pilots, folks and they’re very easy to use very simple to use notice that there’s no antenna on these. In fact, actually the antenna is an internal patch antenna that actually provides you very good range. As long as you keep the front pointed toward the drone. But again this is intended for beginner pilots uh, those who you know they’re first uh flying their first fpv drum. Hopefully, it’s a tiny whoop that you’re flying that’s your first drone uh. These would be more than appropriate for uh flying that type of drone, such as the tiny whoops now other thing about this is it’s very lightweight at only about 300 grams. With this nice sponge on the front, um it’s, very small – and i want to talk about the shape here here shortly, but again, very lightweight – uh, very well padded. So you know the feeling on your face. Is it feels relatively comfortable to use now the screen on this, though, is little 4.0 you’re not going to be able to see this, but let me turn it on here, but it’s a little 4.3 inch 800 by 480 pixel screen inside there. Now i mentioned that notice the shape this thing is very small: okay, it’s, a small sized um goggles. Now, normally, when you see small sized goggles like these, that makes it very difficult, especially, you know the view.

Distance from your eyes to the screen would be relatively short, normally, okay and the problem with that is it help it’s kind of difficult for people to focus on that short of a distance between the screen and your eyes now to improve this they’ve put in a Telescope or not yet periscopic lens in here, periscopic mirrors that uh. The way this works is the screen is actually on the top of the goggles projecting downward and then there’s. A angle mirror like this: that projects the image to the back then there’s, another angled mirror in the back here that projects the image forward through the angle mirror that comes like this. The end result is: it increases the distance dot about here using the periscope, the telescope i’m saying right, periscopic view. So it increases the focus distance out to about here for your eyes, making it easier to focus i’m, not saying it’s, going to make it perfect to focus, because i am severely nearsighted folks and i still had a little problem focusing. But i was able to focus and fly with this and with that in mind, i’m going to demonstrate now. We’Ll fly this down in the basement here, the way i’m going to do. It is i’m just going to put this up to the screen like so, and let you see through my camera, what the uh goggles are are receiving, along with i’ll, be flying with a different set of goggles.

That actually has a the ability to record the video from the drone that will be flying things. Other things i forgot to mention on this. This has fast auto scanning capability. You press this button here and it will zip through the channels very quickly to find the channel that your drone is actually flying on. With that in mind, this also has 48 channels of reception with bands, a b e f race band and l band. It is powered by a 3.7 volt uh 2000 milliamp hour battery. That supposedly gives us about two hours of view time, which is pretty darn good view time now the downside that i see about this, as i mentioned, you know i i still had a little bit of difficulty focusing, but the other things are. There are no other controls for this. Let me turn around and show you here. I’Ll turn on the goggles. The only menu you get with this is the menu for the uh auto scanning capability. Let me turn on quick press. I think am i pressing the right button? Probably not there. We go there’s the scanning button, the channel button. Now you can adjust the bands and channels individually with the two buttons to the right and left of the scan, or you can just press this. The auto scan and roll here, let me turn it on again. You got to hold it down and watch how rapidly that goes through all 48 channels to find a channel, that’s, clear, okay and all these green channels that you see here are all clear, clear bands.

Obviously it selected one that was not so quite clear but again we’re not receiving anything right now so well, that is the beta fpv vr002 let’s take this down into the basement and fly it with one of my drones and see how it performs so hope you Enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, and welcome to the quadcopter 101 flight test facility. Okay, we are going to demonstrate the goggles, mainly its reception, uh quality, now i’ve flown these with uh, the goggles alone uh with the vr zero two goggles and um. I have to tell you you know it it’s. I was able to focus my vision on the screen uh, even though my eyesight is bad but again, i’m nearsighted folks farsighted folks would probably have difficulty doing that now. That being said, the image quality that i’m, seeing with these uh goggles, is not the best, but you wouldn’t expect the best. With this you know beginner’s bottles like that here. Let me get going here now. What i wanted to do, though, is demonstrate the reception quality between the two uh by flying around the house. First we’ll fly down here in the basement. Let me see if i can get to feel this mob light here, i’m, not going upstairs until i get a better feel with your bob light, but we’re going to uh check the reception quality between the two i’m going to fly right over the goggles right. There fly over me so again we should be seeing uh the difference in quality now i’m flying using my vr or my vr d2 goggles.

I got ta drop it there. Folks sorry uh hold on. While i do the walk of shame this won’t take long. I just want to write it, but i do there where’s my camera walk of shame, walking back but again here’s the setup. I got the way i’m doing this folks i got my camera pointed at the goggles and that way uh. You know we can see the reception from the goggles um it’ll be hard to determine the quality based on that setup, the quality of reception, but again we will be able to see the reception. Now i do want to fly fly it upstairs. You know greater range from the uh drone and in in that case, i’m gon na have to focus a little on my flying here, folks trying to talk and fly at the same time, it’s like chewing, bubblegum and walking at the same okay, careful i want to Go up those stairs and shut my mouth while i do such there’s, my dog and my wife, perry mason’s, probably on right now, okay, i’m still receiving with my goggles, but i don’t know you know i’m i’m, not seeing what what the vr vr or two goggles Are saying why not do that? Please lance face up yay, okay. How did i get over here really? I don’t know how i got over here, okay, but we should have seen if the vr o2 goggles was receiving while we were up there.

So the remainder of this let’s just fly around down here and actually i’m probably going to go into. This is hard to fly in stabilized mode down here going upstairs. I have to be in stabilize, but down here i prefer to be in acro air mode there. We go let’s, try air mode now, yeah it’s, better Music. I don’t know what it is with stabilized mode and instantly flying, but Music. Let me get the fuel variable down, but i i think, we’re seeing right now. You know the difference in reception between the two Applause Music now again, keep in mind that the vro2s are beginners goggles they’re more than appropriate. I think for a new flyer to be flying fpv with okay brand new flyer, but as you progress you’re going to want to probably increase the quality of your goggles yeah, there are better goggles out there, but not if the price of the vr o2, so we’re Gon na call clips here shortly. First, i want to say how do you like my shirt today, folks Music, there i go upside down and i don’t have it set for uh turtle mode, so uh we’re, gon na call it quits there folks um again. Let me go get the uh drone pick it up and again we’ll see the setup of my goggles my bro2’s. Now these are expensive. Goggles versus the cheap stuff, it’s it’s, not bad again for a beginner to learn to fly with, i think it’s more than appropriate.

So if you’re, you know entering into the field of fpv and you don’t have a lot of money to spend yeah, these are more than appropriate for you so hope you enjoyed this flight and review. This is quadcopter 101 signing out hi 101. Here again, hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.