So essentially, this is a three inch version of the very popular beta 95 x, which is a two and a half inch uh propeller, and so this obviously me a little bit bigger. I got the same. Inverted type of motors here frame is um similar in design and to the 95x. You can see here plastic with some carbon underneath i’ll show you that here in a second, obviously it’s going to be a fair amount heavier, and we have some bigger motors now as well. So i recently did the 1404 motor upgrade for the 95x, so i’ll link that video down in the description. If you missed that video but uh, basically um people wanted bigger motors in the 90 fx and now they have bigger motors. And if you want bigger, props go to a three inch. This is the version to get the frame. You know itself here is plastic, not sure how that’s going to hold up over time. If you’re going to be bashing it around crashing a lot, probably it’s not going to last, i mean they do have. If you see how it’s hollowed out here in between the outer part here and the inner part, so it does have some give to take some. You know take a little bit of abuse but uh if you fail, save this from 100 feet up and and it smashes on the concrete it’s, definitely breaking because there’s, no other reinforcement here, no carbon or anything like that on that on the outside.

Obviously, the the outer frame break um there’s, a inner frame. That is not that easy to see. You can see right there, that’s actually holding the motors to the plastic parts, so it does give it some stiffness and extra strength. You can see it’s right there as well that’s where the battery strap goes through, but then on the top part here is the screws and the plastic parts of the frame that hold the motor on, and now they have the vista here on the bottom. Instead of in the back on the 95x, not sure if it makes much difference in terms of um, uh, cg or not, but there’s, nothing preventing air blockage here in the back in terms of the vista on the 95 x, people were saying that it was blocking Air which it does a little bit in terms of intake, but it doesn’t really matter too much, because it’s, a pusher and all the air gets pushed on the bottom. So the motors on here are 1506 3000 tv. This is the dji version. The analog version has 15.05, i think uh 3300 keep a little higher kv and um these the same props and these uh um five bladed three inch. I think these are the d63 props. I believe they are come with like an adapter that will convert them from the t style to the five millimeter stock for a type of prop and um. I don’t know i think, for three inch on something like this.

They probably should have picked a different motor. I would have gone with the 20, the 2004 motor over the 1506, but you know um. A lot of the cina whoops in the three inch class use the 1507 motor and i just now starting you’re, starting to see a transition to three inches notes using the 2004 motor uh, of course, it’s a personal choice. So you basically have a wider stator for a little bit more control. Now this setup here is fairly light compared to a lot of other three inch cinahls out there 173 grams without the camera. So maybe the 1506 is good enough. Maybe i mean it felt fine. I felt like i had pretty decent control um with this motor and this weight set up here, although i have been playing around with the 2004 motors on some other uh uh custom cenotes that you haven’t seen yet that i’m still i’m still experimenting with still getting A feel for those so i’ll have a video on that later um, if you’re, if you guys, are wondering why you haven’t seen these because i’m still still sort of flying them around and getting my thoughts together on how they fly compared to the 1507 and 1506 Motors and i’m thinking 2004 motors are probably better in the way to go. Uh kind of, let me know what you guys think in the comments below, if you’ve flown 2004 motors on three and set them up anyway.

So this one here has the nebula nano camera, but this little part here is replaceable. If you want to use a micro camera instead and they give you an adapter right there, so they’ll fit in 19 millimeters. If you use the nebula micro or the nebula pro camera, just swap this one in for that they do have a little adapter here for the um hd camera. So this cable here is already pre installed works with a smoke 4k camera. But if you want to use a naked gopro that’s, what that adapter is for and then you have a right, angled adapter for your usb port. The usb port for the flight controller is right there and um yeah. The rain angle. Adapter works but it’s kind of a hassle to get in there. The usb port for the vista is right here and it’s kind of hard to see it’s right there and you’re going to need to probably have a cable that doesn’t have a really big like plastic piece on the end to to get it in there, where you’re Going to take the motor off, i was able to get in there with a very thin usb type c cable to do the um, firmware, update and the registration. So that worked for me, but it is a very tight fit to get in there. Although, although you want to do that one time and then your cross drive receiver, receiver is going to be in this little spot right here and you can see.

The bind button is easily accessible, there’s running the antenna here in the back for the crosswire, and then they have the uh little stubby antenna here in the back for your vtx antenna, so left handed for the obviously for the digital and right handed for the analog. The same mounting system for the snow 4k camera, as you see here with the verbal grommets, but now they have these little screws. They go all the way through and you can see the nut there on the bottom, and these are just i think, there’s a nylon screw goes all the way through. One of the complaints 95 x is that on a crash, this will pop off, and then you have to put them back on so that’s why they put those screws on there to give it a little bit more stiffness and also if you need a little bit More vibration dampening you can just tighten up those screws a little bit more and, of course, if it’s too tight, then you’re going to get jello in your video, so it’s kind of a compromise, still um uh the few cameras fixed or hard mounted here. So if you don’t have a good pitching, you might get some jello less of a jello finish as a jello is less of an issue now with any bigger motors uh, because it’s a little more in control. But i think you can still see it a little bit in the feed it’s, not not really that bad.

The pituiones on here is okay it’s. You know pretty typical um, not the greatest platoon, but it’s workable uh, not much better than the first pit. That came out of the box for the 95x v3. This one seems okay, but i think it has more to do with the fact that it’s got a much bigger power setup and not as much weight so that’s. Why pi fly is a lot better than before. Anyway, so um the flight controller in here i think, it’s, the same f7 uh flight controller, it’s, an f722 uh. Obviously the all in one whip stop light controller board. You can’t quite get in there to see it. It is 35 amps and i believe it is built healthy s, only um that i have returned that they didn’t really give me a whole lot of specs on all the equipment in here but i’m, pretty sure the same flight controllers on the uh 95 xb, 95x. V3 anyway, so you know not a whole lot more to say about this: it flies decently and not the greatest in the world. I again, i think i would have preferred to see 2004 motors on here, so the 1506 motors but uh, you know who knows probably um in a month or two they’ll, probably see a 2004 motor upgrade for this one. I imagine, or a 2004 version, maybe uh. Whatever this pavo 30 v2, you know they’re, always you know if you wait uh a month or two, a a new version or revision or something will come out, they’re constantly tweaking their product all the time.

So for those of you guys that uh don’t like that, then um just wait, wait a couple months and then something new will come around the corner um because you know that’s going to happen eventually: okay, so 173 grams uh without the camera. But then, with the camera here it is coming in okay. I need to put a little spacer in there 212 and a half grams, and then i flew with a 4s 850 battery that’s uh. They recommend force 750 or 850. So this is the way i flew it and all upwards at 3, 20. So yeah right here you can see uh. This is set up. It is over the 250 gram limit. So if that’s important to you, then you’re, probably gon na, have to stick to the 95x v3 or something smaller now, the uh flight time you can expect to get on a 4c50 it’s, probably gon na be around six uh six and a half minutes um, depending On the battery, of course, that you’re using and also the flying conditions and how windy it is so the flight demo that i’m going to show you here is fairly windy. It’S not like, like incredibly windy but it’s, pretty windy for cinewood and it seems to handle it okay, but i think it because of the wind just cut kind of cut the flight time down a little bit shorter. So i would say in in sort of non ideal conditions uh.

Maybe you expect a reduction of a minute in your flight time and, if you’re doing a lot of like sort of racing type, flying with a lot of full full throttle, punch outs and if you’re, trying to fly out crew, probably a further reduction in your flight Time, depending on what battery, using as well anyway here’s the flight footage. Let me if any questions and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one.