Today we have the latest and greatest from beta ftv. Not only is it their newest drone it’s, also a first for them as well, so let’s get into it all right guys. So i got my box in the mail here actually today, so let’s not waste any time and open this up got my unboxing knife right here, make sure i don’t damage anything and, as usual, you get to see first before i do boom there. It is, you can see it pretty awesome, put this to the side, that’s the main star right here, and we got two other things here. These are just batteries. I did order these for the drone that’s it the box is empty. Put that to the side. This is the pablo 30. This is the latest and greatest by beta fpv. This thing just came out not too long ago, maybe two weeks ago, as a reason, the most popular drone from them was the 95 x v3. This thing takes it a notch. Up now, i’ve been flying tiny whoops for a while, and i figured i was going to upgrade and get a bigger cinder whoop now fpv is a very broad hobby. You have guys who like to do freestyle, guys like to do cruising i’m on that end of the spectrum. I do a lot of cruising, so i did look into a cinderella. The big thing about this one here is that this is a three inch quad.

So, as you know, the 95x is a two and a half inch quad. This one’s a little bit bigger, there’s, some different motors in here, and yes guys. This thing is supposed to be a better drone overall, so let’s open this thing up and see what’s in the box. I probably don’t need a box on that, because i can see some holes right here – i’m struggling here a little bit all right, so here’s the box right here it looks pretty straightforward: nothing, crazy, no specs on the outside, just beta fpv branding, so let’s just lift This up and see what’s in here all right. So here it is so what you see here is just some extra propellers just one of each and we also have a camera mount adapter. So if you do want to change the camera mount on this, then you can change it. Let’S. Take a look at this drone right here. This thing is pretty light, so this thing is pretty. Nice looks like plastic. This first thing i can see. I, like the color of it guys. This thing looks really good. It’S, probably gon na be hard to see on the camera here, it’s, not gon na focus, but yeah. This thing looks really really clean. I like the black and the red colors of it. I know that doesn’t do anything for performance. Everything seems to be compact and just well designed, meaning. I can’t see any wires.

No computers, nothing, no flight computers, no vtx, nothing! Everything is integrated in here yeah. This is pretty nice here’s, your adjustable camera. One thing i did notice here is that the camera is not mounted to this uh shock absorption part, so hopefully there’s no like vibration or jelloing. Coming from this, when i fly it, but for now it looks pretty good now the 95x i didn’t have that one, but some of the components were in the rear of the drone and that could have been why it has some difficulties with flight characteristics. But everything is in the center center of gravity, which makes it more maneuverable for flight. Obviously, this is the first three inch drone by beta fpv, so they did it. They did a complete redesign. It may look very similar to the 95x, but there’s a lot of things and characteristics that are different in this one. That makes it superior, obviously it’s larger, so it’s going to be more stable, there’s, bigger motors, so there’s more power for either flying or freestyle. That’S. Good, the center of gravity, everything is in the center now so that’s good for maneuverability. If you, if you want to do some limited freestyle, then you can probably do that with this now. This may look like a traditional plastic on this and you wonder why you didn’t go with more carbon fiber, but this is a redesign. As i said before, this is a new drone.

They have some time to think about it and they did use a specialized plastic on this believe it or not. It has a special plastic. This uses a pa12 plastic, and that is a very interesting plastic. It has the qualities which can resist you know cracking it, has a high tensile strength, it’s very light and still very flexible, almost like abs plastic. So if you do crash this thing or hit into a wall, it does give you some resistance, like a bumper. So i was wondering why there’s no foam bumpers on here, just like the 95 x, has some foam bumpers. This one has no foam bumpers on there. If you look under here, you can see little gaps in between the ducts, the blades, so this thing might have some give and we’ll find that out eventually in the future, but it’s definitely new material. Here with this, this thing has an f7 35 amp flight controller. Is pretty cool? You have a 3400 kv motors on here, so let’s see yep 34kv motors a little bit bigger than what we had on the 95x version. 3., all right! So looking at the camera here as well, we have the chaotix ant fpv camera on here. There’S no localized recording on this. Now this drone does come in multiple versions. This is the analog version. I have only analog controllers and analog goggles, so i have the analog version here. This does come also in a digital version where you can use your dj.

Goggles gives you better range and clearer images. So with that said, this is the ant. It does have a wide dynamic range, so it’s, a pretty good camera we’ll see how that works once i uh test it out and see in the recordings. Besides that, you have a vtx in the back up to 350 milliwatt hours, it is adjustable. You can change it via the osd, which is pretty cool. Now i wish it was a little bit higher. Some of the other drones have up to 600 milliwatts, but this one here is just a 350.. They say it’s good for around 600 meters and that’s more than adequate for this drone with that said, this is a whole new redesign and we’re talking about the range here. All these changes does create a drone. They say it’s, more performance, oriented and also has better range, so you can have a longer flight time with this setup and we will see about that. The flight time is around six to six and a half minutes which is really good for any quad. Actually now my plan is to fly this thing with and without a action camera now, because this is a three inch drone it’s, obviously bigger than the 95x version. 2. beta fb says that this thing can carry not only a naked gopro uh insta360 smo 4k camera, but because this is a three inch drone, they also say you can fly with a full size.

Gopro now uh we’ll see how that works. I do believe this drone can do that, but they do say a full size gopro without the battery, so that’s great uh in here as well. You have the connector, so you can use a gopro on here so that’s amazing that they thought about all that in here. So yeah guys, this looks like a pretty nice drone. The construction looks really good. The thing that’s questionable about this whole thing is probably the frame we don’t know how this plastic molded injection pa12 plastic – is going to hold up over time, but very clean design. That’S one thing i have to say it looks really good, and hopefully that translates to a good fight experience as well, but yeah guys. What do you think about this drone? This is the news on the market. There wasn’t a big uh press release on this one. Here, but it is a step up from the 95x, which was a well known drone, so yeah guys, if you have any questions about this, leave them down below. I will be doing multiple videos on this uh. In fact, i’ll be doing a video right now about the specs, the full specifications of this drone and then we’ll do a setup and first flight of this as well so be subscribed to see how this drone performs and while you’re there take a look at the Channel i have a lot of other content on fpv jones.

You might be amazed by those videos as well so anyways guys thanks for watching and i will catch you in the next video peace or a naked, actually kind of like the sm sm smo, like the smo 4k. Come on how come i can’t say that today we have the latest and greatest from beta greatest greatest, come on, all right come off and welcome back to the channel.