So this is uh. You know two and a half inch cinnal up um kind of similarities to the pavo 30, which is their three inch center whoop and theyre, using the mostly the same electronics that were in the uh 95xv3, which is right here. Uh same motors, the 1404 4500kv motors, and i they did switch the flight controller to a slightly different one because of the gyro. So this one now has the bmi 270 gyro and um. I think ive flown a few. Well, quite a few of these flight controllers with the bmi 270 gyro now and its okay, i mean, as long as the tune is appropriate for for the proper filtering for that gyro. I havent really noticed too much of a difference in terms of stability compared to the mp6000, so i think were going to be okay, going forward with the new bmi 270 gyro. So what youre seeing here in this video is actually a build, not the binding fly, although its fairly close to the binding fly and for whatever reason they decided not to send me the binding. For this time, they sent me a bunch of parts to put together, wasnt terribly difficult. I did put in my own vista kit, which is different from what youre going to get for your dji version. Mine comes with a different camera. This is a run cam, a new run, cam camera that i im not sure. If i can talk about it yet so im not going to show you any footage from that and im not going to tell you much about it.

Youll have to wait for that. Video uh make sure youre subscribed if you want to dont, want to miss that this is a new run, cam hd camera for the dji system or the vista. If you buy the binder fly, dji youll get the nebu, the pro nano camera and its a 14 millimeter camera. So you know youve seen plenty of footage from that camera. On my channel before you can go back to previous videos if youre curious what that looks. Like the weight, probably isnt going to be too different click the links in the video description. If you want to see the exact specs of the binding fly, they sent basically the same parts, the frame motors and the flight controller, but i think theres going to be a change to the flight controller. I did notice that there were some pads for a vertical usb port and you can see on this frame theres a hole here for a vertical usb port to connect to which would be easier to connect here versus on the side. Now mine has the side usb port. Here i did have to use a right angle: adapter, to connect to the usb port flight controller, to change my settings but im based on the materials that they sent me theyre, going to be switching out the flight controller for one with a vertical usb port. For this model again, this is not the binder fly so um. You know it could be a little bit different im, not 100 sure you have to maybe watch some of the videos to see what the actual binding fly looks like mines a little bit different.

Now they did send me the cli dump for the binder fly for the dji version, and so i put that on here. So you are seeing the pit tune from that in the flight demo and it flies pretty good uh. The platoon is pretty decent, didnt have any weird vibrations or oscillations sounded okay, nothing too, weird going on performance wise! You know i felt like i could do pretty much all the same stuff i could do with the 95 x v3 did feel a little bit more stable on this frame and thats, because the motors are slightly further apart. So theres a little bit more of a gap here between the motors, maybe a few, maybe a centimeter more. If you look at the 95 xb3 frame, you can see, the gap is quite a bit less here see here, like how close the props are. On the 95 xp3 frame with um left and right and up and down versus on the pavo 25 frame, and so the moves are a little bit spread out. So i think that does help a little bit with the stability, but it does increase the profile slightly. I think about about a centimeter its slightly longer and wider, so and also these little foam pieces stick out a little bit more than on the 95x v3 little bumpers. So if youre, you know thats for hitting walls and stuff like that and um yeah, that will affect your ability to hit certain gaps.

Now you know its not that much larger but yeah. Something to you know, take note of now one of the things that theyve done compared to the 95xv3 frame, to make it a little bit easier to repair. In case you do break these plastic prop guards which says theyve claimed that theyve um changed the plastic so its a little bit stronger, but in the event that you do break it its fairly easy to swap them out um its just six screws here. So theres one over here, one right there and then one right there and three on the other side and then the whole thing just lifts right out all of the parts, the motors, the electronics. Everything is connected to this top plate here, which is a two and a half millimeter top plate and then the whole duct system. Then the props will or sorry the prop guards just come out and you can just swap it out. It literally takes will take like five minutes to make that change, and then you know in terms of the build. It was very easy to put this together. If you do happen to buy the kit, the diy kit – and you want to do your own – build uh. Basically, the only thing i soldered was the motor plugs, because these motors do come with little plugs, so i did do that and then i soldered the xd30 and of course i soldered the receiver um and uh theres.

Also, the theres, like a led back here, thats three wires for an led and on and then the vista is just a plug that plugs into the side of the board. The theres, like the cnc aluminum part um, with like threading like two millimeter m2 threading, for the screws to mount the vista to the flight controller. And then you can use that same part to mount the flight controller to the frame and so thats. That actually makes the whole thats. What makes this ho basically hold. This whole thing pop out with a fistus right underneath the flight controller, you just pull it all out and its actually. This is not connected to the plastic prep guard at all, so thats. What makes the swapping of the popcorn pretty easy all right, so this is how much mine weighs its probably going to be pretty close to the binding fly weight and its 161 grams uh. The smoke 4k mount is included and then uh with the smoke 4k actually lets put the battery on first, i flew with a uh for 650 and now were coming at 237.8 and then with the smoke 4k now were coming in at 270, so yeah this version Here with the 650 is uh going to get you over the 250 mark. Something to note about the camera mount here is that it is hard mounted to this uh top plate this carbon plate. Here no vibration dampening like there was on the 95 x v3, although sometimes it didnt work all that great.

So i used to put the zip ties here to kind of not make it move around too much. If you do that, then this works pretty good, but yeah theres no dampening like um. There was on the 95 xb3 on this new design. Although on this camera it didnt seem like there was um any jello or any issues with gel, but um and i cant. Unfortunately, i cant show you the footage from the this camera here. This is run cam. You have to wait for that video im not allowed to release that yet uh. There was a little bit of jello uh on this mount because it is directly mounted to um the frame here, instead of being like vibration dampened. So i did notice a little bit of jello in that footage and yeah youll see it when you, when you see the um footage for the video for the footage from that video, which will come out probably in a week or two. So unfortunately, i cant show it to you yet, but i will you will see it eventually. So in terms of flight time on the four 650, you can expect, of course, depending upon flight conditions and how you fly your flying style, roughly four minutes around there. Some, maybe a little bit less, maybe a little bit more and thats about what i got on the 95x v3 same kv motor same prop um about the same weight, so yeah uh, you know its okay.

You know for its its a i think, overall, probably a little bit on the heavier side compared to some other lighter two half inch notes. Although ive been noticing, though there, the two iphone synonyms are getting quite a bit heavier now um im, not sure why that is um. It could be that the kv the motor might be a little bit high. I guess i think i did reduce the kv on this one via motor upper limit. So if youre looking for more flight time, you could do that to gain maybe another 30 seconds or so, if thats, what youre looking for or just put a bigger battery on, because obviously im already over to the 250 gram mark. So i might you know if you want more more um flight time without worrying about the uh 250 gram limit, then just go to like an 850. You know its a little. You have to put the battery in like this, its a little tricky finding ones, thatll fit thats not going to get into the uh interfere with the camera or the where the xd xd30 comes out here in the back thats like the limit in terms of how Far back, you can go, and i kind of wish that this was a little bit longer. I just used the one that came with the flight controller um, but yeah, i think a little bit longer. One would have been nicer to have um, but i think im not sure again what the binder fly is going to look like it might come with a little longer lead, so something to look for, maybe in other videos.

If you want to check that out anyway. Uh heres the flight footage from this guy very stable. Of course, i did run the footage from the smoke 4k through gyroflow instead of the normal uh insta360 studio. Let me know what you guys. Think of that footage.