The bdfpv meteor 75 express lrs edition, so yeah yeah beat fpv is also now updating all of their products with express lrs editions and um youve seen the board in this one already and the custom build that i made. This is a meteor 65 pusher that i built with that flight controller board, and you can see that right there, its an all in one, no video transmitter um, but it does have the express lrs antenna. It is on the bottom here. This is inverted right there. So theyve actually updated the meteor 65, the 75 and the 85, with this new 1s, all in one board and theyre now using the new m03 video transmitter, which now goes up to 350 milliwatts. So for those of you that were complaining on the previous generation that it was limited to 25 milliwatts, you should now have much more range now on 350 milliwatts, as well as much more control range, of course, with express lrs. So, of course, they uh went back to an older motor. I guess – and i guess a smaller motor necessarily orders, but the motor has been around for a while. This is the uh. 0802 19500 kv motor on a gem fan by bladed prop. They previously used this um larger 1102 mortar, and this one was uh 18 000 kb with a three bladed gem fan prop so there. This is kind of the trend on uh these um 75 millimeter whoops.

With the 40 millimeter propellers is theyre going with the smaller motors now to make things lighter, you get a little more flight time. Of course it gives you um less overall power. So if youre looking for ultimate power, you want to go with a bigger motor. I think those are being discontinued in favor of this one. I dont know what is up with the standard free sky version of this, if theyre still, if it still has the 1103 motor or the 08 motor, i would contact their support to ask them. They didnt tell me um if theyre discontinuing it or not, so if youre still interested in the free sky version, i think its just going to be the same old version that they were selling before. I dont think that theyve actually made any updates to that version. All right, so this is what the drone weighs now and its coming in at 24 grams, so yeah, pretty typical for the size of a nice nice weight. Of course, theyre still using the bt 2.0 batteries and connector that hasnt changed the 450 thats uh 12.4 grams and then the all up flying weights coming in at 36.68 grams. So one other thing i do want to show you. This is something thats sent along with uh the drone, but this is not included. They get this charger tester and its a basically usb c based now. This is an updated version, so it comes with the usbc cable and the previous one was like brown.

You plug it in it will show you the battery voltage so ill show you that, and it comes out a nice display here and shows you the current battery voltage of the battery plugging in on the side. Here it says test, and then you can of course plug this into uh, that usbc cable into a five volt source, its not qc or quick charge compliance. So if youre using a one of those higher capacity charges, it only works on 5 volts to keep that in mind and you can plug in two batteries and charge them up with this charger ill link this down in the video description as well. Okay, so, overall not a whole lot of surprises with this um. Now, this being lighter than the older version of the 1102 motors, its going to be fair amount, more thats, where my more agility, but its got less weight, so its going to get pushed around more in the wind as youll, see here in a second in the Flight footage also on this version here with the express lrs um. I am showing you the one of the flights that had some weird stuff going on, and so i just wanted to show you that theres still some weird stuff going on in express rest, which is why, even though, while i am confident in it and switching a Lot of stuff over youll see some kind of quirky stuff happen once in a while, and of course you know, the developers are still putting a huge effort into fixing all the bugs, and you know, changes are still happening very quickly, but this is one of the Weird things that ive seen before um, where the rssi and arsene side db is fine, but the lq just behaves weird.

So most of the times that i flew, this lq was totally fine worked properly, but in this one it was just blinking. It was like, like 25 or something, and i have no idea why ive seen weird quirks like this happen in other cases, but usually if you unplug and replug things will reboot and everything will be back to normal. But i just do want to show you that yeah express lrs is not perfect, yet i didnt have any issues with a failsafe or control loss, or anything like that. Its just that the lq on the ost was just behaving kind of funny anyway. Um, i will make a video at some point later about how these spi express lrs receivers work because they are not well. The the firmware updates are not normal compared to other express solar receivers, theyre built into the betaflight firmware, so the whole process of configuring it and updating the firmware is not the same. There is documentation on the website about that, but i dont think um its quite ready for a video. Yet i do know that some of you have asked me about that, but you know i i would go there or go to the discord server. If you have some issues um generally out of the box, the firmware is on there already its like version 4.3. As long as you follow the steps on the website in terms of binding and using the cli to set your parameters, this is how you control the receiver is via the cli commands, not via the radio, so thats the main difference but yeah.

I will make a video at some point in the future, so let me know if you have any questions about that and ill try and address that in that video anyway, thats gon na. Do it for this one heres, the flight, footage and ill talk to you guys in the next one im, not sure whats up with the rssi and the uh lq Music, its uh yeah its like not working. It seems like not really sure whats up with that. Its a bit windy right now, so this is heading into the wind. Here, Applause Applause yeah. I would just ignore the lq. It doesnt seem like its set up right either that or i am on the wrong update rate on my radio, its kind of weird its ive never seen that before and im pretty sure. This is the right update rate anyway Applause, so this is flying all right for how windy it is its probably pretty solid, 10 miles per hour. Uh coming from this direction. Here, you can see its shaking its going to be fine for smaller gaps and spaces. Do a few rolls and flips and stuff, but you can see it kind of bobbling around and thats, due to the wind yeah its uh, these arent. These are not good conditions for flying. Something like this light and my low battery already got about two minutes. Well, run it down a little bit more. I think they have the uh default low battery warning set too high, because these ones batteries, youre gon na, take them down close to the three volts and theyll recover back up to like 3.

5 volts yeah, actually whens. Getting worse now, its probably like 20 miles an hour 15 to 20, now its getting a little more shaky. Oh, oh whoa, yeah! I got a little yaw wash out there cause im at the end of the battery and the winds not helping lets just uh yeah. You can see here, sticks basically hands off here and then thats all shaking from the wind and then downwind were going to fly like a rocket ship. This camera is looks like its a 16×9 camera. The aspect ratio is all kind of squished. Yeah were at 3.2 volts land now yeah, so they got, i think ill adjust the um.