We have here today, another bang, good, special Music. All right comes in a simple package. This is what the box looks. Like specifications features, information, blah blah blah theyre not going to bore you with that, and now theres really not much things in the box, except for you get this beta fpv card, which has a qr code and then theres the instruction manual um thats about it theres. Nothing else here, so anyways whats up fam raheem, here ive known quite a number of people that want to get into fpv, but they know that its quite a commitment, be it the financial or quite a steep learning curve. Theyve chosen the option that they want to slow crawl and probably like just get themselves a remote, a transmitter to train on through the sim and then move forward from there. But when i was starting out, this was the hot stuff. At the time, the tyrannys fr sky9xd, plus one of the go to transmitters, not only because it has 16 channels, it is using the f5 sky protocol, which is on most of my drones here. You can then also expand to an external module like for myself im using crossfire and also you can link up to your pc or mac for you to train on the simulator. But this thing is heavy and also it costs um 300 sink dollars. At that point of time, maybe cheaper now, but nonetheless, its still a steep commitment.

Meanwhile its 2022 – and this is what beta fpv has to offer coming in at 80 sink dollars. Thank you to banggood for sending me this piece to review, so i am not going to bore you with every single specification of this. You can click on the link in the description for more info, but what i do want to tell you about this is that this is their version 3 right of their light radio compared to their version 2, which has this kind of sutures, which i kind of Want to go away from because im used to my dji fpv, not having any switches right, so im kind of getting used to all this, like i dont know what anyone call it like push, switches and buttons so that at least i know if i were to Ever drop the remote, then im not gon na break anything off from it. It is much more compact to a traditional rc controller, all right, much smaller, i would say easily like half the size kinda about the same to a dji, fpv controller theyre going for that gamepad style of remote. Nowadays it is really lightweight right. You can feel the weight difference compared to the tyranis. Where this i know i can hold for longer periods of time without fatigue and theres, also like a harness here for you to hook on your lanyard now. This set specifically is running on the fl sky protocol because, as ive mentioned, most of my drones are on fr sky.

So you can also choose the elrs protocol um, but i know that theres a module at the back here so id rather like have fr sky. And if i choose to like update my drones to lrs, then i can just add on the module at the rear. By the way, the module is looking really handsome. You can go check that out also it will fit seamlessly with this remote and its also in white um, thats kind of like one more thing. I should talk about later and the controller being in white all right. Thats enough talk, im gon na charge, this fella up put it through the sim and lets give it a go. Do not power on the transmitter first and connect to pc the usb port is invalid in this situation. Ok, forget it then Music, so Music, all right guys. That was just a short rib on the sim. Just for me to have a feel of the sticks and so far i have to say that i could be flying for days now. This controller has one of the best ergonomics that you will ever have: okay, its quite obvious that this transmitter was made for the tumblers, because, like within your palm everything, sits nicely, your thumbs will have adequate space. You can go all corners without much problem. Reach for your middle fingers are really easy, so, as for myself, im actually a hybrid im, a tumbler and a pincher at the same time, so um, i do notice that my indexes kind of sometimes get in the way, but i just adapt.

Okay, its a small matter for me, and as i mentioned, i feel that this transmitter is ideally for the tumblers out there. Now. That brings me to another thing about this. Transmitter is that there is actually this rubber coating kind of feel on the transmitter theres. This velvety feel right up. The grips are not rubber. This whole thing is actually plastic. Okay, i dont know what to call these two but ill. Just call them push buttons um. They feel. Okay, all right confident, click in click out, but i cant say the same for the three way switches here right: they have kind of a stiction feeling going on right. Maybe, as i break in the transmitter a bit more then theyll feel better, but right now i it doesnt give me the confidence to play with the switches here. So since im on the top side um, as you notice, there is no antenna here, sticking out. Okay, i have not had a field test with this. I have not bound to any of my drones but um, as i already mentioned its on the fr sky protocol, which is going to be running 100 milliwatts to me thats uh enough, but at the same time i do know this is a light radio, meaning to Say i dont intend to be using it for any kind of long range test or whatsoever right, like anywhere like probably for my own use id prefer anything ranging for about.

Maybe up to 50 meters should be fine, and especially, if im gon na be using this. For a bit of actual line of sight, so yeah, that is enough for me and my range needs, but not to worry about that. This transmitter is going to make an appearance in a future episode right now. Id like to summarize about this transmitter is that it has good ergonomics, preferred for the tumbler less for the pinchers and the hybrids. The controls feel good and smooth, not all gimbal kind of smooth, but it does feel like a rc grade on transmitter, not anything near. Like a toy, let me summarize and answer this question: is this gon na be your first transmitter id say: go for it. This is the best package that ive seen for this kind of price point right. We are going away from that kind of traditional tyranis kind of design, and you have a much lighter package easy to charge ergonomically. It feels good. The buttons feel good good, not great. All right, like i said, maybe it just needs a bit of breaking in eight channels. You can really attach a lot of um your arming, your different, acro or angle modes. Then you want your turtle modes and any other stuff for myself. The sim that im using is velocitron and it connects to it with no issue at all. You dont have the support of the beta fpv app link it up.

You can change your different protocols, be it. You want the internal fl sky for myself, or i want to start using an external, maybe elrs, all right, oh and the best part that is buy stock. It comes with this rubber protectors, gimbal protectors, right that it really makes it easier for your traveling or youre done theres, nothing sticking out from it and you can just chuck it in your bag. But but if there was one thing that id like to tell you that i hate about this, its white right, my transmitters have either been silver or gray, and i know out there theres also black, but having a white transmitter. Its unique clean look to it. But i know that you give it dont need one mana just a few days or weeks of usage, and i will start seeing it yellow here and there right and thats unavoidable. But i guess its just. You will need a higher maintenance thats just about it. Give it a while and youre good to go. There may be a time that you will outgrow this and youd want something better, so be it all right, but as something for you to start off with, this is definitely a good package for the price deal right. So anyways, if you are interested in getting one of these click, the link down in the description, it is an affiliate link you by purchasing it will be helping me and heres something i want to tell you.

So i just got an update from the good guys at banggood that from 23rd to 26 march, the price of this radio will be dropping to 55.99 us dollars, theyre having their spring deal sales right now. So what are you waiting for? Go to the description? Click on the link and dont forget to claim your shipping voucher, so anyways thats gon na wrap up this episode. Now, if you like this review, do give it a thumbs up subscribe.