It doesnt mean that that customers are going to get. This theyve assured me that customers should not have these problems, assuming that theyre pre ordering and then whatever that theyre going to be shipped with, should be finished or completed. But im just going to go ahead and tell you my experience with this radio where things are at right now and um. I guess so well see. If i make a future video on this radio, i dont think bdfp is going to like this video at all, but theyre probably never going to send me anything again after they see this video so well just see what happens if they do send me a another One i will make a follow video, hopefully where everythings working, so they basically sent me a prototype radio. Here it came with htx 2.6, a sort of a pre release, uh version that was immediately. They they already immediately updated it with some new firmware. So they sent me some firmware that would update the x uh, the htx radio firmware, as well as the express lrs firmware for the internal module and for whatever reason they sent me some prototype firmware. It actually was based off the radio master xoro internal express, lrs module, which was limited to 250 milliwatts. Interestingly enough and theyre advertising 500 milliwatts of power um, so they said okay, um! Well, send you some new firmware, go ahead and update that radio and youll get 500 milliwatts.

Now i did do that. They sent the bin file and i updated it via wi fi, and i was somehow unable to get the internal module to respond. I just basically went dead and i couldnt uh the blue script stopped working. I couldnt i couldnt configure it so basically, and also the i couldnt get the module to go back into wi fi mode, so i could update it again. Basically, as bricked, you know what happens um when you sometimes update things with your wi fi. Something goes wrong in the middle of it and if that happens, then the modules bricked now obviously could open this up and probably find like the the uart pins whatever and solder, on ftdi adapter and then re flash it via um. I can ftdi adapter, perhaps using the uart method, um im still waiting to hear back from them on whether that would be possible or not, because the firmware is not ready in express ls configurator, at least of the version thats um out today. Recording this video is to today is april 27 2022, and you cant update this radio in express alerts configurator at all um. You cannot update this to htx 2.7, the source code for htx 2.7 isnt out. Yet, nor is the source code for the internal module. So yeah, basically theres a lot of stuff up in the air regarding this radio and even though its on pre order, theres no definitive date on when the radio will ship im fairly certain that they will eventually resolve all these problems and the radio will ship with Proper updating in express lrs configurator, you know the main thing that i want is to be able to add my binding phrase, and you know it has to be in the configurator to do that and then also the ability to update to htx 2.

7 via the hdx Buddy that should be a given and im not able to do that either. So, and i just wanted to you know, let you guys know this is whats going on with my radio right now. It doesnt mean that in some point in the near future, when they fix all these problems that they will get resolved, i just dont know if thats going to be the case and the reason i dont know if im going to fix this radio is because now My radio wont turn on. I dont know why what it happened soon after i flashed the internal module and the what the internal module basically became. Bricked and now the radio wont power on, and i know i have a fully charged battery – i you know it looks like its booting up, but then like the green light flashes and then just shuts off, so i basically just need to wait for beta fpv. Send me another one: if im gon na make a fallout video, but if they dont, then this is the only video youre gon na see and yeah. Unfortunately, thats kind of a bit and its kind of a bad situation were regarding this radio. Now, outside of the software problems, you know talking about the radio itself, its got the hall sensor, gimbals the um, the construction of this. I guess again, this is a prototype. I dont know if the customers radios are going to be like this, but i had to open up my radio because the throttle stick was super stiff.

They had it tightened down, theres a little tension bar in the in the side for the throttle and a lot of like this like dampening goo. That was making it really super stiff. So i had to loosen that up so that i could use a throttle and there are little screws for the springs to adjust the spring tension on the yaw and the roll in the pitch. My right stick here was getting snagged on something i couldnt move. It all the way up and its because the the little cables that go from the gimbal sensor to the board werent twisted they were kind of loose. It was getting snagged on something inside the radio, so i had to open it up its pretty easy to do. Just eight screws in the back and just opens up um theres like a battery connector and that connector for the back plate that holds it together. I just basically took all the unplugged everything and twisted the wires and then basically so it got rid of that slack. Then plugged the plugs back in and everythings fine now – and these are these – are our hall sensor, gimbals theyre, definitely better than the standard gimbals in terms of the feel, but you know still plastic based gimbals at the end of the day. But if your video does have that problem with the you, you cant get full motion on your sticks, open it up and twist those wires.

And then you should. You know when you close it up make sure that theyre out of the way everything and then your stick should um be okay, so, unfortunately, i cant show you much of anything else, because i can get i cant get. This turned on the screen here is not detachable. It is basically like a uh, a really tiny oled screen and its about the same dimensions as um, the tea light or the x lite, but its a super tiny. So if you dont, like super tiny screens, then yeah this is not going to be for you, but you know mainly. This is like a backup radio. You know its it has. You can stick this in the bag, its got, gimbal protectors and theres, nothing that can get like chopped off, new switches, look, broken off, etc, um and i actually had another one of these. They sent me an early early prototype. They had open tx on it that ive been using. Some of you might have caught my accidental little sneak peek of that in one of my old videos that wasnt, i was not intentional, but ive been using that one that ones been okay, i that one i had to flash everything manually and ive been told that The hardware changed from that version to this version. They have like several prototypes and again this is still a prototype at the end of the day. So i cant really make a full review video on this.

Until i get the final version that has all the proper software on here and is actually able to be updated in express lrs configurator and i can update the firmware with hdx buddy, all those things and the source code has to be released as well, because these Are open source projects on here and those things need to be done. One more feature that i should note you know, and obviously, with this being internal express lrs uh. If you want to put a multi protocol module on the back here, it does support that. Just do the internal and external modules im told that that will work and um strangely also ive been told that theyre going to go from the 500 milliwatts, initially advertised down back down to 250 ml watts on the internal module. So that might change as well. So again, a lot of things are up in the air, but i wanted to like you know at least get this video out on you know. A lot of people had a lot of questions based on the post. I mean i didnt want to make a video because it i dont, you know it its not what i have here, isnt, necessarily what youll be getting. If you order it. I dont really know what exactly thats going to be, but yeah theres been. You know, theres. Definitely some uh qc issues here and, and i would have made a video if they didnt release it for pre order.

You know uh if they had, you know waited until everything was. You know in the express service, configurator and all the software was out and and then and i was able to update this and then they released it for pre order. Then thats fine, because thats exactly what happened with the xoro, i mean you know. I had the um radio before it was pre released so, but they didnt, they didnt, put it out for pre order until things were finished and that was thats kind of the whole point is well, they kind of jumped the gun and put it out for pre Order when they shouldnt have, when its not actually done and ready to go for customers – and we dont know when thats going to be theres no release time for that, so thats a thats, a problem anyway. Hopefully, uh theyll send me another one: thats properly working and ill make a a formal review. Video on that, but i just want to you know: let you guys know where things stand and what you can expect. You know that they are in terms of like open, tx, htx software and express lrs firmware. Theyre kind of you know um. I dont know theyre kind of new to this, especially on the open txt. I dont think they have any other open, tx radios if im. If i remember correctly so they have some, they have a learning curve over there. They need to figure things out, im sure they will eventually figure it out, but you know keep in mind that this is probably their first like sort of professional type radio, even though it is really basically like a entry level radio at the end of the day, At 90 dollars, but yeah they have some things to work out.

So until they do, you know, hopefully they will soon, hopefully soon, but in terms of you know, you know yeah again, yeah im, not. I cant make any formal conclusions on this radio. I just tell you exactly what i experienced, and this is pretty much exactly the way it went for me and yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below um and uh.