Right now i wanted to review it and therefore i went and i bought one of the first drones buy and fly in the market that has express lrs integrated. This is the beta fpv hx115. It comes with a all in one car that has express lrs, integrated and thats. The reason why i thought it was interesting to review this drone lets start by seeing whats in the box. Looking at whats inside the box for the drone, we have some propellers. We have a 1s battery with the beta fpv connector, and then we have the drone itself. It comes in this way, its a small drone with a all in one car, separate vtx. It has this tpu to hold the battery in place, which fits extremely well to be honest, so it holds the battery there very nicely. Now that weve seen whats in the box, i went – and i fly this drone to see whats the out of the box experience and to be completely honest. I was a little bit disappointed when flying the drone for the first time. Looking at the video here, we can see how much vibration this drone has out of the box, but something good is that i went and i gave my feedback to beta fpv directly after flying the first two three batteries. They recognized that the period of the drone was not the best one and they gave me another one that theyve been working on.

The new peats are much better and, as you can see, the flight experience is much better. With this new configuration that i got from beta, fpv beta fpv, new cli works pretty well and im going to have a link on the description of the video where you can get this cli dump and configure your drone. If you have one of this one to fly nicely as well, one of the things that i like the most about this drone is how quiet it is so im going to play you a little clip where you can try to hear the motors when the drone Is armed before its flying? As you can see, you can barely hear it another cool thing about express lrs, its the size of the antenna that is using. I have the 2.4 gigahertz version here and if you see the antenna is pretty small, which fits very nicely on drones, like this one toothpicks or tiny whoops, this drone is being marketed by beta fpv as a long range drone, and therefore you see the l r In the name of the drone, so who is this drone made for? This is a small drone using a 1s battery, the 1s lipo doesnt last more than maybe in the best case three minutes and to have a long range drone. That only goes for three minutes. It doesnt make a lot of sense right. In my opinion, a long range drone has to have two things: beeper and gps, because most probably youre going to drop it somewhere, and you need a good beeper in order to find it and the gps is going to also help you understand.

Where are you flying and where can it be the drone if you crash or if you just have to land this drone doesnt have space for those kind of things unless you get very creative and do something else, maybe to attach it with a tpu part or Something like that, but then you will be adding quite a lot of weight to the drone which is going to be against what this drone has to do. This drone is being marketed as a long range drone, mainly because it has express lrs, but at the same time they dont provide you with the 18 650 case to have in the drone. If you want to use it that way, you have to source yourself. This 18600 holder and you have to solder or do some kind of connection in order to have it here by your own, so its a little bit complicated to get there. It might not be the first thing that a newcomer to the hobby wants to do and therefore its a little bit like beta fpv is claiming that its long range, but at the same time its not giving you enough resources to actually get this drone to use. In long range situations you can also ask, is it a freestyle drone, and i have to say that i dont think so, even though you can do something when you are flying a one inch drone with this size of propeller its not really made for free styling, There are much better choices in the same price range that you can use in order to train your freestyle moves.

So what do you think? How do you use this drone? Have you bought it? Let me know in the comments: what do you think this drone is good for if you have it, how are you using it, and let me know what do you think beta fpv should be marketing this drone, for this is all that i have to say right Now about the drone, i hope that you enjoy the video and hope to see you soon.