I dont wear white in the summertime because it sort of like fades in with my polar bear, colored skin. So can you even see where my skin starts and ends compared to the shirt im wearing its like thats, why i dont wear white anyways its helping out with the hot sun? So today i have this toothpick drone from beta fpv. This is a long range toothpick drone and it is called the hx115 now. This is the first drone i have reviewed that has the express lrs system in it so express lrs is the new system, its open source, its on the market, its going to be everywhere in the near future. It is basically like crossfire crossfire. We use it for long range to fly far far, so this is an open source system that is similar to crossfire and its called express lrs youre going to hear that so many times in the future, because so many drones are going to have it. So basically it is very inexpensive, yeah, so crossfire you have to pay a premium for that receiver and all the technology. But since this is open source theres a bunch of guys like me, a lot more techie than me. Obviously that have designed this and come up with it and beta fpv just took all their technology and schematics and put them into a circuitry uh, just like other companies have and yeah and then so they dont have to do any r d work.

Its already done for them, so theres no cost, so you can get these little receivers and these little drones dirt cheap. That are long range that can go like. Oh, i dont know 35 kilometers out im serious. I would never fly this 35 kilometers out because it doesnt have the battery power, but they can actually do that with express lrs. Now take a close look at this drone on the top. I have an insta360 go camera. I stuck that there because all i have to show you video is from this little cadex ant camera at the front and its you know its gon na be pretty basic, because i got ta record it and where are they? I got ta record it in my fat sharks because this is totally analog, its not digital and my fat sharks when video is recorded inside uh its. Not that great other things to tell you about this really quick is it has an f4 flight controller. It has what are the motors theyre huge 1102 18 000 kv motors, the bigger the number. When you hear me talk about kv, it just means theyre going to spin faster for the amount of voltage im putting through them. This little antenna on the back will shoot out the video signal back to my fat sharks at 350. Milliwatts. Now that i just said it did, i even set it to 350. Hmm, i dont know im not gon na fly too far, so thats, okay, it is a carbon fiber design, so its quite durable.

You know its just one of these tiny, tiny little drones thats on the market, toothpick style thats, what they call it, because its long like a toothpick its one of these drones, that a lot of people like to buzz around the benefit is this ones. Long range. Theres not a lot of long range, toothpick or tiny little drones on the market, so this can go really far. The problem is tony: got this little 450 milliamp hour, one cell battery, which is not going to get going very far before it runs out of power. I think the specs say you could probably get five minutes on this, flying it with no little extra weight on top. So when they say five minutes, thats conservative so for a guy like me, itd probably be four minutes with the extra weight of this camera. On top ill, probably get three minutes or less so now for everyone thats paying attention. I said this was an express lrs drone that means inside the receivers express lrs. So that means i need a radio to fly. It thats express lrs. So remember this baby. This is the jumper tea light very inexpensive. Well, it can actually take it express lrs module on the back thats, the beta fpv express lrs module and its dirt cheap, its like under 50 dollars. I think its like 40. Now they do come in different versions. They come in like a 2.4 gigahertz 900 and i dont know 15 gigahertz and then 800 and something gigahertz for different areas of the world.

Some people think the 900 will get you a farther range than the the 2.4. I think thats a 2.4. It says it on the bottom yeah. It says down here 2.4, so some people think that the 900 will shoot out farther than 2.4. Certainly, you want to change this antenna. This here comes with two antennas. Uh one looks like a directional antenna, its a big band. Top uh, like an ovally type thing on the top ill, show you a picture of it, and it comes with this antenna as well since im not flying very far. I have just this antenna on and its pretty simple. You just attach the whole thing to the rear of your controller and thats it all right. Enough of this ive got to go fly this here. We go all right. First thing we have to do is power. This on there we go make sure the throttle is down, the switch is all back and we are set to go next thing we do is simply plug in the battery in the back and there we go its all set to go. Let me make sure its gon na work im gon na hit the arm switch here. These motors should spin there we are. We are set to fly all right fat sharks on theres. Nobody around lets put it in acro mode angle mode. There we go arm it and lets fly. This is flying with a little insta 360 on it ill bring it back.

So you can see me there im right there and its a little windy out today, but this is nice. So i can go around my little jeep here im behind the jeep. Well, i will say right off the bat, with the extra weight of the insta360 go on it, its very smooth, very smooth. Indeed. I thought it would be like too heavy of a drone and have issues with the flight dynamics, but now its very smooth go up here. Go up here, im behind lets. Take it up a bit lets go this way over our little whoa. That was close to the fan. Oh, i didnt mean to do that. All right lets bring it back this way and yeah theres. Nothing to show you out here, im sort of flying in an area where theres not much around of anything theres a bunch of cars over here in the parking lot, because theres a qriket game going on. So im just gon na go around this sign and come back this way and going over here going over here so for signal range, no problem. I can see it in my screen and it looks a okay for video transmission uh. I do have a little bit of interference with the 350 because of look where im standing and when i go behind trees and stuff like that, you get a little bit of video interference. So i will tell you right now, because its hot out im not gon na fly for very long but uh.

The uh this here drone flies so smooth, so im, just gon na go up and ill see im getting a low battery already, with all the weight. When i went up so let me just try flipping it. Yeah no problem there lets try flipping it. The other way, as i come down oh low battery, is it going to survive wow it survived. I have a low bra battery flashing on the screen, as i bring it out so its going to crash any second around here, because its coming up its going to be low on power, so i got to bring it back. Oh low battery went away all right. I could fly for a little bit more. It was just because i was flying kind of aggressive. All right theres got to be a short flight, because i just got a warning that my transmitter battery here is actually low, so its running out of power, which means this radio in my hands, is running out of power, so uh. If that goes out. Well, this things just gon na fall out of the sky, so i have to be careful all right. Let me just take it up im getting the low battery again. I just want to see how high i can get it without killing the battery there. We are so now you can see the world there. We are and do a nice slow rotation as we come down im coming down super fast and a dive and bring it up.

Oh yeah, its got lots of power for that all right. Okay lets bring it on back before my transmitter dies, ill have to go and uh make sure i put a good battery in this transmitter next. Do you see what i mean were coming in? Were hot and heavy were coming in? Here we go its gon na whoa almost hit my jeep. I know i know i know im bringing it back im, bringing it back. I just got ta slow it down, so i dont kill the insta 360 camera all right. There we go. I was gon na slide it like this. This is a slide battery load yep. That did it one thing to note when you put it yeah, i know when you put the express lrs uh module on the back, it has to get power to function and it uses a lot of power that takes it out of my little 18650 battery thats. In this controller, so always make sure you fully charge it mine was not fully charged. I think i i left home with like half power, normally thats, okay, but it drained it flying out here so make sure you put a fully charged battery, or else this here will run out of power and your drone will fall out of the sky all right. Next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box for the drone itself, the toothpick drone, as well as the express lrs unit that i had on the back of my radio check this out.

This is the box your drone comes in, and inside the box, youll find the hx 115. It is a nice looking drone lots of carbon fiber, which makes it really great, and it is very light – take note of the battery connector in case you want to buy additional batteries. It does come with two 450 milliamp hour batteries with a battery charger, which also doubles as a battery tester total takeoff weight of the drone is 57 grams. A spare set of props are included and now lets take a look at the express lrs transmitter. You can see by the box that it does come in different versions. Mine is the 2.4 gigahertz version, and this is what i received in my box. It is compatible with various radios as long as you have this connector on the back of your radio. If you are using open, tx just go into your system, menu, select tools and then go down to elrs, express lrs and then enter, and you will have access to the transmitter on the back. Your radio and youll know its working because the light will start to glow a certain color. You can then select the bind selection and bind it to your drone. Alright, so you saw from the unboxing how you bind this whole thing together with the transmitter and the receiver, it is a little bit different than youre, probably used to, but as soon as you get into that, life is good.

There is software as well called uh express lrs configurator that can update everything on here and update everything on here and also do the binding much simpler but thats, one more step where youre gon na have to use your laptop so final thoughts on this. Its a fun little drone to fly around the only thing is. I always have to use this when i want to fly it in the future. All the tiny drones and a lot of drones on the market are going to have just this type of transmitter because its so inexpensive that a lot of companies are gon na adopt it. So if you jump in now, youre ahead of the game, so what im gon na do now is im gon na put links below where you can find this baby check the links below and also this baby here check the links below and see.