I did a video on the original cetus fpv kit uh. I think it was about a month ago, so this one here, i think its all the same, except the drones. A little bit bigger and it is brushless instead of brushed so for those of you that had concerns about brushed motors. This should address that and im pretty sure. Everything else is the same, but its got. You know the same parts and everything just drones differently. You got your case and your goggles and your controller and thats everything you need to get started as well as your charger and your battery. So lets open this up and see whats inside and yep. It has the same case as before, and it looks like its got all the same stuff. You got your goggles here. You got your controller, the light radio, 2 and uh. You have your batteries and charger here and youve got the drone right there. So again, heres the goggles and uh dont see any difference between this one and the original cetus heres. The controller has this uh gimbal protector on here. Take that off, you can see its got the same controller as before as well same switches, theres a look at the drone itself and yeah they just uh larger propellers, so its 40 millimeter propellers its a little bit bigger same style in terms of the plastic and The the design and everything looks the same. The motors are 1102 18 000 tv and should have all the same features with altitude hold and uh position hold as well as as before.

Obviously this is um. The flight controller on this is uh for brushless motors and brush motors and heres the rest of the stuff uh, the charger for the batteries usbc and usbc cable and the batteries plugged in on this side. Over here, you get two of these 450 milliamp hour. Bt 2.0 batteries. This is the head strap for the goggles and you have a spare set of props as well as a prop removal tool. So you get a quick start guide which gets you started and then you have a full manual as well. Okay, so just looking quickly at the quick start guide, so theres a normal mode, a sport mode and a manual mode and thats going to be controlled on this switch here. So if youre, looking at the controller um its going to be the top left, switch of the switch on the left closest to you thats the three position switch here, i think all the way down is normal middle of sports and up is manual. So manuals like acro mode sport modes like angle mode and then normal mode is like. Has the position hold and altitude hold? You have arm switches the left bottom one over here that one position or the two position switch here. This three position switch here on the right on your right is going to be uh for the speed or the rates. So all the way down is going to be low. Then you have medium and high.

So, basically, if youre advancing in your skill, youre going to want to go from low to medium to high to go faster and then this bottom right switch is for changing your video transmitter channel. So im just going to try to do a quick cover here, um. It didnt charge anything so hopefully this got some battery and some of this all right, so im going to turn on the controller first hold down the power button three tones, then you get a blue light here. Go ahead and plug in the drone got some flashing. Blue lights here on the bottom of the drone, it should be booting up and then uh. What you want to do is put it on a table. Something flat is going to initialize and then once its uh initialized, you get a solid blue light like this, and it should be connected to the drone all already out of the box, because its a ready to fly kit, and now you have a solid blue lighting. Just all bound up and then you go ahead and turn on the goggles just slide. The switch over and ill turn that on and then um youre gon na have to press this search button. This s button right here, press and press that down and then itll search through all the channels, youre beep and then you should have an image here. As you can see the image of the drone. Looking at the camera, it looks like its all working all right.

Its going to just going to do a quick little hover here and then well, take it out somewhere to fly it so arm it all right and take off Applause. Music Applause rates are very low. Pretty controllable lets see if youll see thatll bring it down a little bit here. Theres a fan going in here, as well as the ac, so its moving around a little bit. Applause. All right lets put it right over the table here, just drifting around a bit. Probably because the table is a very light color, so im noticing that the drone is drifting to my left a little bit, and it might be that the controller is giving input uh out of the box. It means it probably needs to be a little bit calibrated. So let me look that up real, quick, okay, so just refer to the manual here its on page 34, and it gives you some instructions on how to calibrate the sticks. So you basically press the setup button which will cause the transmitter go into calibration mode. The led will turn red and you can go ahead and calibrate your sticks, basically just moving them around slowly, basically to all the different positions and then at the end, then you just press the setup button again and it should be calibrated. So that should take care of that problem. I think that part of the drifting is because the table here is just like a very light color, so its not seeing clearly with like demarcations of like where it should maintain its position, because it should just you know, maintain position and maintain um the altitude hover.

The distance from the table and also its position, it shouldnt, be drifting around okay, so go ahead and take this out somewhere and, i think, probably a parking garage somewhere that has to have a lot of wind and fly around and see how it does all right. So im going to arm in high mode or fast mode manual mode, so this is pretty much it feels like acro lets see if we can do a flip here. Oh yeah interesting rates, not super high low volume. I dont know what that means: low battery voltage or low voltage. Okay, so let me put another battery in yeah. It feels pretty similar to betaflight its, not quite the same, oh windy out there. No, the wind is starting to pick up in here as well. Probably not the greatest for windy conditions outside, but you can fly this one outside its got a lot more power. Oh all, right, let me see how this flies and uh im going to try this in sport mode position. Hold no alices. Hoe looks like its just like angle mode and im, not sure what was going on before. I think the altitude wasnt working right possible that the wind was having an effect on it, yeah theres angle mode, so you cant do flips with on this mode. Here, let me just flip this back into all right, so im in manual mode now see what happens when i put it into normal mode, all right im just going to fly it around here in normal mode yeah.

I think the wind is affecting the altitude hill for sure its definitely going all over the place, so i would recommend that only indoors, not outdoors and lets bring it out in there. We go all right so yeah. It flies pretty decent, a lot more power faster than the brushed version. Obviously, a lot bigger so could work better in outdoor situations, but i wouldnt use the um normal mode. The one with altitude hold outside in the wind affects the way it manages its altitude. A position hold seems to work just fine, but yes, its uh, probably better. For those who want to fly more aggressively a little more power. The brushless motor is obviously going to last a lot longer than brush motors and youll be able to fly a lot faster. So if youre one of those types go for this one, instead of the brushed version, i think youll probably find a little more enjoyment in this one. Okay, thats gon na.