The mic was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus wins this shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101 here and i have a review of a neat new drone. This is the beta fpv cetus fpv racing kit for beginners now um before i go into this there’s been a lot of hype about this before being released here, but the way i’m going to do this particular review is that i’m gon na do it in two Parts i’m gon na do an unboxing and a discussion about the drone and then in part, two we’ll actually go and fly it. This is uh again the part one um unboxing i i rarely do unboxings, but for this one i think it deserves it at boxing and we’ll go into detail about the different components in this kit, but first off we get a very nice carrying case with the Beta fpvc, this um feels good feels firm, but let’s open it up and let’s see what’s inside here unzipping and it opens like as such. Now the way this is set up is we have the goggles the controller on the right side and on the left side we have the drone and all the accessories, and each of these is held in place quite nicely by these velcro straps to hold each component. In its particular place, along with the drone and all the accessories that are held by velcro but let’s talk about what you get first um first, you get these vr02 goggles now i’ve already reviewed these.

Previously, i do like these particular goggles in it. Is there 48 channels of uh with auto scan capability, rapid, auto skiing capability um? It weighs 300 grams, relatively lightweight goggles, with a 4.3 inch lcd screen at 800 by 480 pixel resolution. Now the special thing about this particular uh goggles is the way the screen is built. The screen is built into the top surface, the top back portion of the goggles here, and it has a periscopic mirror that bounces the view downward outward and then back to your eyes. And what that does is it increases the focal length from your eyes to the screen by like like about that much and that helps people like me with older eyes, to eat more easily focus on the screen with such a short length here, if i tried to Focus you know in that amount of distance it would be impossible, but again using the periscopic lens that increases that focal length out of a larger distance to help older folks with bad eyes. Okay, again, i also mentioned this has a 14 dbi antenna. I think i mentioned it. These goggles, the vr02 goggles, have very good reception for beginner goggles. I actually like these and i do use them. I actually use them to fly around my neighborhood here, because i can actually fly around rooms within the house or even outdoors out the door flying them out the door and around the house and still maintain reception with these goggles or so.

I am impressed with these vro2s. They also have a 3.7 volt, 2 000 milliamp per hour battery. That gives you up to two hours of view time with the goggles now. The other next thing you get in the kit is the light radio 2. Se, on with these little protective covers over the gimbals here um. Actually, these gimbals are very nice, feel gimbals and you get the protective cover, so you know to keep them keep them feeling nice what’s special about this radio is that it uses fr sky d8 protocol. So you can actually use these with other drones that have fr sky d8 receivers. So you can use these goggles too, with other drones. Other fpv eraser drones and you can use this transmitter too, with other drones that have fr sky d8 protocol, which are quite a bit now they are eight channel. This is an eight channel, um transmitter um. We have uh four channels for uh, uh throttle yaw pitch and roll, and we have four more channels for these switches. Here we have two two position switches, or these are three position switches here and two two position: switches and um i’m gon na go over quickly. After i talk about the drone, what these switches do so we’re gon na go into that later, but addition to it has the nice feeling gimbals it’s a rubber non slip, coating on the transmitter, so it you can get a good grip on it.

It does have a simulator port, along with a micro usb actually is type c usb for both charging the controller, and you can also use this also for uh as a simulator port to you know, using a usb cable instead of a ppm cable to set up Your simulator system, it does have an internal battery now, the other. I i also reviewed light radio 2 uh bayen protocol version. This is the sd version, and this one does not have a battery port that you put in your own battery. This has a built in battery uh 3.7 volt 1000 milliamp hour battery, and that should give you plenty of time with one charge of this to fly the drum so and also you get in here, the instruction manual covering the drone and how to use it on The bottom here and it’s, pretty good instruction manual, pretty detailed. I got ta say that too okay let’s talk about the drone. Okay, this is the seatest drone and what’s special about this. It is special in in that you know, it’s designed for beginner flyers um. You can fly it in three different modes, which is normal, and what what it’s special about the normal mode is. This drone actually has an optical flow sensor on the bot in the belly of it. So, while in normal mode, you have normal mode, is angle mode. More or less, and that means self stabilization in both pitch and roll.

If you let go of the stick, this will automatically level plus normal mode. Also has altitude hold control, so you don’t have to mess around with the throttle to try to maintain to altitude. This will automatically maintain altitude and finally, with that optical flow sensor, where’s that thing there it is there the optical flow sensor. It will automatically maintain hover it shouldn’t wander around. That is, if your room that you’re flying this or outdoors you’re flying this is well lit. Um, this will use um the optical sensor to look at the ground, but beneath the drum and automatically maintain hover of the drone maintains its position in space both vertically because of the altitude hold and horizontally because of the optical flow. I think that’s neat for an optical flow fpv racer to have that capability for beginners. I think this is the first that i’ve seen that that’s, that, for you know, a real fpv drone with 5.8 gigahertz fpv transmitter with optical flow. I think this is the first i’ve seen as such. I could be wrong, but that’s pretty cool that has it let’s talk about other things about this particular drum um. It does have zero 720 motors that are plug in motors. So if one of these fails, you can easily replace it by plugging in another one so plug in ports for each of these particular motors. Now, if you look very closely at the board, you do not see any micro, u or micro, usb port anywhere or type c, usb port anywhere for configuring.

The flight control software on the flight control board. However, you can’t do such because, let me show you what you get in this kit here of accessories in this particular package here, if we open it up, there’s a little adapter it’s, a type c adapter for type c, usb cables. Let me get it out of here with. It also has a spare set of propellers for the drone, but in that same package for their spare propellers. This is little type c, adapter that you see here and the way that this works is. It has it’s very tiny and it’s, not focusing, but it has these very, very tiny, pins that actually plug in and i’m looking real hard with my old eyes here there. It is there’s a little black knob right there with a bunch of pinholes that this plugs into so that let me see if i can do it well, yeah there you go so that you can plug this in to your computer, to adjust the flight control software On here, so i think that’s neat in itself that you can. You can still do that, but it would have been nice to actually have this built in, but that makes it a little bit lighter for this particular drum now. The thing about this drone is again it’s meant for beginner flyers and it has three modes of flight. I mentioned the first one there, which is normal mode using the optical flow sensor and altitude hole.

It has another mode here that uh that’s intermediate mode. Actually, i wrote it down somewhere i’m trying to look where i wrote it down, but i forgot where i wrote it down, but there is a second mode here. I got it on the transmitter: sport mode, okay, sport mode, all sport mode does is turns off the optical flow and turns off the altitude hold. However, it is still angle mode technically angle mode in that it is self stabilized for pitch and roll. So if you let go of the stick, it will automatically level itself when you are in uh sport mode and then finally, there is a manual mode that you would you throw the switch here. I’Ll talk about these switches again shortly, but when you go to manual mode that turns off optical flow, that turns off altitude hold and additionally, it turns off those angle, restrictions and self stabilization. So, in effect, manual mode is acro mode and with acro mode you can do all those flips and rolls that you see lots of people do with fpv racers. You can do it with such. But again that requires a lot of skill. Okay, that’s not for beginner pilots to go right into acro. I recommend, starting in your normal mode there and work your way up to acro, slowly, it’ll, take time. Okay, that is the seedest drone that comes with this particular kit and finally, uh let’s go over what you get again in the auxiliary box here of accessories accessory box, you get that pin adapter that i mentioned you get a spare set of propellers you get for The goggles you get the straps to hold the goggles onto your face.

Um you get. I had mine came with two uh 300 milliamp per hour batteries. Again. The cetus is powered by these 300 milliamp per hour batteries using the beta fpv. I think fp beta 2 connector it’s a special connector and what’s special about it is um. This allows higher amperage to come through the battery and go to the motors without overheating, and that provides much more power from the battery than the ph 2.0 connector that you see in other batteries, similar style batteries so that’s an advantage of that particular battery. You get a prop puller for removing the propellers and changing propellers. You get a usb c cable for both charging the controller and charging the batteries through this battery battery charger here and uh. Also, you get the a guide, their code to go on bait, fpv site and follow us on beta fpv and go into their knowledge base too. Now, before we go fly this before we go into part two here, let me go over the controller. A little more detail on these switches here on the top here we have switch a switch b, switch c and switch d on switch a to arm the drone. You just bring this switch a toward your or up or toward your position, and that will arm the drone on switch b. This is your mode switch. All the way down or forward is normal mode with optical flow and altitude. Hold center position is sport mode, which is again is just angle mode without altitude hold or optical flow, on, okay, but it’s, still stabilized and finally, all the way forward or toward you up up or toward you is manual mode or also known as acro mode, which Enables the drone to do flips and rolls – and this particular switch here – is rates so low, medium and high or beginner intermediate expert rates, and what this does is, especially in sport mode and normal mode increases the pitch angle on the drone.

So you can fly faster. So, and slowest is all the way down faster, is center position and the fastest you could go and the most zippy is all the way up so again for beginners. You want to be all the way down and for beginners you want to switch all the way down. Also, and finally, this particular switch here on the right switch d is for changing video transmitter frequencies on the drone. Whatever frequency the transmitter is frequency or is transmitting on, you can have it automatically switch to a different frequency if there’s interference by flipping this up one time and each time you do this we’ll change the channel incrementally up or down one frequency and all you need To do is hit this quick scan button again on the goggles and it will the goggles automatically link into uh the new transmitter frequency, so that is the beta fpv cedars kit. Let me put everything back in view again: uh, pretty neat kit for beginner flyers. I think, especially, that particular drone, with its altitude hold and uh optical flow capability, that’s, the first uh again fpv true fpv racer woo fpv whoop with optical flow capability. So let’s take this down in the basement for part two which i’m going to release a couple days or a few days after this particular review. This is just the intro review, but i hope you enjoy the second part of this review, so this is quadcopter101 signing in hi quadcopter101 here again hey.

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