Well, did you always want to get into the fpv hobby, but you don’t really have any hand eye coordination? Well guess what beta fpv has come to your rescue rate here with the beta fpv cetus fpv, all in one kit for beginners? What makes this different? Well, let me tell you about it this here. Little drone is designed exactly for beginners and people with no hand eye coordination, because it has an optical flow unit on the bottom. I’Ve, never seen that in a tiny little fpv drone. So this thing here when it’s flying it will stay perfectly stable. You can take your hands off the controls right here if you want on the included remote control. In addition, the goggles have a huge display in them and you can see all the information now. Let me say this: i have reviewed this here controller before on this channel, and i have reviewed these goggles on this channel before and this year remote controller. I really highly recommend it because it’s really good as a beginner, remote control and these goggles are very basic. You cannot record video in them, but they are so basic that they are perfect for beginners. Now, let me tell you the following as well since you’re watching all of this video and this remote controller. You can buy drones in the future and keep on using this remote controller. It is compatible with all the d16 and d8 protocols of fpv drones on the market, so a lot of companies make fpv drones that will work with this as well.

It works with your flight sim so hook it up to your computer, learn how to fly fpv by flying all those flight sims and these goggles work with every fpv drone that is analog on the market. So you see by paying a very little amount of money, and this is the case – it all comes in. You get an awful lot here once again. This is a beginner drone. Anybody watching this who’s a pro should not be watching this video because you’re going to just say i would never buy that. Well, of course, you would because you’re a pro, but for somebody who has no experience, they would get this and i’m going to demo. It right here watch this first thing you do is take your remote and take all your switches and push them all downwards. So you know click up, click them all downward. Take your left throttle control here, move it to the bottom. Take this button in the center and power it on. I should mention, while it’s powering on we’re gon na hear a few beeps, i should mention there. We go beautiful music. I should mention that this does not take batteries, and neither do the goggles you just plug them in they’re, usb rechargeable, so you’re gon na have a huge savings. There blue light means this is on and it’s ready to go. Next thing we do is take our fpv goggles and power them on and watch this as i power them on flip it around.

You see right there that’s an image, but i really can’t show you anything because i have not powered on the drone next thing. We do is take our little drone here and included battery there’s two batteries included in the kit, and you do get a really nice charger with it, and the charger actually has a battery tester you’re gon na see that in the unboxing a battery tester is pretty Sweet when your drone is powered on you’ll have blue lights on the bottom, and the lights are configurable in the osd on here. You can change them to something else. If you want here. Let me look at the camera over here so i’m. Looking at the little camera on the drone and it’s recording down here, so you see me here down here: i have the goggles in front of the goggles. I have a camera that’s, just recording as if my eyes were looking inside. So this is what you see and you can see it says, disarm on the screen and it says i’m in a mode. Oh, a mode! Look at the bottom right, that’s what you want! The if you see things jittering around, like you, know stuff moving that’s because i’m bouncing the table and everything’s moving in the camera. But if you look at the bottom right down, i can’t can i get my finger over there so down here it says a mode that’s adaptive mode that is optical flow, full optical flow here’s, how it works now it has optical flow and optical flow means that It requires something that’s, not white, and you can see.

My whole thing here is white. The optical flow should catch this here bag and we should be good so to start the motors over here on this side is your arm and disarm, switch click that motor start. All right stay there, buddy stay there stay over top of that. I want the optical flow. To look at that i got to take you up a little bit right there. I just want to show everybody in youtube: land i’m, not touching anything, look it’s levitating! Now i want to show you the mode it sees this bag. This is adaptive, so no hands watch what happens. It’S going to hit the roof. I’M gon na put my hand here. Watch the optical flow’s gon na see my hand and it should rise there. We go go up and watch when i take my hand away, come on back, come on back magic trick, it’s coming back to where i left it pretty cool eh and i should be able to land it nice. There we go and then hit your arm switch to turn it off. So if you take a look at right here, it says a mode that’s adaptive mode, and i can change that on here with the top switch that’s, where i’m going to change the mode. So i’m going to go to the next one, which should be normal end mode, see it. Where are we edit mode down here so i’m in normal mode now? So what is normal mode it’s the same as the first one, adaptive mode except you have a little bit more speed for flight, so watch this i’ll start her up again and it’s going to want to go faster, it’s not going to be as slow as the Other one for beginners optical flow is still on, so it still works it’s just that when uh, if i put my hand under it, nothing’s gon na happen, i’ll see if i can make it work here, because there’s not a lot of space for normal mode i’m.

Gon na take this out of the way and i’m gon na put the box with the picture of the actual drone on it here and i’ll. Stick that there, since that works all right reason i did. That is because i have to try to keep it in frame here and that other case uh it wants it not to stay in frame in normal mode. It wants to go a little bit higher, so here we go power it on. Take it up, let’s see. If i can keep it in frame i’m going to try to this is going to be a little bit scary, it’s not supposed to work with white items below it. Watch this so i’m gon na get it over here and put my hand underneath nothing should happen. There we go so it should stay pretty much relatively you know, level and that’s still with optical flow on and i’m gon na flip the switch one last time up and if you look on the screen down, i can’t see it down here: it’s s for sport Mode sport mode in my test, tilts a little bit more forward and flies faster and it doesn’t have the adaptive to go over things. So you can fly into if you have an object in front of you. You’Ll just fly into advice over it type thing. So that’s what sport mode is now, if you want to go into acro mode, say you get really good flying this and you want to take the optical flow off.

You have to go into the menu, so let me show you how to do that all right! So i have a close up picture of me on the screen i’m going to show you how to take stuff off. All you do is power on everything. I’Ve got the controls here. Take your joystick on the left, put it in the center. There you go in the center and then i’m going to pull the joystick on the left this way and i’m going to pull the joystick on the right. That way, like this watch i’m going to do it here, so you can see me do it and on my screen there we go. It says main config. Let me just move this, so you can see it there. You go see it’s over my face now main config and layout save exit, so you would go to config just using your joystick click and you see right where it says. Let me just block this that’s white now. Let me see where it says: opf, that’s, optical flow and over there on the right it says on, so you can turn it off same as your leds and your calibration. You don’t do it all with the joysticks and the only other switch you’ll ever use on this controller is the one on the right hand, side there’s, a three position switch. If you click that you can change your video channels to something else, there’s supposed to be a switch on here to select your rates to go faster, faster faster, but i haven’t seen any difference.

So maybe i have it configured wrong or it’s, not working. So i think one of the switches doesn’t do anything, but the one with the video transmission does work matter of fact. If you’re looking at me right now, if i click it uh, the video should go off because all of a sudden i’m changing channels on the drone, not in the goggles but on the drone so watch there we go so it went off and then to get The right channel back, i just hold in the s button, hold that in wait for beep it’s, my beep. There we go little beep and that means it’s going to search and find the channel for me and there i am. I am back. I tell you it’s it’s beginner proof. It is so beginner proof all right. The next thing i’m going to do is take this for a flight around the house. But first let me show you what comes in the box check this out super quick captain drone unboxing. So uh this is a box and on the side of the box it looks like this inside the box. You get a case to store everything. If i open the case, it looks like this. This is the bottom of the case and let me show you the top of the case. It looks like this now here’s. The drone very, very tiny fits in my hand, you’ll notice. The camera is really good, but it’s non movable it’s fixed in that position.

It also has brush motors so keep it away from your dog, your cat on the bottom. You can see how everything plugs into the flight controller. So if you destroy a motor just take one out plug one in here, we can see the optical flow sensor and it’s pretty nice that they actually added this to such a small drone. Now, if you want to buy batteries for this unit, it comes with two, but this is the connector. If you need to insert batteries and well here’s the batteries you get and it comes with a battery tester watch this i plug it in this here. Tester is also a battery charger, so it shows me the voltage for accessories. You get spare props and also an attachment for betaflight. In case you want to configure settings. You also get a prop removal tool now, let’s, look at the controller. The controller is pretty cool because it comes with these joystick protectors. Now the controller i received is a mode too. That means the throttle is on the left, and this is a rechargeable controller. No batteries required, as you can see you just plug it in and charge it up and it works. You do have a setup and bind in case you want to attach it to other drones. Watch my video shown up in the top left how everything works on this controller, the included goggles are very simplistic and designed for beginners, which is why you have very few buttons on the side matter of fact, there’s next to nothing everything you need to know or Do is included in those little buttons.

You can see there’s nothing on these goggles, so watch my review at the top left. That explains everything on how these goggles work. Finally included is a manual and it’s pretty good. It explains everything nicely and let me show you the weight of this drone. It is only 35 grams with the battery right little drone down here i have it in adaptive mode and we’re going to fly around the house really quick and i’m going to change modes. Just to show you the different modes, so here we go arm switch on, props are going and let’s take it up very easy to fly. I have no hands on the controls and if i put something underneath it, it goes up because it’s on adapter, then it will come back down after nothing is underneath it that was their previous. It will remain at that height. All right, let’s fly it around the house, so let’s go forward i’m. Just doing this line of sight, so you can see it. This is full there we go let’s bring that up. This is full forward. This is the speed you get we’re back let’s go this way. So if you’re flying this fpv it’s uh extremely easy because it won’t get away from you, you could fly around stuff and if you came up to an object like i’m going to go this way and just give you an example: i’m going to go to the Table over here say i’m flying lower than the table so here’s showing the adaptive height there’s.

My little drone there i’m going to go over this table. It should automatically rise as it goes over, go up, go up, go up there, you go and as it’s finished it should. If it doesn’t see anything, come back down there. We are pretty cool eh, all right, let’s, uh land, this and change modes. Now let’s put it in the next mode, which is going to be normal mode and there we go take it up. It’S got a little bit more punch now for forward flight. There is no adaptive setting on here so when it goes over objects uh, it just stays at the height. So if something’s below it, it will not rise like it did with the adaptive setting there we go. This here takes a tiny, tiny, tiny i mean so small uh, a bit more skill to fly it’s, really nothing it’s, very, very simple, so let’s just drop it down, i’ll put it in sport mode, i’ll, put it over here spot mode and put you down there. Take that off flick, it up, put it in sport, and here we go so i’m in sport mode now, and just a reminder, everything you see recorded on the screen from the camera on this drone is coming from right over here. I’Ll put the drone over top of it right. There see, underneath that blanket is uh, my camera, pointing into the goggles, so let’s go we’re in sport mode. This is where you’re going to go really fast.

Okay, you can run after it if you want, but uh the optical flow setting is still on, so it still detects things under it, but obviously, when you’re moving forward at that speed, not really so i’m smashing stuff let’s turn it off here all right and you Can see our recording was right here whoa there we go that camera recording into the goggles all right. The next thing we’re gon na do is take this drone it’s down here. I don’t know if you can see it sitting down here and we’re gon na fly. It and i’m gon na fly it using my fat shark goggles and i’m gon na go through my patio door outside around the backyard and back in now beta fpv says, do not fly this drone in windy conditions. It’S extremely windy outside so beta fpv is going to kill me for doing this, but i’m going to fly it outside now. I can’t wear these goggles because they don’t fit over my glasses and when i take my glasses off, the lenses cannot be adjusted. So with my fat sharks, i can take my glasses off and i’ve already adjusted the internal lenses for my prescription. So everything is good there, so we’re all set to go. What i’m going to do is turn the fat shark record on it’s very low res quality. In the fat shark record, not as good as you would see with your eyesight looking into these here goggles, but oh and the sun’s gone out, oh well, so let me turn this on.

I can see myself in the the footage i want to fly up and over my shoulder into the room behind me and, of course, i’m going to hit myself there we go and whoa this normal mode is faster than i thought, hang on a sec guys. This is faster than i thought in normal mode right easy to fly, though so here we go coming back to me and let’s go up over my head out the door there. We are we’re now we’re out in the wind, the windy conditions, not bad i’m, going to turn it against the wind here so that we don’t get blown too far away, stay nice and low. Oh, this works nice. This is okay out in the wind. This is okay. I can hear the wind, i don’t know if you can hear it on my microphone. It’S blowing i’m just going around my trees in the backyard, not a problem. I don’t even have it in sport mode but check out the tree up here. How it’s blowing and whoa i just got blown i just got blown into the backyard, hang on a sec. Let’S go full forward and hop out of this. There we go yeah there’s enough of an angle on here in normal mode to uh to fly in the wind, no problem, so the trick now is to fly in this wind and get back inside without getting bounced into the walls. So this is gon na be kind of tricky, but i think i could do it.

Did you see that guys that was like that? Was luck happening there? All right, let’s bring it back to me and go land it on my table here. Let’S go to this! No, i can’t fit through there. Let’S go this way and hit the arm switch point and landing on the floor. Looking at the table leg all right, so you saw in the video i was actually flying this guy in sport mode and not normal mode that’s. Why? When i was flying it didn’t doors i’m like wow. This thing really moves because it was in sport, mode and that’s. Why outdoors in the wind? It flew no problem, so uh yeah sport mode’s the way to go if you’re in windy weather. If it’s not windy, fly it in adaptive mode or normal mode and you’ll have a lot of fun flying in and out under through things all the good stuff like that. So what i’m going to do next is i’m going to put links below oh here’s. The little case i’m gon na put links below you’ve seen what comes in the box links below to where you can find this baby on the beta fpv website. This is a drone that is intended for a beginner. It could be a beginner who’s, never flown a drawer before or a beginner who’s, always flown camera drones. You know like dji, drones or autel or unique, or hubs and all those type of drones.

Camera drones give you a lot of bad habits, because the drone does all the work you do next to no work, you just say: go up go forward and you can take your hands off the controls in the fpv hobby. You can never take your hands off the controls, however, this drone with optical flow. You can take your hands off the controls and it’s very relaxing. You know when it’s in adaptive mode, you can just crank it forward and it doesn’t go forward very fast and if it sees anything in its way that it’s coming up to, if it can get over it, it will go over it. So really good for beginners. Just to get your confidence up, then switch it to normal mode and then after that, switch it to sport mode and then, when you think you really have your confidence up, then just take the optical flow off just turn it off. As i showed you in the video in the goggles, you do everything with the goggles and then and then you’re flying a real fpv drone, and if you can handle that well, you can handle any fpv drone on the market. This drone has brushed motors, not brushless motors that’s, why i say it’s very much designed for beginners brush motors. If you’ve got cats in the house, you know the cat hairs get in the motors your hairs from your head get in the motors and you got to keep pulling them out to keep them alive.

So that’s the only difference there, but once again the price it’s designed for beginners. If you can’t fly this drone, then you probably are blind as a bat or you shouldn’t even be walking or driving a car that if you can’t fly this drone it’s that easy all right, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on this baby, uh, just post them below and i’ll get back to you, but for now i say thanks for watching.