You did get betaflight release candidates, yeah 4.3, 4.3. So before you do anything, go update your configurator right. Both you got ta update, configurator and your firmware. If your firmware is even six days old, god help you update it first or its, not ivans ball. If you burn it up, so you guys been working a lot for free. It was like a second job for for me and for for some of the people too. Look how tired he looks right now. This is all from adding a better flight feature. Dont disturb my friend hes dead. Tired features is interesting. Fixing bugs is its frustrating, especially if you cannot reproduce the bug on your side and you get a deal with like a end user. Tell him what to do like yeah its been a little bit difficult, but hey release candidate. Is here, try it out. Let us know if there are any bugs there suddenly are some bugs so christmas miracle yeah yeah, but its amazing its like its amazing. So this is a effort from all the beta flight developers. How many are are active right now? Would you say i would say theyre like 10 active five are really really active, like crazy, like hours a day. Well, lets go over the the top five new features and well say which developer did it so? First, the presets set up how you can make and select presets yeah thats uh. I only chemo, okay, so thats this guy, all right, the next.

The next top one is motor remapping features in the gui of betaflight youre, just funking with me right yeah. That was awesome. The motor directions thats a huge feature. Those last two are some of the biggest things that get people stuck on the bench. You did this one also so im sure theres, some other features. Well, no, no theres theres, somebody who, who contacted every racer every major person bardwell to get their setup to put into the freestyle still finding into the presets thats, not just making the presets but its actually getting the data. Oh, that was him too Laughter, so thats. Why joe mama had stephen create the lamone flight betaflight startup logo, but thats not endorsed by yvonne? My changes are probably the one that people see, but underneath there are changes that are way more important. That makes better flight awesome to make it fly and to make it fly. Whats your favorite feature that you didnt do. I cannot even say there are so many of them a smoothing for your rc commands, and this is crazy. It cleans your mo like your motor traces, it cleans your rc, so your motors are cooler. Your quad feels more locked in. There is also feature that fixes uh 4.2 rpm filtering. So when you go low on throttle it, it basically wobbles less because the guy i dont even understand half of what hes saying, but i see the i see the black box and its and its amazing, and also improvements on dynamic notch.

Theyve been also crazy. Like you can go through the list – theres just so many stuff down there and who did those chris thompson. There is also karate broad like, but you know, karate tunes, hes, a very smart guy and hes, a guy who spends months of just looking at freaking black boxes and simulating filters in matlab. He spends months on this, its just crazy stuff, hes done like very good job features that people see when you use it are done by guys like this, but the features that make your quad feel better. Are these guys theres? Another guy? I want to mention, like his name, is mark this guy hes done also amazing, job of fixing a bunch of bug connected better flight and uh and configurator, and he also spends like days and like months of this and, like you, dont see his job but its There, like every time you click pretty much any button and configurator think about this guy too right i mean this is uh. The betaflight project is maybe one of the biggest open source projects, not just in drones, of like any industry, probably not any industry because well it allows the whole hobby grade drone industry to to exist yeah, because without betaflight yeah none of these people could sell. So all these flight controller manufacturers all the buying and fly controller manufacturers, people that build their own. We all have to use this software and its free, and it continues to improve very fast, and the user base is very huge, so go try it out guys.

Let us know how you feel if you find some bugs um email, eventually email, the betaflight team and go to the beta flights uh github, do they have link to the patreon there they can yeah they have like when you launch configurator. There is link to paypal. There is link to patreon just from the landing page of configuration, so well leave that down below. If you want to donate to the dev team that helps them get supplies again, theyre donating all their time, so theyre not in it for the money. But we do want to help to at least reward and acknowledge these guys, because its so much work and they dont have to do it, and it helps all of them. Be careful, of course, its a pleasure but be careful with 4.3. Yet its still a release candidate, as i said there are still could be bugs just be careful with that right and expect to create like uh github issues if something goes wrong right, this is the beta part of yeah. This is a real disclaimer. All right crack. Your firmware is even six days old, god help you Music lets, go see what ivans doing what happened to the wood thing.