Around the corner is my favorite time of the year heading back to new york. For a week see my parents see how the cabin is make sure everythings, still, okay, making sure its still haunted and the ghosts are good. You know, sometimes i trust ghosts more than people, because you can see right through them anyway, uh before hitting off some food for the road big shout out, and thank you to a new sponsor sakurako. If you dont know, sakurako is a monthly subscription box stock. Full of 20 different, japanese snacks and treats and teas, and that is sent to subscribers every single month, all over the world. Also in every single box, there is one homemade item as well. Look at this wow thats, pretty cool! First of all, you get up. You get a postcard and decembers theme, of course, is hokkaido. So as soon as you open the box, you get this little guide. That tells you what every single one of your snacks are. Also, a little culture guy telling you about some of the snack makers, different flavor crackers, cookies red. I think this is a banana bun. Oh look! How pretty this pudding is. Whoa! Look at this sucky cup thats, so cool its a yuzu kuzu mochi. How can i get a much much much much bigger one of these? Oh wow? This is good. Mmm thats delicious definitely need some tea with that, though, luckily right here, oh thats, perfect anyway, whats really cool about sakura cola.

These are not the typical snacks. You can easily find in convenience stores in japan, everything is 100 authentic, artisanal snacks and they source directly from local, snack makers. So all the stuff extremely high end and how it works is that the boxes are ordered in the preceding month. So what im showing you here is the december box. So if you subscribe in november, you get the december box and these snacks nothing ive ever tried before look at this white cookie. You can taste the awesome hokkaido milk in these cookies anyway, so coral cold box has a monthly plan. They also have several pre paid plans and the plans start around 32.50 per box charged every 12 months. These snacks are shipped directly from japan. Again, these are not snacks, youll find in typical convenience stores, theres also home goodies in every single box and the monthly promotional campaigns that gives you extra snacks for extra items. If you want to give this a try, get a link down below use my promo code, friday, 2021, to claim free, authentic, japanese, home goodies, with your first okorocho box order, a few more snacks and then city new york. Good morning from new york city i mean some work done on my house. So let me let me show you whats been going on so painted everything, so it looks slightly less haunted. The cabin is now a lot brighter ive had this done, because i did notice.

Theres a lot of wood, thats kind of rotting a bit. I did some railings a path here. This used to be all grass. I think im gon na plant some trees here, like a pea tree or something get some nice peaches in the fall. The back patio is all redone. This is what used to be rotted and pretty horrible, like you, couldnt run your fingers across it. Otherwise you get a splinter. The barn look at this. Ah, that used to be the creepiest thing on this property now shiny new. You should rent that out or something to you know more ghosts. A lot of wood was rotting over here, so replace that so the wood looks a lot lot better. Next project gon na work on the inside stay tuned. Now for some breakfast they sell buns. Here i dont think i dont know how long theyre gon na be keep selling buds, for i think they just sold the farm, but anyway for now still get buns. They grilled the vegetables themselves. Again, i dont know how long theyre going to keep doing this, but near where i live. Im not going to find many places that makes fresh, puns and theres a little snack to tie me over until lunch time, which is going to be at the largest lego land in america. It just opened new york. Legoland lets go big legos, so you guys may not know i am a huge fan of legos.

I love legos. I love all the lego movies, but i dont own a single lego set because uh when i was younger, my parents could never afford to buy me. Legos, i still remember i graduated i moved to new york living on my own, went to a toy store because im thinking finally im going to get my first set of legos, actually sorry theres, no legos theres only lego. My first set of legos remember picking up a small box, saw how much it cost put it right back. So, even though i play with legos a lot when i was a kid at my friends house never got to own. My lego sets legoland new york opened. This is about only 20 minutes from my house always wanted to come here. Finally, today i get a chance. I know this place is really for kids, but lets go check out some legos and eat some food. So barty gets to come here. Then they give me free tickets to come back. This is cool disney. Never did this! Oh look at this. A bonsai tree lego set were a roller coaster lego for four. Oh, my almost four hundred dollars. This is why my parents never got me legos. I mean theyre super cool. Maybe i bought myself one for my birthday and, of course, part of my experience here is the food theres, the brick street cafe. I think that place is just a bunch of grab and go items lets see if we can find some hot food whole elephant made out of legos whoa theres a carousel.

We can write legos. I dont know why i know thats fake, but i really want to bite out of that steak. Not the vegetables, though so food wise, theres chicken theres, looks like pulled pork and sausages. Brownie looks good chocolate, cake first plate of food at legoland, mac and cheese, potato salad pulled pork, sausage, chicken, brownie and chocolate cake, 45 and whats funny about that is. If this was in legos, it probably cost a lot more. I did research a little about what legoland had to offer food wise before coming here, so i dont think theres two too much. So i think today, gon na be able to try everything starting with the po park. Im conflicted because the pulled pork is tough, but it has flavor. The mac and cheese is soft, but it has no flavor. I dont know i think the actual lego pieces might taste better lets. Try the chicken i think, im still riding the high of how good the food that knot spray farm was that when i saw chicken in pro pork, i think my expectations were unfairly raised. This looks like a delicious pizza cake. I mean it looks moist its soft. Its gooey thats a good piece of cake. This thing, first of all, is so rich. It could afford any box of legos it wants here. The texture is really moist. The chocolate is gooey and delicious. I mean its heavy. Its decadent just went on a ninjago ride where i was throwing shurikens and enemies took me.

The whole ride to figure i was doing it wrong, worked up an appetite, though, for the royal smash, burger and fries. They give your lettuce, tomatoes and pickles separately. This is a ginormous burger, four four beef patties, its so interesting because, usually when you get four patties in a burger, you have to request four patties. This is the basic burger and it comes with four patties. Oh its spicy, its supposed to be spicy id, say spice today, im going a little crazy, i mean it tastes like a burger that you typically find in a high school cafeteria. Luckily i like cafeteria burgers cheese, is gooey. Patty is tender. Fresh are amazing. All right lets go to miniature lamb. This is what i really want to see when i came here heading to miniature land, but past this. This is the other reason why im here legoland is famous for grannys apple fries and when, when they say granny, they dont mean they its its a lego granny. I got the giant ice cream sundae, so their ice cream. Here they have it as green and yellow lego colors, i think green is vanilla and the yellow is also vanilla. Fun colors, though, so this is the sunday and inside this is the famous apple fries right in here apple fries are delicious im one of those weird people. I dont know why. I love apple pie. I love apple strudel. I love apple everything i still like apple from a tree.

I, like my apple, cooked its basically a crispy apple pie, the taste of fresh apple inside. Oh, wait! Wait! What is this no theres fresh apple slices down here whenever i look at apples like fresh apples, my teeth automatically feel sour. I hate it. I dont even like looking at apples, especially chopped up ones, but the apple fries are good. This tastes, like a fried apple pie, a la mode. I tell them to like tape this back into the fryer and like batter this up and fry this up really dont like fresh apples cause the ice cream is delicious by the way. Okay, fun, lego. Colors is definitely the best thing i had in this park so far so fun to only complain. I read that on the menu this is supposed to have gummy apples, my gummy apples at oh, my goodness, i did not know about this. Legoland has an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet. That is for some reason close today, no brickellinis, oh yeah, ah thats upsetting, i got ta come back. Oh free tickets, im gon na use that for this next time, yeah dont tell me this is close too so theres pizza, theres, salad, smoked turkey, panini four cheese, grilled cheese, whoa wait. This is the pizza that would have been out of the buffet all right. Maybe im not missing out. Thank you so much me too. Thank you, lego, grilled cheese. I mean its hard to mess up grilled cheese.

Only i wish would have some tomato soup to dip this in how about. I always wonder about this, because these are all like individual pieces. I wonder whether theres a theres, a machine or a computer that just assemble all this together, where we can actually get a job at lego as a vice president of building lego blocks. Is that a position? Oh lego, pirate ship were finally at miniature world. This is so cool. Look at this, its like the whole world, represented here in legos, theres, hollywood, so lego, wood here, of course, thats. Definitely chinatown right there. Oh, the san francisco trying to look the trolleys moving. This is the coolest part of lego land. For me, just looking at this, this is so neat got the golden gate bridge over there. I think thats, the uh. This is pure ‘. Oh, the famous sea lions fishermans wharf right here. This is all las vegas that brings back memories the stratosphere tons of hotel. I got the luxor venetian bellagio. Ah so the good people at legoland decided that uh circus circus isnt worth the lego box. No, oh, the grand canyon, i think oh farrells, buffet, i want to go to pharaohs buffet. Oh, you got to step with them is and now tipping the scales at nine bricks. Greeting technique cannot be beat make some noise for the magical. Oh, this is so cool central perk, oh and also like a like a ship in a bottle im going for friends, my first ever lego set no, no, no, no, no way, im just shipping a bottle.

This is my first ever lego set. This is so cool thanks for coming. Thank you, ive been feeling so small. This burger place. I just saw the picture i was like this looks like a good burger. The style is definitely more of a smash burger, not a big menu, just a cheeseburger or impossible burger, simple bun, small, thin little beef patty, some kind of sauce on the bottom and grilled onions and pickles inside really cheesy one patty, this freaking delicious. This is really really really good. I mean why do i only just get one burger? I know im going somewhere else after this, but im cooking myself right now, theres such a i could just sit here and eat this burger all day, just continuously water burgers and eat it. Wow also got tons of butter tons of cheese. Very, very, very nice, delicate patty. This is definitely not one of those walk around all fancy stuck up kind of burgers everything about this from the meat from the crunchy, onions and pickles to the cheese. Just works perfectly wow. This is amazing. Burger fries not have bad either again. My only advice to you dont make the same mistake. I did get at least four wow such a simple place produces such an amazing burger. This is so good. You know what i had to get another burger theres, something just so simply delicious about it double patty. This time, one bite the mouth just fills up with juice.

Again, nothing fancy just freaking good, so good wow and i didnt get the short red foot like i got last time because i got a short rib dish. This is a short rib rice, hmm dish. How easy this game comes apart, barely needs a bite dish. Oh, its so good in the foot you get all different types of meat got some beef balls. You got the short ribbon here as well. Some brisket, but even with all the meat in here broth is the star. I couldnt really decide between rice and euros. I got both all right: got ta hurry up its about to rain, got ta get out city before the storm comes it just got really dark really quickly. This is 2pm right now. Look at this guy. It is about to storm. Oh, this is so crazy. Again, 2 p.m looks like its nighttime right now. This is a big storm. Its not gon na be a fun drive. Oh, my goodness, it is hailing whoa. That is a lot of hail. A big sized hail too. Look at this, and just like that, its over. I feel bad for those people who are doing outdoor dining whoa. This looks good showing show this is pretty oh wheres here, fresh raspberries, mochi balls. Do you want chewie, get a mochi ball, one refreshing suck on the jelly. I also got a honeycomb one. Oh, this one comes with a honeycomb. I think this is sticky rice.

This one is really floral theres chinese jelly, so they put that in the drink and a little bit of syrup refreshingly delicious well, the ring has stopped. I got my burger, i got my thumb. I got my pretty drink now i can go home as always. Thank you guys so much for watching.