. Now ive been using both of these for the past few years and they have both been working great for me, and i noticed that there are getting to be a lot of options on amazon and i wanted to help clear up some confusion. For those of you. Trying to decide where to invest your money so ill, give you some objective as well as subjective thoughts on all of these strobes and, at the end ill provide my overall recommendation. So the loom cube strobe was sent to me for free about three years ago from lume cube and all the rest of these. I actually purchased with my own money now the loom cube has been the workhorse for me because i love the design. It meets that three mile requirement set by the faa and it works as good today, as it did three years ago, its a bubble shape that weighs 10 grams and its claimed to get up to six hours of battery life. In my testing the other day, i got just over seven and a half hours of run time. It has an amazon rating of 4.5 with 1290 reviews, so the people that have it seem to love it. It used to be the most expensive of all of the strobes that you could buy, but they recently lowered the price on amazon to 29.99, which i believe is more appropriate. This has been a great strobe that has been very dependable for me for the past three years.

However, with the competition getting better, i think its time for a redesign from lume cube to make it just a little bit lighter and have more powerful leds. Now the strobe that really surprised me was this tiny little thing from v fly or vi fly im going to call it v fly. I had pretty low expectations for it just because of its super simple design and its small size, but in the night time test it did quite well. This little strobe is made up of three white leds and then a green and a red led. It weighs only six grams and it comes in at the lowest cost of 14.99 and it does claim to meet faa regulations. It has a tiny 160 milliamp hour battery that claims four hours of battery life, but i only got 90 minutes in my testing. It has a 4.5 amazon rating with 276 reviews. Now i ordered the lucor strobe, mostly because of the unique dome shaped design. It weighs 16 grams, it costs 26.99 and it has a 400 milliamp hour battery that claims five hours of battery life, and i got four hours in my testing. It has a 4.5 rating with 271 reviews. Now the loot corp does have one issue that i think limits its usability. It has one strobe of each color and they are separated by these little like plastic or maybe its like cardboard walls inside the dome and to get the most light out of this thing.

They all need to be flashing at the same time, the white one, the red one and the green one, and that makes the color less visible in the sky, its not a bright white light its a soft light, and i think that really limits its reach. Now it does claim to meet faa guidelines, but i have a pretty difficult time, believing that you can see this thing from three miles away. I think if it had just three white leds, it would be much better. I ordered the ulanzi strobe just to have something terrible to compare to the other ones. Ulansi does make some good accessories for drones and action cameras and things like that. But this is not one of their better products. It comes in at 1995 and it weighs 6.35 grams. It has a hundred milliamp hour battery. Surprisingly, this thing actually did really well. It got almost nine hours of battery life, so thats one good thing about it. Now the literature when you look it up claims to reach up to three kilometers and not three miles and i think thats a little misleading, because many shoppers will skim through that description and theyll see that three and then theyll think that it meets faa regulations. But it it doesnt it and it doesnt claim to meet it, but its kind of misleading. Having that three kilometer on there theres no way that this thing will reach three miles, let alone a thousand feet.

It has a very suspicious 4.5 rating with 433 reviews, so either those reviewers have never actually seen a real strobe or they arent real people. But again it does last for nine hours, so thats something i guess. If youre going to keep your drone relatively close, it will help with visibility. The one that i was most excited to try was this one right here: the symac gs 600. Now cymic is an up and coming drone and camera accessory company that actually puts out some pretty high quality items. Ive reviewed a few of their drone cases and ive been pretty pleased. Now this is new to their lineup, so it only has 24 amazon ratings, but it does score a 4.5. It has a claimed range of 3.7 miles, its very heavy at 21 grams. It has a 500 milliamp hour battery thats claimed to get three hours of battery life with no loss of brightness, but this thing actually lasted nine hours like i turned it off because i had to go to bed and it probably could have gone for 10 hours. I dont know, but i was just amazed at how long this thing was staying bright. No samick also makes a smaller nine gram version for five dollars less, but that one does not meet faa regulations now. Finally, i dont have to tell many of you that the firehouse arc five is the cream of the crop in this lineup. It only costs 34 dollars, it weighs 13 grams.

It has a 250 milliamp hour battery that can last up to six hours and i actually got six hours in my test. It probably would have gone a little bit longer, but i pulled it because it got so dim towards the end now. The reason this thing is so bright is because it uses five watt leds, rather than like a 2 or 3 watt led, like most other strobes on the market. Today, you can see this little thing from 4 miles away. It has a 4.5 rating with 529 reviews and if you visit any drone forum or any facebook group, you can read the rave reviews about it. Theres, no, arguing that this strobe dominates the market for a reason and unless lume cube steps up to the plate. Like i want them to its going to be hard to beat the quality of this strobe, but the one downside it does have a downside is its the only strobe out of all six of these that significantly lost brightness as time went on. It stayed bright for about four hours, but after that it slowly got more dim. So after about four hours, i started to notice that it was getting more dim than the other ones as they were strobing and then, by the time i got to six hours. You could barely see it, so i did some nighttime testing with all of these strobes the other night on my dji mini 2.

I wanted to compare the brightness of each of them at about a thousand feet away. Now i chose not to fly them three miles away, just because i dont feel comfortable doing that where i live, but instead im gon na give you a subjective rating of each of them and youre. Just gon na have to trust me. I flew them a thousand feet and then i had them at 100 feet altitude and i didnt even bother testing out the ulansi, because i knew it wouldnt even come close, so this one gets sixth place with a brightness rating of one out of ten. I awarded fifth place to the lucorbe, with a visibility rating of five out of ten and again, i really dont think you could see this thing from three miles away, but it would be useful for knowing where your drone is as long as you keep it. No further than 1500 feet away. Fourth place goes to the v fly, which i was surprised at. How bright this little thing was. I gave it a 7 out of 10 for brightness, but the battery life is pretty poor. I only got 90 minutes with that here. We got the v fly or vi fly im, not sure what to call it lets. Compare it side by side with the firehouse. Here there we go, i dont know theyre, pretty close, no, its definitely smaller, but i think for as tiny as it is its pretty bright, its definitely not as bright.

I guess of the firehouse, but its pretty good. The third place draw goes to loom cube with a brightness rating of eight out of ten. Its still a great strobe, but it does need to be improved. Second place goes to the newcomer from cymic. I give it a 10 out of 10 for brightness, but i docked a half a point just because its so stinking big and heavy. And finally, you probably already knew this before you started watching this video, but the firehouse arc 5 dominates the drone strobe light arena with its very nice pricing, exceptional battery life, brightness and visibility range and its market tested and approved by so many drone pilots. All right were coming up on a thousand feet right now and 100 feet in altitude, and it is definitely much brighter. I would say it is twice as bright as the lume cube um its a much bigger strobe like its spread out much more. This is very, very bright. The firehouse is, is an amazing strobe again, the only slight disadvantage to it is that it fades in brightness significantly after four hours but thats pretty minor, because how often are you going to need it to last longer than that now, at the end of the testing, The other night, i just lined them all up on the driveway, so you could see them side by side. You can see here that the cymic is very close to the firehouse, but its just not quite as bright, and it does weigh almost twice as much now.

Finally, i tested all of these out during the daytime. I wanted to see if i can increase the distance at which i was able to see my mini too now, under normal conditions with a cloudy sky. I can see my mini 2 at about 1200 feet away and after that, if i take my eyes off of it, if i look down at my screen, i sometimes cant find it again in the sky, so i thought maybe having a strobe on during the day. Would help that i should mention you guys. I got the uh strobes mounted on the back of the drone now normally, you would want to mount these on the top of the drone, but were not using it for anti collision lighting right now because were not flying at night were flying at daytime, and i Just want to see if it can help improve the distance that you can fly. The drone so just be aware: uh when i use these at night, normally im going to have them mounted on top of the drone. So now i lost sight of all of these strobes before i reached 1300 feet, except for the firehouse. I was able to see it up until my drone got to about 1500 feet away. So if you think youre gon na increase your visual line of sight distance by using a strobe during the day, i honestly dont think it helps yes, it certainly would help improve visibility if you have it closer than that, but i just didnt find that its going To help in those longer distances now that being said, different people have different visions.

So maybe, if someone has superior vision to mind, then they might have better results. So theres my test results with these six drone strobe lights, keep in mind that some of these are going to put your mini 2 over that 250 gram limit. So if you use one on your mini 2 or any of them, except for the wi fi on your mini, you will need to register that drone as per the faa. Now the lume cube the firehouse and the vifly can all be used on your mini 2 and stay under that 250 grams. Now there are links down in the video description for all of these lights, as well as some of my favorite drone tech and gear. So, if youre interested in any of that go ahead and use those links, i really appreciate it. Click the like button, if i provided you with any information that improved your life in some way today subscribe for more reviews like this, follow me on instagram, twitter and tick tock for more content that youre not going to see here on the channel.