It was a very long time and, as you can see its autumn outside its raining and i cannot do videos outside anymore, so i cleaned up the room, and here we are, and today im gon na review a drone from iflight. As you can see – and this is not a new drone at all – this – is the old nazgul. V2 just got this because i just fell in love with the nuts good v5. The new edition this is the top of the line from iflight. This drone is amazing. You can check out the review in the description, and i just love this so much. It just had has a couple of issues lets say one its beautiful and you dont wan na crush this at all and second, its a little bit expensive. So i wan na see if something old from my flight can replace this in a sketchy situation. Maybe you want to fly in a bend or you want to do some heavy hacker with it and you dont want to mind crushing it. You know what im talking about and before i open this box, please remember to like subscribe and comment on this video help me please the youtube, algorithm and support my channel another way of supporting it is if you have to buy something you can find the links In the description down below – and you also get a discount, thank you so much lets get on with the review and here its the drone box.

As you can see its the classic high flight box. Also, there is a little dent from the shipping lets open it and see. Whats inside we have foam two pairs of nuts good props from iflight and very nice. They include spares very nice flat micro, usb cable and a little bag full of accessories. A lot of hardware spare battery strap and two battery sticker one is a replacement one, and here we have the video antenna and the antenna tubes. Then we have the screw for the gopro mount with the hex key, and here there is the plug and play receiver connectors. This is very, very nice and we have instructions and stickers right here and boom. Here we have the drone itself and first thing. First, just look at the crazy amount of stickers. We have a propeller rotation sticker then here it says that this drone first flight is gon na fly level and to change that you need to go into bit of light to put it into acro mode. So you can do flips and stuff, then here we have a warning that says: never change the tune, because this drone is already tuned very good by iflight, and i believe that because this kind of drones fly amazing under the battery strap, there is another sticker. That says, you need to place your battery in the center of gravity, so the drone flies better on the battery lead. There is another sticker that reminds you to put the antenna on before powering the drone and just look at the details here.

There is another sticker that says you can rotate your camera angle and on the back, there is a plug with receiver written into it. So you know youre gon na plug your receiver into it, and all of these tiggers are amazing for beginners, because its gon na avoid making very classic mistakes that can break your quad without even flying it. So very nice eye flight and now lets look at the specs of this drone. So this is an x frame. 5 inch 6s analog no receiver. This is the cheapest options, basically and im going to add my own dji digital camera and vtx later im gon na try it analog for this review. The motors on this drone are shingi pro 2207 1800 kv motors. They are powered by double stack 45 esc. All in one down here, f7 flight controller with micro, usb, not usbc like on the newer model. As you can see on the front right here, we have a race cam r1. This is 19 by 19 millimeter and on the back we have 800 milliwatt, iflight, btx and thats. All for this drone. Now, im gon na put it into bit of flight, set it up and then were gon na go outside and fly. It lets go and we are back in the backyard. Finally, today is a beautiful day. There is sun and its perfect weather to fly this bad boy right here i set it up. I also tried hovering indoors lets, try flying and see how it goes and then im gon na put a camera on it and do a spin with a camera first flight.

With this thing – and i dont really like analog that much because you cannot see the branches. I mean wow without anything on top it flies perfect. I mean i already knew it will fly perfect, but on rails, look at this on rails, wow yeah and i dont really like seeing the standoffs up top. Probably this camera is very, very, very wide field of view, so thats, why Music im? Not you know Music or nothing Applause. I mean im flying with 800 millions and its the signal is going well also im not faced the direction of the of the drone. So this antenna with this vtx is very good, actually very, very good. Look. There is like minor interference, but nothing crazy behind the trees. Uh yeah. This is autumn so leaves are losing their moisture, maybe thats. The reason i dont know, but its not bad at all. Its not bad at all with the reception. I was used to much much worse, Applause, yeah, so im gon na land because it gets boring looking at the dvr, and this drone just flies perfect lets see if he flies good with a camera on top and then you already know the review of my english Ive not done reviews for a while. My english is not very good boom. First impression about this. Drone is, of course you saw it. It flies amazing and i think iflight really knows how to make 5 inches, and also it surprised me.

On the vtx side, i had just a bit of interference back there but thats crazy, because with other btx like from tbs back in the days, i had ton of interference and this thing was performing amazing. So very nice vtx. But you know im going to switch to digital anyways, because i want to see branches and stuff like that when i fly for the extra peace of mind, so lets put a camera on it lets fly boom. I just put my hero 10 on it, and i noticed something i dont really like a lot. So this is a truex design. Every motor is the same distance from each other, and this is for the best flight performance, and you saw that basically, but it has a very big downside. In fact, the front arms are sticking out a lot from the camera, and this is the minimum angle. You need to have in order not to see the propellers in your video anything less than this, like you want to fly a 20, maybe chill it and fly youre gon na see your propellers tip some people like it. I dont because i shoot cinematic content and i dont want to see propellers in view, so you always need to fly at a very, very hard angle and youre gon na go if youre gon na be going fast. This is good if you fly like a mountain or something like that, you need to pick up speed but yeah.

I just wish i dont know this was a little bit further out, or maybe this was a stretch, stretched x design with the arms. You know a little closer on the side, so you put the propeller back activated. Music flies just perfect. A lot of power. Remember this is a hero 10, on top, so its one of the heaviest things youre gon na ever put on it, and i still dont like seeing the standoffs and also we have to fly at this aggressive kind of aggressive, very its like 40 45 degrees angle, Which, by the way, is not totally bad. I expected words. You can do carches like that Music fly, maybe a cinematic Applause Music, but if youre gon na fly slower, youre gon na see a lot of the sky and not a lot of the ground and also always remember the analog. Camera is wide angle. So gopros is a little bit less Music, especially when you stabilize it yeah, but the drone flies very good, then im so scared of eating a branch. Actually, Applause, Music, its not bad fly, is even a little bit better than the dead cat version, but thats, maybe a placebo. You should try them blindfolded to just know that Applause Music yeah for about 100 dollars less. It performs probably just the same as the other one, so its a great value, if you dont mind flying exclusively with this very hard angle on the camera, it doesnt care he doesnt care about flying with the gopro Music wow lets land Applause, Music, yeah, my battery Music and also is kind of efficient.

We are yeah 3.6. You probably can go 3.5, but yeah im. Looking back at the footage right now and you can see a little bit of propeller down in the bottom there – and still i was flying like this – probably so. Yeah, you need a really really really high angle for your camera and i need to experiment a bit because probably rested stretches out the fisheye effect, so you dont see much of the propeller at all, and also another thing is this propeller, while spinning is quite transparent. If you have grass on the bottom, so maybe if you get clear, propellers youre gon na have a better time wrapping up this review of the nuts cool v2. Actually, this drone is one of the best value for money out there and it flies just as good as this one. The top of the line f5d evoke it costs a lot less. You can check out the links in description. You also get another discount, so it costs even less and it will be perfect if, in my opinion, maybe its perfect for you, but will be perfect for me. If again, the arms were a little bit back. So i wouldnt see the props on the on the gopro, because my use case for this drone was actually replacing the f5d for more risky spots and you have just less money in the air less stuff that can break. There is no plastic to break no leds and its just more simple and better to repair and to buy actually so i i just hope for this little thing.

It will be perfect thats. My review for this drone its a very, very good drone and, if you like, having the propellers in view, sometimes its perfect for you and, as always, thats all for this video remember to like subscribe and comment down below.