So this is the drone giveaway for september 2021. I will uh put all the rules on the giveaway form theyre going to be highly detailed. So i encourage you to read all the rules very carefully already. Some people are not following the rules correctly and submitting the form without the proper validation code, and without that they are disqualified and theres no way to fix that. So hopefully theyll remember that for next month, but this is the uh giveaway. For this month we got a caprc fpv, goggle, a controller, and this drone. This is an iflight uh, ih3 theyre, not flying anymore, and this is all bound up together, ready to go for someone to fly yeah. So we have the um giveaway form link down in the description with all the rules make sure you follow those rules very carefully, so you dont get disqualified, good luck and ill talk to you guys later, all right guys. So this video were checking out the happy model – crux 35, so this is uh their three and a half inch entry into this class and theyre a little bit late to the game. I think this is number four or five or six in terms of the number of miles ive reviewed on the channel, and they have gone the complete opposite direction of diaton in terms of the power setup. This is um, i believe, the lightest of any of the three and a half inch models that are currently in production, and this is also the least expensive, at least for the analog version.

So this is why im calling this sort of the best value in this category right now in the three and a half inch category, because its coming in at about 140 dollars, uh give or take you know, depending on discounts, and all that i think with my Discount code, its going to be less than 140, so you know you might want to check that when you check out my discount code in the video description, but its about 140 for the analog version only weighs about 87 grams, and i think if you compare it To some of the other analog versions out there like the get rc smart 35 that ones coming in at 245 dollars and without a receiver, whereas this one comes with the built in express lrs receiver and if you want to add sort of an equivalent receiver. The crossfire receiver on the gitbrc thats coming in at about 280 dollars, so its about a hundred, almost double the price. I dont know how 280 versus 140., for, if you compare the happy models to the gap, rc, obviously theres other ones out there. I didnt check all the prices, but that was just one, and i know that the kepler sees a very popular model that ones also very heavy or not very heavy, its heavier than that than this one here that one is 128 grams and this ones 87 grams. So yeah happy model is gone with the uh. Basically, the lightest trying to go for the lightest setup, not going for ultimate power like diatone theyre, going for efficiency and flight time, and they, i think, theyve achieved that um the frame itself, not really all that interesting.

Three millimeter carbon: it is a unibody single bottom plate fairly fairly stiff. I mean its not going to win any awards for durability, im sure but itll be fine at this weight class, its not really super heavy. So you got to really do some work to break this frame. The motors are the lowest tv of anything out there. I believe uh 1404s at one of these 3500 kv. So i think all these three and a half inch come with the 1404s, except for the diatone. Now it comes with the new all in one flight controller board. Here i believe they call this the elrs x1. It is a 20×20 board from there. You know whoop style boards, this uh version comes with a built in extracellular receiver and you see the ufl connector and the antenna mounted here in the back. The four in one built in ec is only 12 amps. The free sky d8 version comes with 20 fbs, but i dont recommend getting the d8 version. The d8 version is also an spi receiver and we all know youre not going to get the best range for that receiver. And with this thing, with the amount of flight time youre going to get youre going to want to fly a little bit further and do a little more exploring and stuff so yeah, i would highly recommend going to the express lrs setup and i believe the price Is the same whether you get the free sky version or the express lrs version, so that kind of gives you an idea of the kinds of things were going to expect going forward in terms of the cost of the receivers being built into the flight controllers.

Now they yeah the cost advantage is huge. You know, um, they basically cost the same as a d8 receiver and they perform way better. So theres kind of really no point in you know considering anything else anyway, its a 20 by 20 board. You cant get this part separately ill link that in the description as well, i think its like 65. This has the ovx 303 video transmitter goes up to 300 milliwatts. It is an open source of video transmitter based on the open, vtx project, and basically the big difference here is that it can use either the protocol or the smart audio protocol. I think it doesnt really matter. You can pick either one and it auto detects it and well set up the for the video transmitter correctly, but otherwise i think it pretty much works the same way. I dont think theres anything really thats different right now, although they may be adding new features in the future and comes in this little triangle version you see here in this frame and also a square version ill have a separate video and a giveaway on the video Transmitter in a future video thats coming up down the road, but you can get an idea what this uh, how this video transmitter performs in this video? The camera is the chaotix ant. I believe thats pretty standard nowadays and get your antenna on the back here and a circular polarized antenna for the video transmitter.

This mount here is different. I swapped that out. This is my own design that you can pick up a link down in the description uh. If you want to get jello free video, youre gon na, have to use something like this. That isolates the camera from the frame, so theres, no vibrations. I try to make a mount like this is the red parts, the original amount that was on there. Camera was hard mounted youll see that in the first flight demo it was cloudy out and you can still see the jello, whereas on the second flight, with the updated mount its sunny out grand, i have a nd 64 because its a very uh, very clear, sunny Day so with that no jello at all um, because its not hard mounted – and this mount here is really designed for like the smooth 4k camera, and i did not attempt to fly this mo 4k camera because the way this comes out of the box, theres no Connector for the small small 4k camera with the battery on the bottom, its kind of um difficult to route. You know if you plug in something to the balance lead. For example, you have to route the wires from the bottom to the back here and avoid the propellers up to the frame to get to the camera. So i would highly recommend if, if a happy model is trying to um, promote the use of the smoke 4k on this, you know one.

They should change this design of this mount so that its not directly attached to the frame where the vibrations come, because the vibrations will come through on the small 4k camera as well, so change them out and then solder on a power connector. Here in the back. That will come up through the frame in a small little connector that will plug into the small 4k camera. You know its a four well four pin connector doesnt cost anything and im so really surprised that they didnt do that, because a lot of vendors do that. Come out of the factory theyd have a photo of it. You know mounted to this, you know, as a you know, promotion photo, but it does obviously they. I dont think they actually used it um. They do have a actually a demo of the a video of that uh on their on their youtube channel, but they must have powered it in some way. Thats, not in the factory configuration here where you have the uh power coming from the flight controller or the battery lead so thats. Why i elected to go with the institute 360 go to, and actually i prefer this setup. I mean im not going to change it. Im not going to put a you know a bigger camera on here, because this gives you more than adequate footage, and this flies for a super long time with the camera on there. I did fly with this um.

4650. 650. Its really old battery ive had for several years and its got like you know several hundred flights on here, but even with this being a really old battery, because this is such a low power hungry power setup, it really is efficient and it. So if you have old batteries – and you want uh and you dont want to buy new ones, get this model instead of the other ones, because the other ones are going to draw more power, you may have to get new batteries, so this one is going to Be very battery friendly and probably not as picky in terms of uh the battery youre going to want to get but lets see here how much this weighs so its 87 grams thats the weight with the stock mount but im going to show you with weight, is With the camera attached here, so this is with the insta360 go to when the and the nd filter 117.4 grams, and then all that weight, as i flew it getting all the sun here is kind of tricky yeah, 194 grams, so youre way way way under the 250 gram limit, whereas a lot of the other setups out there are coming closer to the 250 gram limit now granted. A lot of the other ones that i have reviewed are the dji versions, and the dji version of this is about 21 grams heavier. I think its uh was it 87 versus 108, so thats whats listed on the product page, so yeah.

Of course you know. Dji versions are always going to be heavier, so that is going to have an effect on your flight time. Um. You may want to go with a little bit bigger battery in that case uh, to get to make up for that flight time. You can go up to a 4s 1100 milliamp hour, lipo um, i got almo. I got a 10 minute flight on the first demo on this battery. Here i mostly just kind of cruising around really and a little bit of light outgrow, which was surprising so at the beginning i did i did fly around without the camera and then i did fly it around after a few minutes with the camera on, and i Got a total of 10 minutes on the 650. I think the range um is like nine to 13 minutes on a 750 is what theyre recommending. So if you go with an 850 or even something bigger like 1100 forced, you could probably squeeze out a 15 minute flight on this. If you really wanted to because its a really really efficient setup, i think you know again. They went with the hq props. The 3 35 20 props here very efficient low pitch prop a good match for this motor. Now this is probably in terms of acro performance. You know its not as good as some of the other ones, with the higher kv motors a little bit more power. Maybe a bigger, bigger escs.

So if your goal is not necessarily efficiency, but you want a little bit more accurate performance than maybe you want to consider some of the other models, because this one is probably my opinion a little bit lacking on the top end, which is expected because it has The lowest kv motor so for those of you that are more into you, know shorter flights, but a little bit more aggressive flying more acro. You may want to consider a different model, but if youre into longer flights or very efficient flights, dont have to worry about the battery youre using etc and also the cost. And then this is definitely a winner. In my opinion, this is definitely the best value best. Bang for the buck, in my opinion – and you match this up with this insta360 go camera, you can get pretty good long flights. You can do some exploring go pretty far with the express lrs receiver. You know all rounds a really good package. Now i do have the new um express lrs uh module from happy mouse. Is the one watt module im gon na have a separate video on this a little bit later, but this was a quick look at it. Its the nano module goes up to one watt. The firmware target just came out today so thats. Why ive been holding off on this, because i wanted to fly this and uh with my um passphrase that id like to basically do any binding im kind of lazy that way, but yeah it comes with a fan.

Um, you know its uh if you want to go super far, which i dont really do. This is not. This is kind of an overkill and not really something that im going to be using too much. I dont know i might give it away at some point, but you know its pretty nice uh nice metal constructions is all for heat. Dissipation got a fan on here, so you can take it up to one watt. Uh fly supervar, if you really wanted to, but im not going to be doing anything like that with this. But this replaces that iron man, one that i didnt review. I guess a lot of you asked me why i didnt review that ones, because i think they hunted. I think they made that one for short run. They decided okay, thats, not enough power. We can make something about the same size and take it up to one watt, which is what they did, so they discontinued that one its a similar size this one, but this one just looks way better than that one and, of course this goes up to one Watt and which is a lot better and its a nano module, so its all good so anyway, just want to show you this quickly. This is coming up in a future video, and i do have that, but yeah um for the three and a half inch class. I will have a roundup video video soon. I cant promise you exactly when but yeah i like this one its for the money uh, i think its the cheapest one out there right now, especially now, with all the other uh models going up in price because of the chip shortage, this ones a really good Value so if youre on the fence about this one, you know granted, you have to have to consider it is happy model.

So, if youre into like extreme aggressive flying, yeah bando flying were gon na be crashing a lot, you know. Maybe this is not the best one for you, but if youre more of a cruiser you want longer flight times. Maybe you just you know like to have longer flights, then this is one you definitely will want to consider as one you want to add to your collection, okay, thats, going to do it for this one. I will link those flights down in the video description. Theyre.