But today we have something really cool and unusual. Its the first underwater drone from power vision called power. If you remember last season, we tested a lot of power vision. Products such as the power rack, its the first waterproof drone. We put it up to a lot of tests and challenges, and it survived just fine if you missed our video ill put links in the description below and of course, we tested the wave shark, e4 and jetboard its also made by power vision. Its a really cool upcoming jet board so make sure you check them out, but today we have another product from power vision. This underwater drone will allow you to fill all your adventures. You can check out the shipwrecks, you can even check the fish and they have special adapters called fish finder which will help you find and catch more fish wow, so ive never tried any underwater drones before so super excited to see whats inside lets. Do it lets. Do it so we have the box its 11 kilos, its pretty heavy but manageable, so lets open it, and we have this suitcase thats unusual. Look at that for traveling. Okay lets go to the airport with some security security codes and the key okay whats, the secret code; seven, seven: seven zero zero zero, no its! Not! Actually. I cannot open it its locked guys. Look at this. We need to have some special code to open it. Come on zero, zero, zero, but its still locked! Oh man come on! Maybe six, six, six! Oh hey! We did it, so we just need to move this yeah button.

That was hard Applause, so lets open. It wow look at that its too complicated. So lets see what we got here lets see. That is the main part. It looks like a space shuttle. Does it fly its really cool its a powerful underwater drone? It has also lights, so you can lighten up underwater. You can go under the waves. You can see the rocks the fish yeah two propellers no see more here and you can go up to 98 feet deep. We got this device, it looks like a power bank. The base station some little screws little tools here we got the instructions manual. Okay, some little clips. I have no idea whats, that for oh, the glasses wow, these are fpv goggles, you can put them on and you can go dive underwater without getting wet thats. The best part. This is the main cable like i said it can go up to 98 feet under water, so here we got the charger, the main remote control and the best part, the fish finder, its a ball yeah its autonomous and you can use it like a fish rider To see all the fish around you really cool if youre a fisherman, so it looks like everything we got here, lets charge everything and see how it works. Underwater lets do it lets do it Music. Here we go before we jump right in the ocean, its good to test everything here in the pool.

I just watched all the video tutorial and i hope, im ready to give it a go. First of all, we are going to install our phone in the remote control screw this little screw over here. You can also attach your ipad if you want just by removing this holder, were putting the phone right here and on your phone. You need to install vision, plus up make sure everything is nice and tight. Now our remote control is ready to go lets power it on, and the green light indicates that its fully charged here we got our main power station. This is going to send the wi fi signal from the main unit to your remote control and up. This is not waterproof, guys so make sure it doesnt fall into the water. You can untie this little belt over here and then you can put it on your hand or somewhere else, just make sure it doesnt fall in the water. Next we got our spool with a tether and the main power unit. Before i drop it to the water. Let me quickly show you some cool features that i didnt mention during the unboxing. First of all, its bait drop. There is a tiny magnet over here that was provided that you can put in the front of the unit and then its attached using the electromagnet over here, then you can attach your fish bait and when you want to release it, you press the bait release button.

Another cool feature is the fish finder. This sauna will help you find the fish, see the ocean floor and even measure the temperature of the water. You simply attach it over here and you see its blinking its ready to go. We have several motors on this unit. This motor will help you go up and down then two thrusters over here will help you move forward and turn, and here we are going to attach our tether. Finally, here in front, we have our 4k camera and two led lights. That will help you illuminate the bottom of the ocean, very cool stuff, and i need to say guys. The quality is really amazing. I have been testing a lot of drones, dji products, but this is for sure one of the highest quality packaging and production ive ever seen hands off well done guys now im going to attach everything real, quick first of all lets take out. Heather unscrew the cap, make sure water doesnt get to the contacts its really important, all right: okay, its sinking its ready to go to the water. You can see the lights blinking here. Remote control is connecting now dont forget about your main power vision base, which you connect to the other side of the tether, lets screw it real, tight and remember, dont, let it drop to the water. So it would be nice if we attach to something really sturdy. Maybe this side of the pool stairs over here Applause just to make sure we dont lose it in the water.

It has to be around few meters away from you, so you dont lose. The signal lets power it on okay, green lights indicate its ready to go its kind of messy im, not much of a fisherman dealing with this pull and tether gets me really confused, so lets unravel everything because its new its really tight, and i need this side Of the tether, so probably i will untie everything lets speed this up one eternity later. I wish there was some sort of automation for this, because i cannot imagine doing this near the ocean with the rocks. Everything will get stuck so some kind of mechanism to automatically pull it back would be really helpful on our power vision up, we are going to click start sailing and then you can see. Camera is already working, so we are ready to drop it straight in the water. The moment of truth, try not to drop your controller Applause. Okay, here we are. You need to understand that this device needs to be filled with water, enable to get the zero buoyancy. Now its ready to go – and i can push the throttles to try to go forward and down to dive forward Music Applause and we are diving Applause. So there is an altitude or depth control button over here, so it can maintain the certain depth. So you dont need to hold it, see now im not doing anything but its maintaining its depth pretty well.

There are also three different speeds that you can switch here on the remote control or in the app. Oh, no, my fisting fell off Laughter. No, we can also switch to the fish finder and see the depths, the temperature sensitivity and hopefully some fish. Finally, we can try the vr mode. We can put our phone here and then slide it in in the vr glasses like this and put it on, and now i can control it like a tv job lets see what fish we got. Applause, i need to unlock it here. We go the test. Wasnt. Fine now i just need little more practice and we are ready to go to the ocean Music here we are in the real ocean, its time to put power to the real test. So this is jose uh hes, a professional diver, okay. He he operates roves and scooters and everything that can go underwater, uh shes, a professional diver too um professional instructor. What kind of rag do we have here? Uh? In fact its uh, a rack thats used to when they construct the jetty and they leave this underwater? Its around 10 12 meters – all right. I hope our tether is long enough to do it. So lets put power race to some real test. Okay, ready, guys, yeah lets go to the water. Not me not me one. Two three go there. He goes good luck. We just saw your legs Music, Music, Music.

I think, because the feather is pulling it, the waves pull it up. You know Music. We cannot stabilize it with this water, its too shaky. It doesnt have a self stabilizing yeah, but this cable is pulling it with the waves randomly. You know like this, so i cannot control it Applause. We got it better. Yeah well done all right. We just completed our ocean test and, to be honest, it went kind of rough we recorded now in winter, its cold, its stormy, very windy and a lot of waves on the surface thats why those waves are pulling the tether up and down making it really hard To stabilize the drone, which leads me to the first suggestion, is to add more thrusters ive seen other competitor drones have four and sometimes even six thrusters, making it easier to stabilize underwater another suggestion would be to add auto reel to make it easier to control the Tether and pull it back. Finally, i would love to see a new simplified version without the need of the base station without the need to use the phone, because, to be honest, i dont want to deal with my phone anywhere near the salty water. I dont want to be worried about water getting on the remote control on the base station, and i think it can be all pretty much simplified by making a waterproof remote control with a little screen and then connecting it straight to the rov with the header.

This way we can eliminate the need for the base station for the remote control and make the whole system much easier and user friendly, and then we can take this ro with us on the stand up, paddle board. We can explore much more. We dont need a boat anymore; it will give much more freedom of use, and what i really like is the quality of the product. Like i said, the production, the packaging, the malts looks like everything is done on the highest standard possible, which is really cool. All in all, this looks like a fun product with a lot of use cases you can explore the floor of the ocean, see the fish hidden caves or maybe even do professional inspections or look for treasure thats all for today guys. I hope you enjoyed our quick review. Let me know in the comments below, if you tried underwater drones or rovs yourself and as always, dont forget to subscribe ill, see you the next one cheers Music.