Today i have another review for you, but before i jump right into flying this squad, i just wanted to kind of give you a synopsis of what’s been going on with ultralight 5 inch long range quads. There are a variety of them out there. Now hglrc came out with the first one that i tested maybe three months ago now i flew it on a lion. I flew it on a lipo. They freestyle great on a lipo. If you want to people complain that they’re, not that durable but they’re, not really a a bomber, tough type of freestyle, craw they’re, a quad they’re, not they’re, not made up like that. These are made up as ultralight cruisers. If you wanted to get under 250 grams with a five inch power system, so that’s kind of that’s kind of cool that’s amazing, but i was amazed with the hdlrc recon 5. love that quad threw it in my private collection and still there. I also liked the diatone roma 5 inch version of their offering of an ultra light 5 inch, and they both get around 28 minutes flight time now. Geprc has done something different with theirs. They stuck a full size air module on there, which means that you don’t have to fly an action cam on there. If you, if you don’t, want to you, can just record 1080p on the onboard dvr, however that’s adding a little more weight when i first looked at it, i thought: well, why would they do that? They would do that for the people that want to fly and cruise and record, but aren’t too worried about 4k.

If you’re worried about 4k, you can put a dk’s gopro in here, adding another 30 grams to the mix and then just not record with the onboard dvr on the dji module the air module so you’re going to get great penetration with the dual antenna. Support on this version of it, they have another version of it, i believe with cadx, and they also, i believe, have an analog version. So this version has all the bells and whistles on here i’m gon na fly on my dji controller and we’re gon na see what the flight time is on this one versus the other ones. I feel like it’s gon na be a little less, because i think that they went up a little bit with their kv on their motors. I think it’s around 25.50 i’ll have to double check on that, for you guys but i’m gon na do the flight test right now. Anyways and we’re gon na see how this quad flies, and i tell you what you know if you get one of these type of quads, do yourself a favor put on your spotify, get out your favorite chair in a big drink, because you’re gon na fly this For a while fly jam out to some tunes and and just enjoy it that’s what these quads are all about. They are cruisers and i’m loving this trend, so let’s go ahead and get the gap rc version crocodile baby five. Here we go guys.

Let’S go all right, guys: i’m gon na ride, along with you in this flight and i’m gon na kind of walk you through this now 4s 850 on the first power loop coming in super late and was able to not bottom out that was kind of crazy Um right away, i felt like this quad was really smooth, but also extremely locked in with the f7 flight controller like here, the power to weight ratio is crazy. It feels more capable of freestyle than some of the heavier freestyle rigs that i’ve flown. You feel the weight of a freestyle, a true freestyle rig, has quite a bit of weight with it and, if you’re sporting a gopro on top, it does have a lot of bottom end. When you come down out of a dive, you need a lot of high end throttle at the bottom end of your loop, so that’s one thing to think about for a larger freestyle rig. Now people complain about durability with these, but guys like this is crazy. I mean this tune on here is hands down the best tune of any of these long range, cruiser 5 inch that i’ve flown from any of these companies, and i can even put some other um footage on the screen in the next part of this flight test And i will compare it for you. We will show you the hdlrc, recon, 5 and i’ll. Show you the the diatone 5, which is the l5 roma we’ll.

Show you all those in comparison, but look at this, like y’all snap knife edge to an s wow to a split s over that tree, just very, very smooth and extremely predictable. I, like freaking love the tune on this quad. Look at this like down this road knife edge. Um came close to that tree, but it just feels like transitions are really nice from like one move to the next. With this quad and um feng shui is like there, with this quad very, very, very happy with this quad fun and smooth to fly all right. My friends now we’re going to test it out with the lion. This is the 401 sp 3500 milliamp lion from zod i’ll, put a link down below for this one. This one will get you about 20 minutes flight time with a really windy day, so i’m expecting that you should be able to push out to say 23 minutes. So this quad does get less flight time because of the higher kv motors. They give you more of a freestyle capable quad with reinforced sidearms that come along with this one pre installed, so it’s going to be a little tougher than the other ones, with the three millimeter arms. So keep that in mind. Gab rc carbon is usually actually pretty good, but let’s pay attention to how smooth this quad is. First of all, and i want to show you the comparison – the hjlrc recon 5.

. This is my first experience up in the mountains with the recon 5 and it really wasn’t very windy, and you can see the kind of side to side vibes there and you can see some props in view with this frame. So i really did like the recon five, but they had kind of a stretch in the arms in the front and that just showed the props a little bit there for the main camera view. This is the cadx vista and you can clearly see the vibes there. Now, back to the gap, rc croc, 5 baby look at this way up high, probably a 15 to 20 mile an hour when, today the trees are actually moving around a lot and that’s very smooth for up high, now down low and close to the surface it’s. Just like my buddy it’s, like my cruiser and with this camera, i could really see what i’m doing i i prefer this over the nebula pro. It just has a truer color on it: um you are adding a little more weight to the quad, but man with that tune on here, it’s, so smooth now, let’s check out the diatone l5 and in comparison you can see this camera on this. One is not good at all either. There are some weird light shift adjustments that happen. When i go into the sun versus facing away from the sun, i was able to get 28 minutes flight time with this.

But clearly again you can see some vibes and you can see some side to side jitter with this quad. So the tune is not as good as the gap again like frc with the the f7 is beating the competition and i’m just showing you what the video looks like on board in comparison to the other quads so i’m, not just being a gap. Rc fanboy here i’m, actually showing you footage side by side here. So this is just my thoughts and feelings on my experiences with this quad and you can interpret this, how you want, but i always say proof’s in the video and my lines with this quad very precise, very predictable. The throttle felt smooth and i kind of thought those low pitch props – would kind of be a problem on the high end of the throttle coming back around from power loops and things like that. But it really was a nice power to weight ratio and that balances out that low pitch prop still giving me enough power to get out of maneuvers, and i see a slight slight bit of jitter at times today, flying this quad on a perfectly windless day. You’Re, probably going to have insanely smooth footage with this dvr. So if money is no object, i’d say go for the full size, air module and you can still get updates on them with dji and i think they’re going to be hard to find here in the near future.

So i would scoop one of those up. If you want to go, lighter weight get a little more flight time, maybe uh 30 seconds, or so you can go for the cadex vista version. If you’re already an analog guy, just grab the analog version and don’t worry about the dji gep rc also has a new dk’s, gopro 8 coming out, which i’ll try to put a link down there too, as well. So that is cool. You can get it pre. Decased i just talked to someone the other day. They didn’t want to do the whole soldering job on d, casing a gopro and take a chance of messing up their gopro hero8, which i can understand. That’S a 400 camera, so i get it get. Rc is going to offer those and that’s really cool it’s, an actual gopro it’s, not a knockoff, weird china camp. So look at the trees blowing you guys. This is crazy. This quad is my buddy. This is my buddy explorer cruiser with the lion pack. I take this out to the coast with this kind of wind. I know i could fly on the coast in a pretty high wind and come back with some decent footage without having any type of dks, gopro or gopro on here. Uh yeah proof’s in the video guys let’s go back to the bench now and check out the baby. Five on the bench. I’M happy all right, guys welcome back to the bench.

So if you want to get this quad under 250 grams, you would probably have to buy the analog version or the cadex vista version, this one’s, weighing in right away without the battery at 255.5 grams. Before you even add your say, your lipo on there, which would be kind of the standard battery – this is a 4s 850 getting us up to 352.3 grams right there, and my battery of choice for the long range flight is that zod 4s 1p 3500, and that Gets you up to 469.5 grams on your takeoff weight and then the gap rc version of a lion is a 3 000. This one’s going to get you around 17 minutes flight time 458.3 grams. So this one will get you closer to your 20 minute mark. Maybe, on a non windy day, maybe up to 23 minutes a few minutes less time than our 28 minute competitors out there. So um these other quads do get 28 minutes. This is the diatone roma l5 and this just looks way less beasty than the baby. Five. We have a back seat cadets back there gps. We have super tall post, which i think it’s very smart from diatone, but the secret sauce about this one as far as the flight time goes is the motors. These are the tonka 24 1700 kvs, and these guys on hdlrc eos halos motors they use 2004 1800 kv. So these are a little higher. I got a little longer flight time with this one versus the recon five, and i also used a tall antenna on that.

One as well we’ve got the same style. Two bolt configuration props on all these gap. Rc decided to make their own version of those props, and i believe these were jim fan yeah. They are jim fan, five inch low profile props for these ultra light, five inch rigs specifically designed for them. The first time that i saw these was on the beta fpv. It was one of the racerx quads a while back a very cool x night quad. I don’t know if you guys remember that review, but that was fun so top mount battery long strap accommodates either the 850 or the 3500 battery. So i don’t think you can run this one on 6s um. So i i wouldn’t try that. But let me check out the specs. I know that um. This is an f7 flight controller and i’ve flown this one before the first price for the analog one is 249., the cadx vista one is 369 and the full blown air module version like this one, as it says, it’s 429 on the site, but gap rc flight Controller f722 aio with a 35 amp esc and it’s interesting to me that they chose to use a higher kv. Motor and i’ll just show you those a little bit closer up here, see if i can get it to reflect right. They look really nice. They have. This kind of blue anodized top on the motors which i really like they look really cool kind of like skateboard wheels or something.

So let me spin that around you’ll see 2004 and very, very tiny there 2550 and you can see those crossbars coming in there. Four bolts, these two are longer so be careful if you’re taking those on and off and you’re, not using that crossbar be sure to use shorter, bolts or you’ll kill your motors and 35 amp esc’s. We have, i believe, eight bolts on the top, and this might be a bn220 gps. It is betaflight ready to go. I had satellites around 16 satellites on takeoff. It takes about a minute to load, so go ahead and let it load up. I am also seeing as far as receiver goes, i was able to fly this with the dji controller, so this is actually soldered correctly with that s. Bus set up there for the dji controller. So i bound right up to this and i was often flying this. So that’s cool – if you already have the ggi controller, this thing comes ready and set up to go. You can also get an rxsr receiver for fr sky guys. If you have a terranis radio or the t light, it will work with the rxsr. Also, you can get the tbs nano crossfire version which i have on my l5 here kind of just haphazardly hanging off the back there and then also oops. I also have the tbs nano on this one as well. They did kind of a vertical mount there on the recon 5.

, but if you’re going to ask me which one to buy right now, i would say that this one has the most versatility it can freestyle like a maniac. These two have longer flight times around 28 minutes. This one you’re going to compromise around a 20 minute flight time with the 3 500 pack. But i got to tell you my honest, honest, honest, honest to goodness opinion on this. One is that, if you can sacrifice say another say five minutes flight time say if this one gets a maximum of with a non windy day, testing for a long range flight. If you say you get 23 minutes and and this one gets 28. But this one has an insanely nice smooth flying characteristic in tune. I would pick the one that flies better. There might be some tunes out there for these, but yeah that’s that’s all depends on you, and the other thing is that these are now producing 50 megabit uh on the data stream, so the the dvr in the goggles actually looks really good. So i feel like if you wanted to just cut back and save yourself a little bit of money, get the cadx version and that one is around 369. you’re gon na save yourself around 60. If you do that, so, if you’re kind of on a budget again, you can go cheaper and do 249 for the analog version, which i think would also be a good deal, but uh man i’m loving that flight controller.

This thing is a beast and it’s only one layer there, the air module, is so big. It would be cool if they almost decase that, but they can’t because of your warranty issues with this quad, but dual antennas up top too versus that cadx version with a single antenna. This will get you great penetration. I have run slammed behind like some of the biggest evergreen trees in oregon and washington out on the coast, i’ve dipped down into tree tunnels with this same type of vtx. This will penetrate through some of the thickest roughest canopy out there, and you can still skirt through that tree tunnel and make it out the other end, which is mind blowing. So i like that they also added crossbars. So that is for the freestyle guys out there that want a little a little more rigidity, and it also in in turn helps the tune on here, because it it takes some vibration out of the frame. You can take these off the crossbars. If you want to lighten it up a little bit but i’d leave them on there apply this thing exactly the way it is guys. Thank you so much for watching my reviews and um stay humble and kind out. There guys be nice to each other in the fpv community and uh. If i can help you out, i definitely will, if you want to ask questions about this one or any other quad on my channel.

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