Hey this has been a great day, a good video great to be outside and it's time to get wet. Welcome back to my backyard trail park, my friends where all my 110 scale dreams come true. This is where we test out and try out and have a lot of fun with 110 scale. Electric trail, trucks – and you know what I never thought I was actually going to buy another axial again, because Traxxas seem to have cornered the market with ready to runs and the kits. And yes, although axial has had some fantastic products over the years, the TRX for kind of seemed to win out over most things. In my opinion – and I you know, I know how that goes, but now with this new RTR, I am shocked at what's actually available. I cannot believe all the metal links on it. I cannot believe the technology that's available. This thing comes with a driver. I have not been so surprised since I had seen the old TRX 4 and now, with this new axial that's come out. It even comes with a dig: it does have one handed steering, which is nice, because it has a thumb adapter on it. That allows me to steer easier with just one hand if I'm, using a camera like this or holding something else and also left handed people can use it a lot easier as well so that's a win also on the radio check this out.

Look at this. This spectrum radio look at. Can you see the green dots? That is how much battery power I have left. Is that amazing? It shows right on there how much battery I actually have. This is a smart radio right here. Everything is ready to go. Let'S have a look at the rig. Look at this first thing I noticed maybe you're gon na notice it as well, apart from it being a Jeep, and I love the color of it. Look on top see anything either. Do I see anything nothing down in the front two body pins one here and one here? Yes, I know we're ready to get going he's eager to get going here. There is a driver on the inside of the RTR version. Can we get a shot of him? Please there he is ready to rock the interior. Look at this all the details. All this plastic detail right here, like it's, hard plastic, the body itself is a lexan, but the amount of like accessories I'm seeing on it here, come on. Oh my gosh too funny the way I had the body pin in. If you have it twisted a little bit, it almost acts like a lock, so you can't take it out because it gets caught on the inside of the bumper, which is awesome. That means I'm. Never gon na lose it then there's, two on the back like that, and then the light kit, as you can see, is already on.

I got a three cell in here with an adapter that I put on because it has the bigger plug on it. So I just ran it down to a smaller one, but look at this all in one ESC and receiver. Now I know boo everybody's like oh, my god. I can't believe they've done that. Oh my gosh look at these there's one right there. He just flew up. Hey dude, you just drying out your new okay drying out your new wings yeah, what squirrel's so receiver and ESC. I know some people would like that separately, but this is giving a lot of information and they're fairly inexpensive. So this new smart technology seems to be taking the whole. You know the world by storm here and everyone's gon na be wondering what the heck everything is: there's, the capacitor so cool and, of course, the scale engine bay and then, of course, the splash guards. Then you got the aluminum shocks, and the only thing I noticed still is that they keep staying with like the one solid piece axle housing which include like the the not the seat wall, this column, the C hubs for the portals right there. If you ever crack it, you have to replace the whole thing. I think you know I don't really see any replaceable parts on there, but you know what who cares let's go ahead and give it a rip. I want to see what it can do on the backyard scale course.

Okay, here we go, you can see the thumb adapter here, so I can do my steering one handed and also film. With the other hand, let's see how the drag brake is on this thing. Just going to creep it forward digging the back so here's. The dig switch right here, I'm able to lock up that rear axle, and it gave me a little bit a breaking action. Let'S go ahead and give it a little throttle here time to get on to the seesaw the teeter totter. Look at those rims. They look great tinted windows. The panhard bar looks awesome here's. Those tires up close, so you want to get a good look at those treads underneath lots of clearance sweet one handed driving insane how its evolved look at this. So this is a weighted, teeter, totter or seesaw, whatever you'd like to refer to it as wherever you're from I'm, going to use the weight of the Jeep to help be a catalyst yeah there. It goes, and there is a chain on the other side which is acting as a balance. I love the wheelbase. Look at this. Look how wide it is perfect enough to fit on the two by fours. I had to add an extension for race and things like that that had a wider wheel base I'm loving what I'm seeing I'm gon na give it some throttle straight off of there beautiful. Normally I get punished and I get flipped off they're just out for a Sunday Drive on the backyard trail park, Oh fell in the hole wasn't paying attention should have gone on the outside.

Can we power up and over? We can bring this down and around. Of course, I don't want to be driving off the obstacle. If I was doing a points basis, this would would have counted against me if I had to go on the outside. Look at this, I redid this whole area. Getting ready for just scale runs like these Wow. I remember some of the first videos I did on YouTube was the ax 10, the Scorpion. I remember when the scx10 first came out, who remembers when the scx10 trail truck used to come with an RC spark? Decal leave me a comment. We'Ve done a lot of work with axial products over the years. Look at that. I love the flex on this it's just insane. It just moves so easily I'm. Barely on the throttle, just creeping along, you got to have a scale driver it's great, to see a trail truck come with a scale driver on the inside, not ghost riding man, so that's like a decal plus LEDs behind it. No problem round to the decline. I'Ll be descending here over the axle hangers. I did this all super rocky and like lots of diff hangers here to really challenge to see which rides had the proper ride. Height I'm. Not getting hung up whatsoever, though there's a good one right here. Oh no problem! It kind of speaks for itself, it's weighted well. I was expecting a little bit of an endo there, but nothing and then, of course, the doom Hill.

There are so many trucks that have tried and failed on here, but you can see I've been letting it grow in natural, except for the path, which is what I love about doing summertime videos, the color in Canada, here it's, usually so, cold and wet all the Time, snowy in the spring and summer I get out here and do the best I can to get great shots, just working it nice and slow. I didn't push it at all: the caboose, just nice and slow Music Applause, Music Applause instead of coming down here, where I normally do it let's go ahead and kind of pivot right here. If I can kind of get these out of the way for you, I'm gon na try to show you the Digg feature, okay, so on the radio I'm having to use my Digg switch here, I'm also going to be turning and then using the throttle so I'm. Locking up that back differential and then I'm turning and giving it throttle, you'll see my back tire or not. My back tires aren't moving back. You outta here, give you a little bit wider view, creating an anchor point for me that I could pivot quite easily. You could see I was able to get around that obstacle so to see that come and a ready to run. I never thought in my career of trail trucking all these years from the ax 10. To now that I would see a dig in a trail truck.

Come standard Music, so we're gon na start. Turning up here, we're gon na go down the pipes. Can I do all this? One handed on the pipes? Ha ha ha ha more innuendo. Ok, this will be hard to line up whoa she got rolling on me. There got to make sure that front and back line up properly. Yes, loving this radio right now, if you're in the RC Hobby – and you do a lot of video, you may want to consider this I'll leave a link in the video description box down below. If you want to check this out crazy and we go Music yeah, we got ta clear. It is Music Music, one of the best things I love about trailing is getting outside. You know just enjoying the fresh air and then having a most capable rig. That looks good. It just makes you feel good inside easy. I bet I can even climb out of here let's go ahead and dig it easy to climb out. Oh a little high centered here, first time glad to see it. I thought this thing was invincible. Oh, this is my getting caught here. Often with other vehicles. Am I going to be able to get out? You'Re gon na need a push there. You go there if you were only that easy with full size, so many hours and so much money would be saved. Look at that that's, just beautiful flex, for an RTR Wow good choice on the rims.

They do suit the vehicle. In my opinion, a lot of people will be like. I would want black on there that's true that's. True black would look good as well. Can I get some speed a little unrealistic, but then again that really did happen. Well there you have it my friend you can be the judge of that. I can see the Sun is starting to go down so and my RC adventure today here, but let me know what you think of the new ride. I actually think it's pretty cool.