Pulling up my notes today were talking about a shoe some of you havent, seen from a brand that many of you havent heard of we need to change that. Atreyu is a small shoe brand out of austin texas specializing in small direct to consumer batches of simple budget friendly running shoes that pack a huge punch. This is their new base. Trail model that takes whats worked in their super. Popular road models throws some solid, outsole grip underfoot and crushes through anything and everything that ive thrown at it. The shoe is a simple design. It starts with a tpu mesh upper with built in microfiber underlays for proper midfoot, fit a traditional lacing system, atop a perforated foam tongue, all atop, a decent stack of supercritical, eva midsole foam that provides a resilient and energetic bounce. The full rubber outsole features 3.5 millimeter lug coverage that provide great grip and decent smoothness underfoot. In case you need to string together some road segments as well. The shoe is light bouncy and solidly built. All of this for only 115 bucks and free us shipping thrown in the shoe is super exciting and unexpected, especially from a small shoe brand. I love a good underdog and in a market saturated with big titan brands, its pretty awesome to see a little rudy rudiger push its way in to fight for contention, and it can really handle anything you throw at it. Lets talk more about the atreyu base.

Trail lets dive in Music. What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review today, were talking about a product from a brand that probably a lot of you just havent heard of yet. If you have heard of them, uh youre gon na really like this shoe that theyre offering now its from the brand atreyu. It is their base trail model, so they are getting into the trail running space, and this is it. They dont have a bunch of shoe models: theyre, a small company based out of austin texas. I did mention them in my gear of the year, video at the end of 2021, talking specifically about the artist which is back there on the shelf. The white shoe its a carbon plated shoe lots of foam a hundred dollar price point uh. So i was really excited when they reached out was like hey weve got a trail shoe coming soon. Would you like to review it here? It is. I have over 100 miles in this shoe now. Ive really put it through the paces, because this is still a semi prototype. There are still a couple of things that might change in the final version. The way that atreyu works is different than pretty much any other shoe brand that you might be familiar with. They do pre order so right now they just opened the pre order for this shoe. You can order it and it will be delivered once its manufactured thats, how they do what they do.

Keep the price down and deliver really solidly built shoes. Over the last few years, theyve amassed a really dedicated, passionate fan base and i think a lot of them are excited about the trail model. I was excited about the trail model. We have so much to cover in todays review of the atreyu base trail, but before we get too far into this review, two things up top one. We have a vert challenge its a virtual vert based challenge happening mid april. Uh, try to accumulate as many feet of vertical gain, as you can in one run, were going to be sending out really cool vertcoins that are handmade its a super fun challenge. We did it last year. We would love for you to join us this year. Registration in the link below second, the ftc requires that it lets. You know that this shoe was provided for review by atreyu im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the shoe im not financially compensated in any way. For anything that i say in this review, all opinions are my own. You are the first to see this video. No one has to approve it, or anything like that. So, with all that said, lets dive in uh were gon na talk about the things that i like and dislike about. The atreyu base trail, starting as always with the things that i like the midsole. This is what i think makes this shoe super exciting for 115 bucks, youre able to get a midsole.

That is one durable and two super comfy and kush underfoot uh. It is a super critical, eva midsole material, its a nice soft bouncy ride, im getting tons of joy out of it and for those technical days where youre you know going over really technical terrain rocky terrain. It provides you with enough cushioning and protection underfoot to make that run enjoyable. I was worried, it would be too low or just too soft and give you just too much underground feel for the longer efforts happy to report. That is not the case. It is squishy and comfy and bouncy, and the energy return is fantastic. I love the midsole that theyre using durability at 115 bucks for a pre order of a shoe from a small brand. You would expect the durability to not be great. There are trail shoes out there that cost twice as much four times as much as this shoe yeah. They exist that may not provide as much durability as this has thus far. So again, i mentioned uh just over 100 miles of training in this shoe. All sorts of terrain and conditions, and so far its holding up great and again this is sort of a prototype model, so there are going to be pieces of it that want to come apart prematurely or glue that wants to come separated, but man, its holding up Way better than i expected, especially for a prototype, and if this is any indication of what youre going to get with the actual delivery of the shoes um youre in for a treat its super durable and im, loving it simplicity.

So i do have to recognize that this shoe comes from a very small company, small brand. It is a handful of people, i mean literally working out of their living rooms and garages and warehouses and stuff to deliver these products to their consumers. I dont think thats a bad thing here. I think theyve designed a shoe that does what it needs to do, which is deliver a comfortable, enjoyable experience underfoot on terrain and trails of all types, a simple upper with a microfiber underlay to provide you with some midfoot stability and structure, as well as some toe Box protection that midsole and then an outsole atreyu is not trying to do too much pack too much into a small package, its better to do less and do it right than too much and do it wrong here they do less and they do it really right And finally price, i dont know how atreyu is doing it, but they keep their direct to consumer prices, super low for what you get the artist which is their carbon plated max foam shoes around 100 bucks. This is 115. I honestly just dont know how theyre doing it, because i feel like what i got out of the box is worth more than that. But they are a company that wants to get good shoes in the hands of as many people as possible at a price point that is accessible so at 115 dollars its at the lower end of the spectrum.

Im. A huge fan of that and i think thatll be a great starting point for a lot of people to get into a great shoe. Of course, i have to point out that atreyu does do things differently, so the reason theyre able to keep these prices lower is they do a pre order and they manufacture the specific number of shoes that they need to per batch. In this case, uh, the pre order is open. Now, i believe, its already quite popular with their very passionate fan base. If you want to get in on it, you can get in on it. Now that price point is locked in. I love that theyre able to keep the price down, but that does come with the caveat that it is a pre order, so they have to manufacture the shoes. Then they ship, the shoes out to you. Atreyu has been great about keeping that timeline updated regularly. So if you are on the pre order list, you will know every stage that the shoe goes through in its build process, but hey youre saving some cash. That being said, its not all cloud rides atop, falcore, the luck dragon or our tech scenes before the swamps of sadness. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The atreyu base trail lets get to those now first, the tongue. It is not a gusseted tongue uh. I have certainly come to love gusseted tongues, especially in trail running.

The tongue doesnt necessarily flop around too much in this shoe, but i think a gusset and some more polish around the tongue, maybe a little bit more protection from the laces across the midfoot that can help this shoe really take it to the next level. Im able to get a good, lock down im able to get a good fit. It does require some adjusting on the more technical and steeper terrain. That tongue becomes a part of the equation, so dialing that in getting the right materials, the right, gusset everything sort of fitted and properly designed is going to be a part of this shoes future. I believe outsole grip, uh. I do like the lugs. I think they actually work better than i anticipated, especially here in the northwest. These shoes were super muddy over the course of the weekend. I did some puddle splashing towards the end that did clean them up a little bit. I will say that these lugs ive had this experience in other shoes in the past uh. They do begin to sort of embed themselves within the rubber outsole. So you lose some of that structural integrity of the lugs. The lug shapes the more you run in them. Theyre not necessarily wearing down and balding that will happen, probably 300 miles into wear of the shoe theyre beginning to flatten into the shoe itself. I think the lugs could stand to be a little bit deeper, the rubber, the compound that theyre using could be adapted or changed.

I want to see something like vibram, but man, i cant even imagine how much that would cost for a small shoe manufacturer to incorporate a rubber like that, but if they could get this outsole dialed in keep those lugs and that structural integrity there. That grip will last the entire life of the shoe versus getting. You know, 150 200 miles of out of the shoe outsole holding it back from outlasting the midsole, its sort of that partnership. That needs to kind of be figured out a little bit and finally width. I dont think theyre a hyper narrow, shoe theyre, not that super precision fit that you would find in like a solomon, for example or adena fit. They do have a wider base, which is nice a bit more stability, the problem sort of happening through the toe box. As it comes to a point, its very traditional feels a lot like the road shoes. So, while not super problematic, it just would be nice to have a bit more room for things to breathe, while continuing to have a solid lockdown through the midfoot were damn close on this shoe, i do think those with wider feet will certainly find themselves struggling, but That is it for dislikes, so i do like to get more specific in my reviews, in our breakdown, where we talk about five different criteria, build quality, comfort, fit price and looks starting with build quality. So i do think that the shoe is built better than expected.

Its holding up quite well, i think the materials theyre using are smart for trail shoes. I think this mesh upper while not necessarily accommodating or stretchy, does provide you with the protection that you need. Everything is holding up surprisingly well, comfort. The midsole is great. I really like it here. I think the shoe has been extremely comfortable for me, a little bit of bounce that energy return. I feel fast when i need to feel fast, and i also feel like i can just run and run and run on that shoe and i think, being able to adapt to both road gravel surfaces and trail of all types really helps the shoe shine. As far as what is comfortable in the shoe fit, you get a good lock down through the midfoot. I think that the toe box, you know just needs a little bit of shaping and resizing the ankle collar, has a bit of achilles rub, but not a lot. I do believe that is something that they are adjusting in the final version uh overall, the fit of the shoe is better than what i would expect out of 115 shoe where you get a lot of variation in what shoe you get and what your foot needs To fit like none of that makes sense, it fits fine price at 115 bucks you cant, beat it theres, just not a lot of trail shoe out there being offered for less than that. Theres a lot of trail shoes being offered for way more than that its good and looks so.

This is where ill be a little bit more critical as well. I dont necessarily like the looks of the shoe. I do know that a tray you kind of sticks to the primary colors, yellow, red and blue here this sort of semi, transparent upper uh. I dont know im always looking at my toes thats. Basically what you see through the top. Is you just to your toes? This look, of course, is in line with the shoes that theyre already offering theres, not a lot of variation, its usually white with red and yellow or blue. Looking a little bit deeper theres, just not a lot of detail or styling going on with the shoe, i think thats, both intentional to keep costs down. I also think that is a byproduct of the tooling and other things that they have to spend most of their money on when they manufacture their shoes, the flourish and the design. Aesthetic is probably something that they just dont want to budget for, and i totally understand that what you get is a decent looking shoe that does look different than other trail shoes out there, but its not necessarily the best. Looking trail shoe that i have in my rotation, bringing us to our conclusion, the atreyu base trail is an awesome shoe its super fun to run in its way more durable than i expected it to be. The price is absolutely insane for what you get. The joy is high in the shoe, and the smiles per mile is worth every penny.

The company is small, many of you may not have heard of them at all, but what theyre doing is exciting theyve been doing the shoe game direct to consumer for quite some time, and what theyre able to deliver in such a small price point is just great For 115, you might not get a lot of the polish and pizzazz that the bigger brands are offering, but for a shoe that costs a fraction of those shoes youre getting an amazing experience and lets be honest here, you know trail shoes are meant to do. One thing get you from point: a to point b over mountains through valleys and canyons in one piece safely and in comfort uh. That is what this shoe does, so it meets all of those expectations and exceeds them. Nice job at trey im excited to see what else you have up your sleeves. Bringing us to our final criteria is the atreyu base trail a buy, try or a y. At this point, you probably already know its a buy uh. It is a direct consumer model. I already mentioned it. There are going to be some caveats to that. As far as when you get your shoes, how you pre order all that good stuff, i have a link in the description ill. Take you to their website. It is not an affiliate link by any means, it is just a link to their site uh, so you can go check that out and see the details for yourself.

I am keeping these in rotation because they are just that much fun and that my friends is it for todays review. If you liked it make sure you like favorite and subscribe to this channel uh. The question now goes to you: have you run in any atreyu models? The artist, for example their carbon plated hundred dollar shoe option? I do like that one. There will be a review coming eventually. For that further note, i think that theres more to be discussed here in regards to smaller shoe brands that are manufacturing their product literally out of their living rooms and garages and delivering good product uh. The conversation is also going to be around speedland whos doing something very similar, but at a completely different price point. Many of you have noticed that this shoe has been on my shoe wall here for a couple of weeks. Ive had this one for months and months and months, but these are two very different products at very different price points from very different manufacturers. With a common goal of delivering the best trail shoe they can. So i will be doing a separate video that kind of compares these two shoes, the benefits, the pros, the cons all that stuff. How my experience is in both of them has been. I just wanted to dedicate todays review specifically to this particular shoe. So keep your eyes open for that. That should be a fun one. Subscribe to this channel click that notification bell to be notified anytime, a new review film live show any of that kind of pops up we are doing daily live shows.

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