This cameras balanced, really precariously on a rock it may blow over, but well just and it might be shaking a bit as well, but well just continue, and hopefully we can get this done. So ive been mountain running now for two three years. There boys, i want to start it. The first running pack i got was uh cheap, decathlon one, and then i realized something a bit bigger a bit more space. I saw some other guy simon hodge was running with this, which is the salomon advanced in 12., its a 12 liter running pack ive been using it now for over a year, and i think hundreds of miles on im well qualified to say this is my absolute Favorite running pack and today, im finally making a video to show you whats so good about this pack. Now, first of all, if youre new to trail running or you havent done trailer running that much, you might find these packs a bit weird. Looking at the start, i know i did i was like wha. Why are they looks like theyre wearing some kind of mens bra type thing? Why um? But basically, these kinds of running packs are rucksacks without you know, and anything that kind of sticks out the rucksacks that hug Music – oh, that hurt that ive just done eight miles. There are rucksacks that hug your body and allow you to carry stuff thats kind of held tightly to you soon.

You run theres like minimal, jiggle and theres lots of support. In that way, it is not on like a bra so ill. Just give you a rundown of what what actually this fair stores on the front here ive got these twin. This is this is not helping the brown algae at all. Ive got these twin water bottles that i can drink from while im running the salmon ones. Dont have locks at the top, so sometimes the water will come out squirt you in the eye they can fit in here. So i got a liter right on the front and thats. Just one pocket on here. Ill see ill show you these come. They come out and then you can already get other stuff down in there as well. Ive got a compass down in there um. I always cry a compass, because that way you can be one of those smug people on facebook. That says i always kind of accomplish. When im out in the mountains, you should carry comfort so its a good idea, but make sure you actually know how to use the thing dont just carry it for the sake of it. So yeah a liter on the front, and why is that beneficial thats beneficial? Because if youre used to car and therell be a hydration pack which goes in your backpack with the tube that comes around the front, that water warms up, will heat your back and this gank.

If you put the water in the front, it doesnt heat up the same way, its also its also easier to drink and also take something away from your back, distributes it to the front so that your weights more evenly distributed also loads of pockets. On the front. Here i can pretty much run along with almost everything i would need. I can run along and access. My water ive got my mobile phone and this pocket here ive got a hat which is in this pocket also down in this pocket. I had food but ive eaten it all. Um ive got a pair of gloves um and that pocket then extends around to the side here and then in the side i had add more food in there and ive got. What have i got in there. Ive got another water bottle with a filter on it. So with a little bit of arm gymnastics, you can pretty much get at nearly everything youll need, while youre running the other side got the essentials a good running rat. I ive got my gopro, which fits down in that pocket and again i had some more food stuffed in here with running rat, but he seems to defeat middle yeah theres a gel down in there um also ive got a coach if i can get at it. Oh no theres, a buff lets see i can get at all this stuff while running. This is why this is so superior.

The standard backpack theres a coat its just uh, its just a windbreaker lets put that back in and once you get used to it, you can take all this stuff in and out, while running it on the hoof without having to stop and thats the front pockets. I can get even more than like. I have not filled these to capacity. Also, while running ill often have two uh invisible, selfie sticks, thatll slide down in the back of the water bottle ill. Have my uh 360 camera. Let me put that in this pocket and i might have. I have a couple of other cameras on me: ill put other bits and pieces and then thats not even before you get into the back section, which i cant get out while running but ill. Take this off, but just ill just show you. This is very clever. This is how this system attaches its, not a strap that you that you tighten its like a zigzag of elasticated shock cord that basically because its elastic it, it fits you really really really snugly, and then you can tighten it up with this. You just tighten it up, but that pops on there pops on there its really quick to take on enough. I know he fell over there and then we have the back section. As i said, this will hold 12 liters thats it about as full as i would usually ever. Have it, but ive actually tightened this up.

You can get more stuff in this that im about to show you again. It uses this clever elasticated system, where, if im not crying very much, i just pull a little toggle, which is hidden in here that tightens up, and that makes sure the stuff doesnt bounce around theres. Also, i think running pull attachments on here somewhere, but i havent used them yet. So i cant review those but well open this up. Ive got nothing to set the software train bounce it here, my knee right. So what do i take with me when im out running emergency bevy never go out in the mountains without one first aid kit never go out the mountain fight. One in here ive got like ibuprofen ive got antihistamines ive got parsley them all. Ive got bandages wind dressings and a few things um. I have a package of emergency toilet roll never go running without that. I have a thermal fleece layer did not need that today, but ill carry it anyway, because if i got injured and wasnt able to move, i could get cold pretty quickly and that would be good to put on doesnt weigh very much put it in and then Ive got this lets take this out, and this is big look how big this is ill, just set that down there and actually before ill. Just show you whats inside here theres a couple of extra attachments on the inside. I dont know what these are for, but theres also a little pocket in here, a little hidden, pocket, um and then also down the back.

You can put a bladder in this water bladder theres a hook for hanging one, so you could run with like five liters of water on it. If you really want it uh but um and then oh yeah, and then behind that theres another like full height pocket, with a hook for yeah its crazy, so youve got your water bladder pocket and then youve got it behind that youve got another pocket which has Got a little netting head pocket hidden in it with a hook for like a car key and then its a long, deep pocket. I use it as a document pocket thats. Why i put my map down in there so thats that right? What i have what i have in this dry bag well in this dry bag, if we open it up, i have first of all, ive got this. This is the little box that i kept the camera and recording this on sonys ev1, um, oh and the tripod was in the bag as well um that fits in im, not opening it simply, and then the other thing i have in my dry bag is this. My uh mini two quadcopter drum, which i have been shooting footage with all day. Uh whats this bag actually like to run with well ill refer to myself earlier this bag. When youve got it on, when youve got it loaded up and youre running with it, its all super super comfy it like wraps and conforms to fit whatever ship you currently, you currently are in because its elasticated it has all these adjustments as you change shape through The trials of time and per diet choices, the bag will change shape with you and when you run it does bind a little bit.

But importantly, it doesnt rub in any uncomfortable places and ive done up to 20 miles or more, where in this pack, without any kind of chipping or uncomfortable marks. Ah, i just realized. I set this down into a pile of sheep, faces, lovely put that back on and there you have it. That is the salmon advanced skin 12.. My favorite and highly recommend it running pack comes in a range of colors link down description below if youre interested in buying this. It is expensive its over 100 pounds. So if you dont want to splash that ive also included a link to the decathlon bag that i use a lot of the time as well. Its a really good bag, really cheap. Its like 35 pounds might actually be fine for most people and maybe well do a review on it. A separate point but uh im, gon na go run but im gon na pose first, so i can get like a thumbnail Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause hope. You enjoyed watching this video, have a look around the channel, imac well, im just shooting a running vlog at the minute, thatll be up here. Um i make videos with outdoors running and technology and where i do put the i do have videos with technology. I try to connect it to the outdoors as well. So have a look around see if theres anything you like dont, take things too seriously and uh if youre ever out and about running ill, see you on the trails, but ive got another five miles to go.