We'Re going to fly here indoors and we're gon na fly this little u6, 5 and u66 from UT RC. They make these crazy little, so they they are quad copters. Actually they don't look like it cuz they have their props so close together and it's kind of like a quadcopter shrunk down with the motors very close together. It gives you that same type of stability, but what's really cool, is that they fly extremely well for around the 20 price point. The little guy comes on in off the drone, which is also kind of cool, and I can see our kids in the future of flying. Something like this. If you, if you want a drone motorcycle guys, it's quite possible that, based on this type of technology in the future, you could have your own very own drone motorcycles. So you know don't throw that one in the waste bin, because that one might be coming to a future near you even they're already here the quadcopter versions of jetpack like Red Bull. These guys are flying these types of little flying wings with all types or propulsion of propeller, driven and jetpack driven, so I've also wanted to take these little guys off. The little guys can come off them and you can put your own little action camera on there. I have the insta 360 go camera right here and also a Hawkeye Firefly. This one weighs about right around the 15 gram mark.

So we will. I would do my best, but I don't I'm not sure that they don't carry either of these, because they are a little bit heavy for what these are now. These will get you probably a real world flight time of around 7 minutes 5 to 7 minutes, depending on your conditions. But then again, these little guys are they're only 20 a piece, so you might as well pick up a couple of them and do some racing together. Now we also set up sort of a quick little impromptu course out here and two foot stools and the coffee table over there by the couch ready to go. I don't have any race gates, because, while these are fairly fast, they do have two different flight modes. In the high speed mode, it's a little bit hard to control around really specific objects when you slow down that's, when you really get a lot of control with these quads now, what was really neat was that my first flight test, I was really actually impressed because They fly extremely stable indoors as long as you turn off your air system indoors that they actually fly really really good. They remind me of the old horizon Hobby, nano QX series, they're extremely stable, and I figured these were gon na come up off the my kitchen table here, like some kind of crackerjack toy for the 20 price point. I didn't expect them to fly this good, so we're gon na have some fun today.

They also have the headless mode option on their Auto takeoff and I'm, not sure why you would use headless mode on here, but you can play around with that and they also charge microUSB. The micro USB cable comes in the box and they charge a 2 amp, which is actually pretty good, so it's a newer standard charging rate on these little batteries a little bit faster than they would be, and I think mine charged in under our it says, it'd Take about an hour to charge, but mine were charged and ready to go in about 45 minutes. So let's go ahead now and put both of these on the charger, and I will take my 360 camera over here and put it on my head and we'll. Follow these guys around the room and we'll see how this how they do in my sort of quick impromptu course right here here we go guys. Let'S do some play. Ok, guys let's have some fun let's go ahead and see how this little motorcycle drone flies now indoors. I think it flies great. It is super, stable and actually more stable than I thought. I'Ve played around with some RC motorcycle type things in the past, but never a flying one. So this is my first RC flying motorcycle drone. What a fantastic little toy it I wish. I had something like this. When I was a kid I would have had hours of fun with something like this.

It is just really neat to look at as it's going through the air. It looks like something out of science fiction or out of a cartoon or something I think in the future. If you guys have one of these for real, this would be amazingly fun to ride and with all the stability we have altitude hold on this little drone. So if you let go of the stick, it's gon na hold its altitude, which is really cool. Now it will take you probably a full battery to get used to the controls. I have some flight experience, so if you have none, this would be an okay trainer to start out with, since it does have altitude hold, and the prop cards work surprisingly, well guys that it bumps off things and keeps going and it's again, it's just so cute To look at and there's my crash, oh no it's, humble humble, went down on the ground there and now we're up again and that's. The coolest thing about this little quadcopter is that it can take some hits and, during my whole flight test, it comes with extra props, but I never had to use any extra props and the prop guards didn't break on me, which is great. So I have four spare props, so I have plenty of crashes ahead of me available for this little quad and again it is a quad it's deceiving. It looks like it only has two rotors front like one in the front and one in the back because of how close they have them and since they have one upright and the other one inverted, it gives it that look like it only has two propellers it's, Really cool looking and I love it that you can take the little man on and off.

If I was a kid, I would want to be able to fly it without the little guy on there or if you have a really hard crash, the little guy flies off of the little motorcycle drone, which is kind of hilarious and right here, guys I'm. Getting the hang of it kind of zooming around the dining room, a little bit stur now playing around with some wild views from the 360 camera, and it was harder for me to fly because I'm holding a tripod while I'm flying this guy. So, if you're flying this one at home, you're gon na do way better than I did this video but extremely fun to fly. I love a little motorcycle drone, so let's go ahead and fly the flying man now the wing and why didn't notice immediately about this? One was that it was so much faster than the motorcycle drone and I had a hard time controlling it. Holding this huge tripod and I did have some crashes, so I determine this decided to try without the little man on there just to see. If I could fly it without the man and if it would be a little bit faster, I think it actually was a little bit faster. If you want the faster of the tube definitely go for the flying wing version. This little thing is super fast. The side to side motor setup must have something to do with the speed. It has a lot of forward momentum and the motors, but doesn't it look cool flying without the man.

It even looks like a little batwing or something like that. Maybe Batman flew and now back up in the middle of the living room again having some fun and I realized. I just need to fly this around in front of me and not even try to do the obstacle course when you get yours start out. First, just flying it around your living room and learn the controls, since it does have altitude hold. That will help you a lot, but I found that this one in particular seemed to kind of like drift up at zero throttle. When I have my altitude hole taking over, it seemed to climb yeah had a strange climbing rate. You can see it going up and down a lot more than the motorcycle versions. Now I put the man back on there and now we're gon na try it with the man again and I'm gon na try to do my course and he looks so cool. He looks like one of those jet pack guys from Red Bull just like flying through the air now under this little chair. If I can make it, I made it that's, awesome and now back around the stepstool here. This is my kid step. Stool and my kids are four and a half, but honestly again, I think I think a six or seven year old can easily fly these little quad, copters and I'll back around the coffee table. This is our soft coffee table for toddlers and now back under the chair kind of make it yes, yes, I made it through and around the kitchen, and I crashed this one way more than the other ones.

So this one definitely has a much higher speed rate on even the low setting than the motorcycle drone. I think both of them are cool and they're fun little toys for what they are for around 20. So you can have a lot of fun with these, and I think you could fly this on a calm day. Outdoors just have a wide open space to do so so a lot of fun. This these little guys are really kind of a hit with me. No he's all done eight minutes flight time, not bad at all, all right guys, so we're all done with the flight test on both the 6'5, which is here in my hand, this is the little race wing guy. He has his side to side motor setup and there is some difference between both of these and since this is a review I'm gon na give you some advice if you're looking to buy one of these, the six six version is the motorcycle drone version. Here. It has front to back motors, whereas this one has the motor side to side, and that makes a big difference. This one actually flew more stable at slower speeds, which was surprising to me. The side to side setup was way faster. So, if you're, looking for the faster one of the two, the six five here in my hand, is way faster than the motorcycle version. They also both have low and high speeds on them, but I felt like high speed was just way too much indoors.

With this side to side flying wing setup, if you want to fly sort of an obstacle course, a race course, this one would probably be the better choice for you and you're probably going to be flying this one with more precision quicker and you're gon na learn. How to fly this one quicker than this one, this one's gon na take a little more time and effort for this, but the good news about both of these is that I actually did get about a seven minute flight time on the motorcycle version and an eight Minute flight time on the flying wing version, so a pretty decent long flight time for a two hundred twenty milliamp battery 1s and it does charge up in about 45 minutes. Both of these are around the twenty dollar range. So a lot of fun grab. Two of these and have some races indoors guys and see what you can do with yours. Take the man on or off fly it with the man on there or off there, put an action camera on there and have some fun. But thanks again for watching my channel guys, this has been another indoor review. It'S been a little while, but here we are again having some fun with some toys. Please do subscribe because guys we do way more than just fpv race, drones and drones in general. We actually do airplanes helicopters and all kinds of cool stuff on the channel lots of family friendly content here on the channel, so you can always rely on us for that.

Thanks again for watching guys, I'm Justin Davis be well, be safe and stay indoors and stay away from people.