This is a new tablet on the market designed for well designed for drones. Us drone pilots – probably one of the few on the market like that it’s got a super bright 1200 nit display. It is super strong, it’s water resistant. You can probably drop it in the water. If you keep all the ports closed, it’s ip67, you can use gloves. It depends what type of gloves you have and you can move the screen there. We go and uh yeah it’s pretty cool. What is on my picture there? What is that? What did i just pick? I have no idea. Oh that’s, just video of me flying a drone. I was wondering so when you fly a drone, obviously just like a phone it’s recorded to the tablet, so that must have been one of my flights right here. Anyways super bright, really good for watch this watch this watch. This video is played there. She goes it’s in the snow that’s my tablet here and uh yeah. You can’t do this with a lot of tablets on the market. It is really really good. Let me just put that sideways and show you. The video should still be running, so it is designed for, like the environment as well, all right so let’s go indoors and i’ll show you everything about this tablet. Really quick. Here we go so yes, the new seven inch tripletech, eight gig pro model is pretty darn fast and sweet compared to the previous model.

Now, physically, these things look identical. You know i can’t tell them apart and i don’t think anybody could matter. Of fact. I have to turn them on half the time just to find out which one is which, but as soon as they’re on then i can tell, because one is a bit more snappier than the other. Now, you’re, probably wondering and saying well so what’s so different internally about them. So the main differences internally is just on this one. Here, the eight gig model. Everything is faster, so you get a little bit more ram for the processor. In other words, you know what it has to think of things and do things it needs ram that it can manipulate all that information in this one has six gigs to do that, and this one has eight gigs. So whenever you buy a cell phone or anything, you always look for how many gigs are on the phone, not not the ram that you store. All your programs in, and everything else that they’re massive on here, they’re, both massive and the same. What they did is they took the processor on here and they upgraded it. Then they went upgraded the memory, so the memory is faster, the processor is faster, then they upgraded the graphics processor. Let me put it this way. I’Ve been using this one for a week. Now i’ve been using it for a week just to sit on the couch and play around with stuff use it to fly drones in the backyard or out in the field, because it’s like an android phone, it does everything the same, so it works really well and Speaking that it’s, like an android phone, it is like a 4g type tablet.

If i put a sim card in here, i got 4g reception, but what i noticed is after playing with this for a week and then picking up the six gig. I could notice a difference in slowness with the same apps, because i have the same apps pretty much loaded on this one that i do on this one. So there is a difference now i have done a full review on the triple tech tablet and i’ll put a link to it below this video and in that review i compared it against like the crystal sky and the dji smart controller here and um yeah. You know the conclusion is basically that the tablet is a tablet, so you can use it for your drone stuff. You can use it for other stuff. You know your personal life just like you would use a tablet. The batteries and these things are much longer than you get in these. The screen is larger than you get in these it’s. The the tablet wins in the end for like what you would use it for it’s, not a one trick. Pony type thing like these ones are designed: hey where’s, my screen gun there we go uh like these are but anyways it’s all up to you, which you want to get for your drone and in that review i also compared it against my iphone, which is the 11 pro max – and i think even an android phone, i can’t remember, which has a super bright screen and these all went out.

These all went out for the simple fact that they’re rugged, so in other words, if i have the, let me just pull one up here, i have the smart controller and i’m out filming my dji stuff and i drop this and it falls on the ground. It’S. A good chance, i’m gon na break something it’s not designed to be dropped from you know a height of here to the ground. These items here, you can drop. You know from height of here to the ground, and the only thing you’re gon na break is something on the ground. You’Re not gon, na break the tablets, the tablets they have. They have a thicker glass on them, so it’s not going to shatter they’re designed to be rugged and last so, as i mentioned at the beginning of this video, this is not a full review of the tablet because it already exists, but let me just go over The features of the tablet so that you can go wow all right here we go. This tablet is drop dust, shock and water resistant proof, and it has an ip67 rating nice little five megapixel camera front. The tablet has a lot of interesting, specs and i’m going to list them all here. Take a look at the battery at 10, 000 milliamp hours, that’s huge, take a look at the screen, it’s only 720p, but most drones only stream video at 720p. Now, besides having one of the brightest screens on the market today, it also has a lot of physical buttons on the exterior, which is really good.

It also has a micro sd slot, where you can put a maximum of 128 gig micro sd card in there. To add to the already onboard memory and you’re way up over 200 gigs of memory, you can put a sim card in it too. If you want 4g, taking a look at the left side of the tablet. Here is our microphone and below that we have our one press take a photo and then below. That is where you have an sos button. I’Ve never used it. I believe you have to have the 4g enabled, in other words, put a sim card in and then fill out some stuff press that and it’s like help, i’ve fallen and can’t get up and then at the bottom you have this docking port, which is not active On this there’s, nothing behind it, but i think you can include something there. If you wish, then looking at the top of the tablet, you have this red thing, which is, i think, it’s an ir port, but i can’t get it to work and then below that you have a spot where you can plug in some headphones. If you want to listen to music or audio it’s, also bluetooth, so you can also use bluetooth headphones. If you desire and on the bottom of the tablet, we have something called a dc port which there’s nothing behind it, not sure why it’s there and you have your usbc port down here – use that to charge and transfer data.

Each tablet comes with a serial number for warranty purposes and i guess at one time there was a charging system right here. You could just put the tablet on it. It might still function. I don’t know you have a speaker over on this side. Then you have your 13 megapixel camera and flash on the opposite side. This is on the rear of the tablet for taking photos and video. Then, on the back, you have another little red port which could be another ir blaster, but i don’t know i can’t get it to work, it doesn’t really say in the specs. Then you have the three symbols for like water shock, proof drop, proof and dust proof, and then this is the unboxing. This is what the box looks like inside the box. You get the manual which gives you all the specs, and you also get some connectors to connect to dji and other drones. These here will connect to almost anything whatever drone you have, so you can connect to the tablet and then, finally, you get something to charge up the tablet: a wall wart and a usbc cable. And finally, if you want to put a sim card in the tablet, you have sim card connectors right here and that will get you up and running and now a totally non scientific comparison test between the two tablets i’m going to press the power button. Do a cold start on both and see which tablet starts up to the main screen.

First, so you can see i’m pointing at the pro model, which is on the bottom here, and it is starting up faster than the previous model, which is to be expected due to the faster processor, faster graphics units. So there we are at the main screen and the previous model should be coming pretty soon and there it is next i’m going to start up the dji go for app at the same time by pressing the app on both tablets. At the same time and let’s see which one starts first, so here we go and you can see already on the pro tablet that looks about the same, but now the pro tablet is obviously winning and something went weird on the previous one. I don’t know why. It started that up now when triple tech released the first tablet and a lot of people were thinking of buying it. They all asked me, can i play games on this tablet? Well, yes, if you want to sit on your couch and play games instead of flying drones, you certainly can. The pro tablet will play games a bit better than the previous model, because the pro tablet has the updated graphic gpu. But, however, the previous model is no slouch for graphics, as you can see here, i’m playing the same flight simulator. No difference really and you can see the graphics are quite quite smooth on both now to play this game. You know it’s kind of unfair here, because you have to hold the tablet in your hand, and you have to move it i’m, showing it with my hands here so i’m, going to pick up the pro model and just flip up the tablet that causes the plane To take off, if i went to the side to side, it would do other things and that’s.

Basically it now that i put the pro model flat. Well, our plane is going to lose acceleration and crash, and i know many of you want to see it so here’s the crash here i’m, showing you the geekbench readout of both tablets. You can see the previous model up top has less on the hardware side in specs than the pro model below, which has much more now i’m, going to start the geekbench test at the same time on both tablets, and you will see that the pro model will Complete it much much faster than the previous model of tablet, and here are the geekbench results for the pro tablet: 291 single core score and 1 ‘9 multi core score, and the previous model tablet is showing 220 single core score and 9’ multi core scores. So quite a difference right there and for those who love geekbench testing, here’s, a pile of information that you can stop your computer. Stop your computer screen your video and basically stop at anything to read what you want all right. Now the biggest question people always ask with the tablet is: will it work with my drone? Let me tell you now this tablet in my experience and my testing works with all the drones on the market. Right now pretty much, i would say all of them. At least the ones i’ve tried so i’m not going to run through every drone on the market. With this tablet and show you, but i’ll show you some of the basic drones that require different features that this tablet has.

That will cause it to work with your drone. I should also mention that look at the size of it it’s, not a phone. So if you have like a controller like this, this is the uh holy stone. Uh hs720e. You know it’s a budget drone it’s, not very expensive, and if you look at it it goes. Uh has a little spot at the top to put your tablet or your cell phone. How are you going to fit this in there? Well, i’ll show you what you need is a tablet holder, so the most common tablet holder, i recommend – is this one by pgy tech, it’s, very inexpensive and i’ll, put links below this video to it. If you have this tablet, holder, you’re all set, because the bottom portion is in the shape of a cell phone – and you can see our tablet holder – is there and looking good. So you can just put then your tablet on it and there we go. The tablet is inside the controller. Now i will say with this here holy stone, one uh. The tablet weighs a lot, so i wouldn’t be flinging around in the air or else the tablet and everything is going to go flying that’s, not a problem because you’re not going to break your tablet that’s for sure, but you might hit somebody so be careful with That but the question a lot of people ask, is, with a budget drone like this.

This little holy stone budget drone here hs720e all budget drones that are 300 us or less require that your cell phone or tablet have 802.11 ac protocol. So if you have that protocol, you can connect to this. This tablet has it so. On my screen, i can connect to the holy stone, eis, which is the drone right here, and i have the drone right here in my hand and i’m pointing it backwards, and you can see that i am connected on the tablet screen so that’s to a budget. Drone – and this tablet also connects to all the very expensive pro drones as well, for example, any dji product. This works with any dji product. If you’re watching my first review of this, i flew it with the mavic 2 pro and it worked perfectly with the dji go4 app i’m going to show you right here, i’m going to connect it to the dji mini 2 i’m. Just going to show you there’s a different tablet holder, you can get so this is the pgy tech one and it works perfect. It works perfect in this here controller because you just replace where you would put a cell phone but say you wanted something specific say: you owned a dji mavic air 2 or the dji mini 2. Then you could get this tablet holder, which is specific to this. Here, controller, let me show you i’ll, just plop it down here. Does the camera pick it up or maybe i just need to hold it there? It is so i’m moving around down here.

This is what it looks like and it’s very simple to use. So let me just move the tablet and show you all you do. Is you take your little dji controller? You do have a cable that comes with your controller, for your phone and in the box of all the cables that came with your controller. You will have one that says usbc to usbc that’s, because some phones are usbc so that’s. The cable you want, because included included with this tablet, is a connector for that cable to plug into this device. Now i’ve got a ton of cable, so i have my own cable, so i have a usb to usbc a long one here, so i just plug in the usbc down here and then this neat little nifty device. Let me just move this out of the way and show you see the two metal bars here that are right there. You just stick this in between the two metal bars like that, and then you spin it just spin it blink there. We go and we’re connected. This is now your tablet holder. Hopefully that camera is picking it up and let me show you how it works. You don’t need you don’t need the pgy tech thing anymore. You just take your tablet here and you just stick it in that holder. There we go we’re almost in check that out sitting right there and now i’m, just going to lift up the back and we’re in now slam damn sounds like i was going to swear there, but no that’s it there.

You go you’re in and you can buy this tablet holder on the triple tech website. So now you’re saying yeah but steve you didn’t show us if it works. Well, of course it works. Hang on. Let me show you here: we go i’m in my dji fly. App right there i can’t see anything. Let me see if i can see it. Looking at my, where am i touching, did i get the right button? Hey. I think i got it so i should see an image over here on my little drone it’s. Looking at my armpit forget that ignore the armpit guys i’ll try that again, so there we go as i move around so there’s, my mini two everything works perfectly fine here. Let me show you another drone, so these are dji drones and budget drones. Let me show you an autel drone now a lot of you have autel evos and you want to use a tablet with your autel evo controller, but uh it’s always been a problem in the past, so this tablet works 100 with the autel evo, no problem. So i’ve got the hotel evo 2 8k here i’ll, just plop it down i’ll turn it on we’ll, hear some fans running come to life artel there you go don’t fly away on me here, i’m sitting right here, all right, so it’s gon na be kind of Noisy with the fan, so i’ll talk louder. So for a controller, take a look at my controller.

It looks a little different look what’s on it. I’Ve got a tablet holder. This massive tablet holder here – i’ll hold it in the camera, so you can see it sideways. There we go, this is actually sold by triple tech and the reason they sell. It is because a lot of people wanted a specific autel evo tablet holder, so they they made one or somebody made one and they sell it. So i have one here, so you just take your tablet and you just put it over top i’m, not taking the strap off. You have your tablet. It sits like this. You close the top. I have to unlock it one. Second, there we go, it falls down, lock it in place. There we go now it’s secure it, can’t fall out and when you’re all done, if i don’t keep hitting all the buttons on here, it looks like this so there’s your tablet, you can move it all over the place upside down. Anything you want and it will stay secure now. I haven’t connected my tablet yet to the controller, because i have a cable right here and i’m hitting all the buttons so just put the usb c bunk in there and at the bottom. I have the normal plug that you would normally use on your autel evo, but plug that in there we go it’s going to want to start up the autel evo app, which it does yes, it’s scoring crazy it’s already started up it’s that fast and there we Go those buttons you keep hearing the beeping that’s me hitting the buttons on the bottom here, the back yeah so i’m doing that so here let me hold this differently, so i don’t hit them i’m going to camera mode and i’m hitting everything go to next.

I don’t care about that. Okay and next add finish, and there we go. We should now be in our hotel, evo, app and i’m holding it up to the camera down here, and it looks something like that. Hopefully that’s in focus, and then you just pick up not try not to look at my armpits again and i know i’m hitting the buttons. Then you lift it up and you can move it around and that’s what you see now with the first version, people always have problems with the maps, but the maps work fine. What am i hitting it’s telling me compass is abnormal, while no getting it’s sitting here on a metal table, but here we go i’m going to show you i’ll put the maps on and maps on, let’s see maps there we go so your maps work fine on Here and you can manipulate them and move them all over the place and do all the good stuff you would do with maps so so far in all the drones i tested in my backyard or in the house here, i always check out the maps to make Sure it’s getting the information through google for the maps so that they all work within the apps and they’ll do if you’re interested in the tablet holder for the autel evo i’m, going to put a link to that below. Just like i did with the one for the dji i’ll include everything below also, as you can see on my screen, i have the paranaffy right here and it’s functioning and the app is working.

Fine, everything works with the parrot and naffi. The only thing i don’t have for the paradigm fee is the tablet holder. I used to have one uh, but i can’t find it so a tablet holder for the parade. Let me just put this down, so i show you so you see how your tablet goes here. Well, on this type of controller, which is the same on the skydio uh, the holder is basically a piece of plastic that goes from this side. All the way up and it grabs the top of your tablet so it’s just this tiny little thing you can buy it off of ebay. You can buy it other places. I don’t have it. So if you try to put your tablet in it’s not going to fit, if you use this little holder like i mentioned the pgytek one, it will work but you’d have to secure it in because it’s not super secure like it’s in like. Let me just put it in there, so there i’m in, but if i bump it or something it’s going to go flying out, so you could secure it. You could put that in and secure it in with elastic, so it holds on tight and then put your tablet on top and it would work that way for your paradigm. Fee same is true with the skydio it’s, the same controller, everything so the skydio, the app works with the skydeal. You can do exactly the same thing and, yes, it does work with the xeno.

So whatever xenomodel you have it, the app works fine with the xeno. Now you’re going to ask me about the fimmy so with the femi you’re kind of in a bind a little bit so, as i mentioned on the xeno, it works no problem all the xeno models. You just have to use the pgy tech little tablet, holder thingy. Here, but when it comes to the femi, it works fine, you can see the app is here and it wants to work and it’s it’s going to do everything it needs to do but check out the problem because of the way they designed the femi it’s designed To put your phone in here, so you pull this out. Your phone fits in there or a skinny thin tablet. This is not skinny, so uh yeah, it does not fit. It does not fit in there. If i yank this out, go all the way. No! No! No, no that’s, not gon na fit it’s, not working, nothing at all, so, basically, yeah you’re, not not gon na get the tablet in there. The only way you’d get it to work is if you had a fimmy, and you really wanted that tablet. You would have to take this pty tech tablet, holder, shove it in there you’re all fine run the cable out put this in here and there you go now. It would work. He’D, be you’d, be okay, so there you have it the triple tech pro is.

You know pretty much the same as the last tablet. Just uh it’s, just better that’s. All it is it’s just better. So if you don’t have one of these and you’re looking at getting a tablet, definitely pick this one up, it’s really decent and it does come with a few different apps. I notice at least, let me just pull up here there. You can see the apps that are basically on this tablet. When i, when mine arrived, i think they’re a tiny bit different than the apps that came on the original, but other than that now it’s all the same, and if i didn’t already tell you what version of android is on here. Let me just show you here we go when i go to the about device, it says it’s running android version 9. and just like the previous version of the tablet it has 4g built in if you have a sim card, so you get data while you’re out In the field it has a microphone in it has a speaker. It has a 13 megapixel camera that’s, looking at me at the moment, and i can see there’s a flash and a dedicated camera button over here. So if i’m, just walking around, i hit this button, click geez. It takes a picture of me and if you want to see what that picture looks like for prosperity, it looks like this. There we go probably one of the worst pictures ever but anyways, just to show you the tablet it’s pretty darn decent and finally, if you are somebody who, let me just open that up again, there we go.

And finally, if you are somebody who just loves tablets to play, games, video games and everything else, no problem on this one it’s super powerful for that. So, to sum up, if you are somebody who likes to go fishing get one of these tablets due to being you know, water resistant, you can drop them under water for about 30 minutes. If you have all the tabs closed and they’ll be perfectly fine, but don’t test it out if you’re somebody likes to skydive, and you want a tablet with you, but you’re afraid you’re going to drop, it then get this tablet. If you’re somebody who likes to do a lot of winter stuff and you need a tablet – that’s going to survive the cold and you can drop it in the snow as much as you want get this if you’re someplace, where you’re out at the beach all the Time and you have a tablet – get this – you can drop this in the sand and the sand is not going to get inside if, as long as you keep all the ports closed, you’re perfectly fine, so apparently there is a five percent discount coupon for these tablets. I don’t know if there’s anything else, that’s five percent on the website, but uh i’m gon na put the code below so below this video there’s, a link to where you can find these tablets and i’m gon na put the five percent discount code there so check That out, you’ll get five percent off of the amazon, canada, amazon, usa and triple tech’s website check that out and if you have any questions on these drones by all means contact triple tech.

The reason i say that is because those guys are very responsive and everybody who has written to me who bought one of these tablets in the past four months, said that every time they contacted triple tech uh, it was really good. Very responsive got back to them. In about 24 hours with an answer, so they have better answers than i could possibly have so check with them first and if you can’t get a hold of them, then by all beings.