I often get uh my channel a lot of videos and asks how to charge multiple 1s whoop style batteries like the smaller ones for tiny whoops charge and also storage charge them so um. I did make a video. It was about three and a half years ago, which i have since deleted, because apparently making these custom cables for doing this kind of thing is dangerous for people that don’t don’t know what they’re doing, and i got some complaints for people that attempted to make the Cable with a custom cable that i made in that video and they ended up causing fires so that’s, why i took the video down. I took that video down a while back now i did make another video um. They used a parallel charging board that i thought might be a little bit easier, but that has limitation in terms of uh. You have to make sure all the batteries are the same voltage and if it isn’t, then that that wasn’t a very good solution. Now we have a good solution here and doesn’t matter. If the batteries aren’t that close in voltage, we can uh adjust for that, and this basically turns your multiple 1s batteries into a larger. You know, like 2s 3s up to 6s battery here now. This is only for ph 2.0 style batteries, but if you have like a bt 2.0 battery, which i’m going to demonstrate here in this video – and you have an adapter then or actually this adapter here – and this should work now – what this does is it just? If you put in like say two batteries, and then you use this little jumper it’s pretty simple, and then you put it on.

I think it’s on this one here, so there’s only uh six pins, so you have to jumper the second one for 2s. If you’re doing six tests, then if you have six batteries and you jumper the six uh the sixth one over here, then you just plug this into your chargers. The balance lead and the xd60, so let’s go ahead and give us a test. Okay. So i got my charger and got the board plugged into here i’m, going to plug in two batteries to simulate a 2s battery so plug in the first one and detecting that voltage there 4.13 uh second one plugged in and that one’s detecting it as 4.21. So they’re not exactly the same voltage and if you’re using a parallel board, then this would probably not be a good idea, but since this is basically turning into a serial battery uh, the charger should be able to handle the voltage difference and uh basically adjust accordingly. So go into our settings here, and this is lipo, of course, and whoops and change the mode to storage, charge and um. We don’t want too much discharge current here. Let’S say one amp in voltage of 3.85 volts and go ahead. Start and it’ll storage charge it to 3.85 volts, and we can see our voltages here so basically have a negative one. Amp draw on those and it’s going to draw down the voltage on the two cells, and so you know basically using the setup here with this little adapter board from fractal engineering.

It basically turns it into a 2s battery and you can use your balance charger to actually balance the all the cells all the same time, uh using this. Basically, the storage function, because this is the thing that was the hardest to figure there’s, really, no good storage or discharge chargers out there for once now there’s various little workarounds. You can do to use these on one s, and i was considering making a video about that, but that was also. I was kind of worried that if someone didn’t know what they’re doing and did the and basically shorted something or did a reverse polarity on something, then they would cause a battery fire. So i elected not to make that video, because there’s a lot of people out there that just don’t understand how dangerous these lipo batteries are and so making videos where, even though you’re giving them all kinds of warnings about it, they still make the mistake and then Proof they end up destroying equipment or batteries or causing fires, and so there’s a lot of times. People ask me, make videos, but i just won’t: do it, because i just know that someone out there will make a mistake and not nothing. You know they’re not doing anything, malicious or anything, just it’s, something an oversight. You know the common mistake that people make all the time just because they just overlook something, and then you have a big problem so i’m really glad that there’s.

Actually, solutions like this out now and you can use your various batteries just basically put in as many as you want make sure you have the proper jumper on there. Of course, if you don’t jump right correctly, i’m pretty sure you’re going to have a problem, so don’t do that. Um again, you know i’ll put all the warnings out there. You know if you, if you put this on 3s here, it’ll expect it to be a 3s battery and it’ll make this. The third port live, and so it’ll look like to the charger that there’s nothing there. You get a warning on your charger saying: oh you can’t do anything so usually the. If you make a mistake here on the board, it will tell you on the charge board that hey there’s, something wrong um i can’t do anything i’ll stop actually doing anything. You can see here we’re continuing to draw it on the position there. It is going to try and balance these cells out eventually uh it’ll. This will come down to 3.85 and i’ll. Try and draw this one down further. You can see that the little red light there means that it’s drawing down power on that particular cell and it’s actually doing a pretty pretty pretty good job it’s doing it pretty fast. That should be done pretty soon. So, just in case anything is a little unclear in this video. There is a full manual you can download here at this url and of course it comes on the packaging that comes with uh.

As far as i know, this is only available at newbie drone. Right now and the link will be down in the video description, if you want to check it out, yeah i’m really glad that there’s a solution out here now. So if you want to charge discharge storage, charge, multiple 1s whoop style batteries, obviously with the ph 2.0 connector or that with a you know, with an adapter like if you want to use the different batteries like the bt 2.0 or the gnb, i think with the Gmb47S, so if you have different types of batteries, you can use an adapter to plug them into here. As long as it goes into these ph 2.0 ports, you can make it look like it it’s a 3s4 5s6s battery and then use your. You know. Smart charger and use all those functions in there to manage the charge and discharge those batteries, which is great anyway, that’s gon na. Do it for this one.