They did the x220s as well. It was kind of a follow up to the original x220. It seems like the original one came out two or three years ago now, maybe four years ago it has an f3 flight controller on the original one that’s, how old the original wizard is, and now we have an f4 flight controller on this one. We have updated motors esc top mount battery and it comes with a gopro holder, it’s, a tpu mount that goes on the front of this drone and for around 250 dollars. You can get a charger, a battery props and everything you need to just start. Flying line of sight, you will need fpv goggles to go along with it, though i’ll put my recommendations down below, but before you really get started in this review, you should make a comment down below. Let me know where you’re from if you want to leave an email you can. But you have to subscribe, leave a comment and let me know where you’re from to win my insta360 go brand new in the package, along with a brand new firefly from flywood. So this little hexacopter and a brand new insta360 go it’s, going to come to your doorstep, free shipping from drone camps and totally free to you. If you win the drawing in june, so make your comment down below for that and uh. That will bind up to a tbs, crossfire type of radio, so tango 2 or the original tango.

It does have a crossfire mini with an immortal t on there. So it’ll go miles out that little hexa rotor, so pretty cool, so the x220 v2 is it good. Is it bad? Well, i have to explain something to you before you really go out and do the flight test. What is the wizard series all about? Well, it is eachine’s, cheapest bundle of components and parts for you to be able to purchase something super ultra cheap with a radio, a battery, a charger and everything you need to get this quad off the ground and in the air. Without your goggles, you will steam still need to buy a pair of goggles, which will cost you anywhere from 50 dollars to all the way up to 550 dollars, and we there’s all different types of ranges of goggles that you can get depending on what type of Eyesight you have, if you have 20 20 vision, you can go with the binocular goggles if you want to have some more high end, goggles that have adjustable focal distance between negative six and positive six i’d go for the sky o4x from skyzone those goggles. If you have glasses, those are the best ones for the focal range and likely you won’t have to wear your glasses with those. If you have to wear glasses, they have insert goggles like the cobra x. You can buy those and your glasses fit right in those goggles, so there are some glasses ready, goggles out there for fpv pilots.

So if you don’t, wear glasses, don’t worry about it. Grab a pair of the skyzone o3os and you’ll be good to go with those. Now the wizard v2, we do have 30 amp updated esc’s on here we have the tpu mount. We have brand new larger motors on here. These are the 2207 motors. They are clockwise and counterclockwise screws on here or nuts. I wish they had hadn’t done that because it seems kind of old school, like maybe they source, some old parts on here and it’s nice, that they have a newly updated flight controller with a usbc port. So that shows me right away that this is a newer flight controller they’re not grabbing from an old pile of junk in china, warehouse somewhere. The other nice thing for beginners is that if you do blow up an esc or a motor it’s, not a four in one esc on here, it’s, actually individual esc’s on each arm and the replaceable arms. The arms and the frame parts on this quad are dirt. Cheap and that’s the whole point of the wizard series. It is a dirt cheap quad. It is not like some high end gap, rc quad or an iflight quad. If money is no object around the same price as this quad with everything you need to fly now, keep that in mind. This is everything you need to fly battery charger, radio, with the exception of the goggles uh. So there is a price difference here for the iflight nasal v2.

It is around 230 dollars. I believe that’s bind and fly without your radio without a battery without a charger uh. So this is a total value budget, combo here and that’s what they tried to do. They try to put all these components together for you at the cheapest price possible, now you’re going to pay for it sooner or later, depending on what happens as far as the liability goes with this quad will it last six months? Will last three months will last one year will last three years before a component fails that depends on the manufacturing of the product and the conditions that you’re flying in? If you do a power loop like i did and come back around and slam dunk it into the ground or the concrete you’re going to break stuff, you can see mine has a different motor on here up in the front right there. I ended up slam, dunking mine, replacing the motor and going back out again and breaking an arm off of it completely. So i made huge mistakes, but i also had a nice durability test for you guys um. So these are five millimeter replaceable arms really thick. So this is kind of a freestyle beast beater quad for beginners. It also has tpu bumpers on the very bottom of the motors. I didn’t replace this one that i added the new motor on, because i use shorter bolts and these bolts that come along with this.

Have to go through two pieces, three different sections here: it has to go through the tpu bottom plate, the arm itself and this sort of motor shroud around the outside of the motor. Now these motor shrouds should protect your quads motor in a crash um. However, my motor, i think, kind of pressed up against it in the hard crash and it sort of stopped this motor. While it was still spinning, i think, that’s what possibly blew out my motor. So if you want to use new bolts on these and take these tpu bottom plates off and the shroud you could probably use something like the um m3 say six millimeter, i believe uh seven millimeter bolt through there. You don’t wan na use too long of bolts, because that’s gon na go up inside the motor and fry the motor, so don’t use something like the original bolts that came along with it. You can buy source packs off amazon and get yourself some seven millimeter bolts to mount those without all this extra stuff on the bottom. Now one thing that happened during that crash too was this little tpu bottom plate right. There broke off and it sheared through the bolts so that so that bottom plate wasn’t actually usable again, because these push all the way through and it broke that original seating on the tpu bottom plate here, so um kind of nice. Also, it comes in the back with this immortal t sex setup, so you can actually go to tbs crossfire later.

If you want – and i do like the top battery, but with the gopro you’ll, definitely feel some weight with the 4s eachine battery and 2207 motors. So if you’re, trying to freestyle with a gopro you’re going to feel some weight coming back around on those power loss, it’s, not the most powerful quad out there, it is not like a crazy 10 to 1 power ratio. I’D, say it’s more like six to one. So um this is a cruiser to mild freestyle drone. So um 250 bucks let’s see what it’ll do out in the field. Then we’ll come back and we’ll talk about this quad and i will give you some honest, honest to goodness advice that you can take home in this review and decide which beginner quad. You should buy first i’m, going to give you my best advice in this video and in the links down below so let’s go ahead and fly this baby let’s crash it let’s slam dunk, it let’s put the eachine wizard to the ultimate drum camps, test, get ready! Fasten your seat belt. Here we go okay, two things. First, guys analog camera on this one looks much better than the original cmos camera. This is now an updated foxier aero with ccd camera. On there very nice resolution, i believe it is 600 tbl a little lower resolution than the other camera that was on there, but this one looks drastically better. Now i lost my gopro, unfortunately, in this review so now i’m, using my one r and there’s no stabilization on here, so you can see there’s a little bit of vibration, a little bit of jello in the video.

I just wanted to show you guys that give you an example of what unstabilized sort of high end video looks like, and i think my gopro hero video looked better than this. But now i have that new fancy gopro hero 8 from gap, rc d cased, so i’ll – be using that coming up in some reviews. But i felt like overall is a good cruiser. The camera is nice and if you want to start out with a 5 inch race, quad fly in stability mode. It comes in stability mode, which means that when i let go of the sticks, it’s not going to flip to the ground it’s going to auto level, which is super cool. Now it does not have altitude holds, you guys will have to work the throttle up and down to maintain a steady course and again go back and watch that analog video you’ll see that the tune on it doesn’t have a lot of vibration right here. It came late in the power loop and totally crashed i’ll go in again for a big loop here and it seems to handle some mild freestyle. So this quad is okay for learning acro, it can be a beater and it can be a cruiser if you want to make some cinema videos, but i think it’s, a good update and unfortunately, i just got unlucky with mine and i broke it a few times, But the cool thing is that this one is easy to fix and the parts are super dark, cheap, but we’re gon na go ahead back to the studio now we’re gon na get like super honest about the wizard v2 and i’m gon na.

Just give you a total breakdown on this quad after i crash it one last time, all right guys welcome back from that crazy flight test, pretty hard slam, dunk huh ended up with a new esc and a motor so um. I have a mismatched esc on here. Now and a mismatch motor, it is not the original eachine style motor. The 2207 motors seem to be definitely more powerful than the original wizard motors. You can get the original wizard still pretty cheap, but if you’re gon na buy a wizard buy this one um and i’m, not talking about this one versus the nasal v2, if you’re gon na buy a wizard buy this one. This is the better one of the two. I know some people love the wizard series and they have their heart set on getting this one. Also because you can bind up other quads with the flat sky i6, and this is the new version, the i6x that comes with it. So not only do they have upgraded parts on the quad, they also have the updated version of the flat sky radio that comes along with it. You get the 4s 1500 battery and this is usually what i recommend is a 4s 1550. This one’s the 1550 right here this is one of the longest lasting types of packs that you can buy. These do not swell on me. I really put them to hard flight tests, for you guys and i’m, usually going full throttle super fast and trying to hit all those gaps and power loops and everything else.

For you guys, this quad took a power loop and it broke on the inside of the arm and one of the big reasons that the arm broke. My front arm broke because i did some work on the quad and i forgot to put one bolt back in and i forgot to put, i believe it was the outside bolt. So when the quad hit the ground front on in that power loop, that you saw it bent the arm back and it broke the long piece in there, so there’s a long piece that goes along here and and then it comes out around this way like this. So it goes in and it meets all the other parts in the middle to make this true x, design with that long body plate here, so classic long body plate tpu top mount and i feel like they should have maybe made this part thicker. It feels kind of thin tpu and it flexes more so my gopro fell out and during this review i lost my gopro hero 7. That i’ve had for like four years, uh big, bump big bummer on the channel, because i had a bunch of footage from this squad on that original hero, so it’s somewhere out in the field now um at the church. So if anybody finds it, let me know but um, it is a good value because you also get a charger with it and a battery. So honestly, uh the the price on the on the nasgov v2 seems to have risen it’s like 260 dollars.

Now button fly for the analog version um and the mark 4 is coming in around 2′. So the mark iv is yes, 10 cheaper, but you don’t get all the red extra gear here. So um that’s the thing. Yes, it is a good value, but um you’re going to pay eventually, but you’re also going to pay to fix the other quad. Because you’re going to crash your mark iv you’re going to crash your nascal v2 you’re going to break stuff you’re going to repair stuff. There are three solder points here to replace an esc. You can see these wires going in right here on the quad. There is a positive negative and you have your signal wire, so the signal wire goes to the number in conjunction where we’re, at on the schematic, so motor number one motor number, two motor number three motor number, four and you’ll – have to pay attention to that in Beta flight and be a heli configurator. Now these esc’s came updated to d shot 600 as well. They say bl heli s on there, which is really scaring me um. When i first got this, i thought. Oh, my god, this got super old like firmware on these esc’s. I need to update them asap, but it came updated to d shot, which is good good news. So i like that now also think that five millimeter arms here is a a pretty beasty standard for a freestyle kind of quad.

I wouldn’t call this an fpv racing quad because it’s just not that fast and it’s built more like a freestyle, beater quad. So, with your gopro mount up front, i think if you put a dk’s gopro on there, i have a new one from gep rc that is coming out. You guys will love this one. You get to see cool stuff on this channel all the time. This is 25.7 grams, and this is a hero 8 that has been d cased so much much much lighter than an original gopro i’ll try to put a link down below for these. They are coming in stock and it looks like it comes with an extra case here as well. In case you break that one isn’t that cool, so it will have a little connector in the very back. The wire goes down to your quad and we will check out the voltage range on this one and everything um in an upcoming review, and i will be filming with this one: a lot on the channel so hero8 from geprc coming already cased for you, you don’t, Have to do it yourself and that’s what most people have been wanting recently, because i know some guys who are scared to d case a gopro like that who wants to tear apart a 400 dollar camera themselves and do all the cable and wiring setup. So this is already soldered up already ready to go and you can get these smaller tpu mounts for these and put it on your quads so way less weight than the original gopro and sadly mine’s out in the field somewhere.

Hopefully i will find it. I spend a lot of time in that field, but i spent about two hours that day looking for for the footage for you guys, but i never found it so um that’s why? My patreon guys are so important because you guys, like help me, get new gear when i lose gears or s gear sd cards, all kinds of stuff, i’m always buying for the channel, but i feel like it’s nice. The fsi6 takes four batteries in the back. Um throttle on the left, it’s mode, two, it has a minimal digital screen in here for changing things. You can go in and change and add switches on here. A three position switch on this side: two position: there two position here: two position here so uh: it came set up with the modes on this switch here, which is only a two position, switch so i’m, only getting like um stability and then acro mode. So it’s a good acro trainer if you want – or you can fly it in stability mode and get some pretty cool cinema videos with this quad. But i also like that it has a lollipop three on the back. So this is also an update that other people might not have talked about this antenna. Does me great um? I also use this same antenna on my skyzone o3os. Even for long range i mean i can get miles out. Uh reception with that particular antenna, so um very, very good antenna, and – and this is a tx back here – but on your goggles it’s, going to be receiving the signal and that’s exactly what i use on my o30s.

So you can see there lollipop three so um that is still a relevant antenna to have on here. This is great, so we also have an updated vtx on this baby, so we’re getting now 600 milliwatt vtx in the top of the stack with smart audio. The older one didn’t have smart audio and i believe it was only 200 milliwatts, so this one’s been updated to 600 milliwatt, so bigger motors, bigger esc’s and i kind of wish they hadn’t put these tpu bottom bumpers on these are great for concrete hits. You can see here when i bottomed out on the concrete one time i didn’t break anything, because these little pads on the bottom they’ll also give you some bounce. If you bottom out, meaning come down and slam real hard with all the weight the battery and the gopro, you can break an arm if you hit the wrong direction, but two bolts releases that whole arm and then you can put a new arm on there. So it’s not the end of the world to put a new arm on this little guy and i think the arms are like dirt cheap, so i’ll just try to put some links down below if they do have some parts ready for this but um my advice For you guys would be to if money is no object and you don’t mind, buying a transmitter and setting up yourself get the gap rc mark iv. You can also get that one with gps return home or get the freaking iflight nasgov v2.

That is a beast and it has an ultimate ultimate flight controller on there, but it’s an f7 on that one tuned very well. Now the tune on this one is good as well, but the power weight ratio again is probably six to one on this versus 10 to one on the nascar v2. But you’re gon na have to set it up in betaflight and on the radio and bind it up to whatever receiver you decide to get so. The tx16 radio is the radio of choice right now. If you want an ultimate beginner radio with a full size, external module bay, get that tx12 that one is good full size module base, meaning you can run crossfire on there later and multi protocol, so um super cheap radio. I think that was like 80 bucks. So a little more money than the flysky fsi 6x, so um that’s, if you don’t mind doing some reading or watching youtube videos to set up quad and the benefit of this one is just it’s it’s all ready to go, and i just had bad luck with Mine um, it was like i had gremlins on my wings the whole time. I was flying this one and you know, even though this one is probably it’s, one of the best selling fpv beginner ready to fly race drones in history, um, i’m still gon na steer. You the other way towards getting the nazca v2 or the the mark iv.

So i will put my top five down below for you guys and you guys can check that out. Hopefully, you enjoyed this completely honest review on the eachine x220. V2. So um still a choice for beginners like they say, but you’re going to weigh out the the possibilities here, you’re going to break either quad you get so you’re you’re. If you’re, a beginner, you’re gon na be making repairs and placing replacing a four in one, aio or esc is gon na be harder because you have to do soldering on all the motors. If you have to replace the esc or motor here, you’re only doing one arm at a time it’s not likely that you’re going to blow out multiple motors. I have done that in the past, but it’s not likely you’re going to do that. You’Re going to blow out one arm at a time and you may break an arm, but again things are replaceable and that’s what’s fun about this hobby. When you put a new part on there, it’s kind of like putting a bumper back on a car. So it looks brand new all over again. So thanks again guys, please do subscribe and make your comment down below for that insta360 go and that little cool firefly coming up in june we’re, going to give this away on the channel to one lucky subscriber guys: i’m. Justin davis take care.