Are you searching for a way to keep your home under surveillance, or do you need a way to explore an adventurous location with safety? In all cases, we got you covered meet stealth, hawk pro the military grade, drone that has been sold out globally. This is why you need a helicopter drone over a regular one. Most of us believe that a drone is a designed only for photography or for playing around just for fun. However, a helicopter drone offers way more than that. For years now, special forces have been using these types of drones for surveillance and security, thanks to their design. Helicopter drones are highly resistant and ultra fast they can survive extreme conditions such as high altitude and their powerful battery, make them unbeatable this way. Helicopter drones are the ideal devices for activities that require extra safety. They come in very handy for adventures such as hiking, hunting or even camping, as they offer a safe option to explore the location without putting yourself or your loved ones in danger. Most drones on the market are not that durable and cant be used that way its after all, really expensive to do all the research to produce a military grade drone recently, this technology became available for mass production, and this is how stealth hawk pro was designed stable With precise control from rf remote equipped with optical flow positioning, camera live video streaming from the copters camera real blades movement with mechanical control, smart battery management system for safe landing, easy to charge battery with standard micro, usb 50 discount and free shipping click.