You like i stole you, but what you see here is something new i think the orange orange. Ah yes, this is going to be amazing test if fimi x8, se 2022 v2 can detect this orange from that orange okay. 100 meters. Altitude. Now my doogee s98 pro with thermal camera and put a square here – 49 degrees max and on the bottom. Okay, there is my water bottle, man that is beautiful. This is rahima salaam, greetings alexander here and welcome outdoors once again, after a long time to my favorite spot right here by the stadium. Well, today, in this video i am going to review the all new femi x8s. 2022 v2. Yes, thats a long name, but this is the v2 version of 2022 femi x8se aerial, filming drone. That is right here in this box. Yes, i bought the gopro hero 10 black, so that i can shoot stable, steady videos for all of you at high resolution. Good quality and it actually came with a gopro box, look at that which is really nice for the dealer right here. The local dealer to send me for free, okay and inside check this out. The femi x8se v2 2022 v2 fits with all its accessories just perfect, including one of the start rc landing pads, which i brought out today, because femi x8 se 2022. The v2 does have a feature for precision landing, finding the app run and landing on it. So ill be able to test that now, let me bring the drone out, bring the camera closer to it and well talk about very, very quickly for its key features and theres a link in video description that you can check and you can read all about these Features kind of impressive and then ill put it to test right away for flight test and see how it actually performs and how many of those claims are actually true might be possible.

I wont be able to do all the tasks in one video, but i can always make a video series and you know test each and every feature one by one, so stay tuned to my channel for that. Subscribe hit that like button hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications, so that you stay updated. Alright lets get to work. Vbx8Se 2022 4k hdr video, three axis mechanical gimbal, folding portable design, one by two i believe, thats a half inch sensor. There 10 kilometer range 35 minutes of flight time, precise vision, positioning system and remote id. This is not just it theres more. Okay, here is femi x8 se, 2022 v2 mine actually came with two batteries: okay, and they claimed thats uh 35 minutes of flight time. I believe 30 plus 11.4 volt uh, 4 500 milliamp 51 watt hour uh batteries, okay, so i got two uh should be able to test plenty of features right in the very first flight using two batteries. Now the quadcopter right here has a three axis: gimbal: okay, stabilized gimbal, with a camera that has a half inch sensor and one point: f: 1.6 aperture for clear night, photography or night imaging night uh, video shooting. I will also test that, of course, uh. You know and see how well it actually shoots at night, hdr videos, hdr photos, wind resistance up to level 8 wind resistance on this. Also they claim that its rain and snow proof light rain and snow proof.

The radio controller that you see right here opens up to accommodate ipad mini okay and ill. Give you a closer look at it as well, and they said with the rock link. It will offer up to 10 kilometer of control range, which is impressive. Well put that to a test as well later at later videos. Now it also has a built in remote id that means uh, whatever the government who want to track the drones, they actually know so faa, or something like that. I dont know much about that. But having to have a remote id that you can turn on on this drone, you know authorities are gon na like it, but youre gon na be in trouble because they know who you are, what you are flying and where youre flying and how high youre flying And if you are actually following the rules or not, of course on the bottom, you see optical flow and tof sensors. You know for a better position, hold and led lights, flood lights for downward facing flood lights for the night landing. But what you see here is something new okay, and this is a new module that you can easily take off or put back on just like this very very quickly, and this is a megaphone which, at a very high decibel rate, can transmit your voice. You can record your voice, you can type the text and it will turn it into a speech or you can speak live and it will actually transmit your voice.

Whatever your messages for search and rescue, this is really very nice because you can send message, you can call out names and you know, give some messages. Also, you can use this for crowd control. If crowd can hear, we will test how loud the sound is on this, not just that. It also has a little uh module right here that can hold a string and hold something of 200 grams under the drone, a kind of payload that you can release using the radio controller buttons that you can assign and drop it for search and rescue purposes. For example, you found somebody who is in need of water. You can drop a bottle of water, carry and drop a bottle of water to that person, or you know some very. Very emergency medicines can be sent using this drone and this payload feature. So this is really nice very easy to remove very easy to put on, and i will also test this uh in this video. All right. Rest of the features are, of course, gps features for aerial filming. You know follow me tracking and follow me panorama night shots day, shots 4k videos, gps features, um waypoints, all the stuff like that is a common thing, which i will be testing. Of course, in coming. Videos too now lets talk about the radio control theres. An on off button sticks, okay, auto return to home and fly auto takeoff and lan, and then theres a joystick, which is one two left right up down and press.

So you can assign five different features using this join joystick five different features of drones, so i have a sign left for megaphone right for payload drop well test that out very soon. Now, if you want to take pictures and videos, the buttons are at the back side, so you will use these for snapshot and video recording. Then at left right here you have the gimbal pitch control and this one you can set for exposure value at the right side and then we have antennas, which you can just keep up here and of course, phone. You can fit the phones and even an ipad right here. You have charging port and a usb port that will connect to your phone using a usbc or whatever i mean ios device or other usb mini okay. At the back side of the drone, you have vents for cooling. As i see and down here, everything is metal. This is a metal heatsink. Now how hot this can get during the flight. Well, do not worry. We will find out very easily because now i have the doogee s98 pro phone with built in thermal camera, the real thermal camera. So we can easily figure out find out and see very clearly if the drones bottom is heating up or not also can see if the motors are heating up or not because previously one of the fema x8 se, i had issues with motors heating up a whole Lot so well, we will be able to find out this time what temperatures the motors are running, also notice at this side of the drone.

You have tf car slot, binding button, wi fi and a a selector switch. That probably does the wi fi. So you can fly the drone using the phone only and a usb micro right there for you to connect the quadcopter drone to your computer and directly transfer the stuff or do the firmware updates. Femi x8se, 2022 v2 drone ive been updating the firmware and its been on. I was testing other features right now. Its on 40 degrees outside lets see whats down here, like it has reached to 50 degrees, maximum. All right so first thing: first im gon na set up this start rc apron landing apron. I think the orange orange. Ah, yes, this is gon na, be amazing test if femi x8se, 2022 v2 can detect this orange from that orange or it will land on one of those oranges. This is gon na, be nice, okay, so im just gon na put it right here, all right and now lets get the drone ready turn it on put it here, turn the radio on, and here we go by the way for the fema navy, the new app Im gon na give you a complete overview later in this video or another video. So now i get the message: gimbal not ready, unable to enter gps mode and system preheating. Please wait all right so lets wait all right. Everything passed and i am ready to go. Duh dub everything looks good. Let me just check the rth.

Height is 30 meters, and maximum limit of flight height is 119 meters. I can actually set it to 800 meters flight distance. I have limited to 1000 meters. Only. This will reminder him hey. Where are you going come on? Stop, oh, so auto takeoff takes it to this altitude. Look at that! Thats, nice, okay, okay level! Eight wind resistance today is really mild. Wind. The maximum today is 16 kilometer per hour wind. So positional is pretty good im. Just gon na go slightly up why the lights are still on. Oh okay, now turn off. Oh, i put them on automatic and thats. Why and they are pretty visible man look at that they look pretty visible okay. So if i put the drone here and leave it, it actually holds position pretty nice, not bad, so i can actually sit here on my electric scooter and take a shot. Okay, i got the picture and im just gon na do manual panorama. I mean manual point of interest, my favorite thing to do making sure i dont hit anything because it does not have any sensors. It actually took the altitude right there all by itself because of the downward facing optical flow thingy on that. So, basically, very nice view man all right lets test the flight performance right now, im flying in basic mode, alright, so im just gon na stand here and fly it around. My previous problem with the drone was that it offered a terrible yaw which they seems to have solved.

Look at that. What a beautiful turn superb, very, very good, control, im very happy with the yaw control. I can control it the way i want all right, so that was the flight performance right here. Im just gon na go back and see slightly higher, because i want to see what speed im getting uh wheres the speed hold on all right, vertigo speed, so im gon na go in normal mode, going forward at full forward 10 meters per second forward flight backward Flight also same 10, meter 10.2, 10.3 meters per second okay, all right thats that now im gon na switch to sports mode record. The video all right camera forward – and here we go 12.9 meters per second on the forward flight, almost 14.7 thats. How i got 14.7 meters per second, that was a backward flight, nice, so thats pretty fast, and then we have another mode, which is a smooth mode where drone will not take much speed. It will just keep this way all right. So, im just going to record a video coming backward slowly and should make some very nice shot right here. Okay, i smiled for that all right, so thats that now im gon na put it back to normal mode. Now let me test its megaphone all right. So, in order to do setup for the megaphone, its very easy im, gon na start recording the screen as well so left controlled by dispenser. Oh, that is dispenser.

Sorry right and you get megaphone now you can click to speak and then you know loop play or one time play that so im just gon na speak, one sentence, hello. This is alishan mao. This is a test. Can you hear me if you can hear me? Please fly it like you stole it, so thats a 10 seconds of sound. Can you hear me if you can hear me that was nice? Okay? So what if i go higher lets say this high, because you can hear it up to 100 meters. So right now, im 18 lets just say: 20 meters hot 21.64, something like that press, yeah baby. I heard that i heard that so im, just gon na put it on a loop, okay and play nice. So im just going to go up. I can still hear it 52 meters altitude. I can still hear the message, so you see theres a generator running theres a ambient noises everywhere, but i can still hear the message at 50 meters altitude im just gon na go higher okay im at hundred three hundred. Ninety nine. Ninety eight point: four come on: okay hundred meters altitude now holy moly man. I can still hear it, though i have to like kind of focus that theres something playing a message up there, but i can still hear it at 100 meters altitude. What an amazing thing man! So this is absolutely nice very, very useful feature for search and rescue crowd, control or sending messages during you know, public control and stuff, like that.

This is nice man at 100 meters altitude. I can still hear the sound and i can hear the message properly, though i have to focus on it, nice, very nice, so i will keep it here. Im just going to go to text to audio, which says i type before here clear, the area now so im just going to press press play, i heard it loop play clear the area now near the area. Okay, i can hear it, but text to speech is not that clear and now i can do like direct talking. Okay, hello, alishammo here flying his drone and hes gon na fly it like he stole it. Hello, im gon na fly. You like, i stole you. Okay, im just gon na turn it off. This is amazing man. Its really nice now lets test the rth and landing on the apron. Okay, so im just gon na go slightly here all right exit this one. I still have 51 battery im. Just gon na go switch to rth its going to come back now. This is nice man. This is very nice. I like the feature of megaphone super nice, while its coming really nice and slow. I can take some pictures, man to this martial, a nice weather its gon na rain very soon, so i have very limited window and its gon na be a big rain, all right now its on top, where it should be landing and my apron is somewhere here.

Come on man, no, its not here apparent, is not here. Okay hold on something is happening, its coming down. No apron is not there. Sorry, sorry, so that failed right there. Okay, what if i put it here and say, go backwards all right and then do rth its looking down right, where i am so im just gon na put the apron here. It says the pad not detected okay, its coming down. It should be able to detect the pad now landing pad detected. Okay, very nice, so lets see if it will position itself or not man, that is beautiful. So if it comes to the right place with limited, very little gps deviation and it detects landing pad, it will land pretty precisely otherwise you have to do like moving the landing pad somewhere, which is an option of course, for you now before we do any setup Lets test the temperatures of the drone because i have been flying it all right, so im just gon na record a video with my doogee s98 pro with thermal camera and put a square here, 49 degrees max and on the bottom, 50. Oh 63 degrees max. I saw awesome all right, so this is this and motors. Yes, yes, yes motors last time we had a motor heating up issue in this drone motors are 57, 56, 60 degree 50, something 52, something so motors are still hot man. I believe i have tie a knot on this string right here.

Im just gon na put it down here. I hope my gopro is looking all right. Yeah and im gon na lock it okay and see, see its locked now all right, im, gon na put the drone here and i have to tie a bottle to it now and come on water bottle. Now i dont know how heavy it is. Let me just drink some. You smell our mandarin. Just tie it like this, so that the thirsty ali shan mao is gon na get rescued by femi x8. Se, 2022 v20 a v2, and i will get some water all right, so im just gon na put it just in case. If drone tries to go sideways, you know just gon na put right here. If the rain starts, i will keep doing it because it says it is rain proof. So here is our rescue drone carrying a bottle. I keep it long because i dont want this to actually get closer, and i can also see how is the pendulum effect is uh how the drone is handling the pendulum effect. Okay, so lets say: ali shan mao is in need of water and we have a drone that is carrying a water now, its actually having kind of slight difficulty. I mean i can feel its heavy see on a full top full throttle its climbing up slowly. So lets say its right: there, im gon na just start, recording a video as well and put the camera down all the way.

I can see the bottle hanging all right, so im coming forward. I found myself that alishan now needs water its right here now. If i drop the bottle from this height, it might break im just gon na come closer uh lets say right: there, okay and im gon na go right here and say: unlock okay; no, it didnt allow. Oh, i have to click on okay. Okay, there is my water bottle successfully dropped. Thank you very much, femi x8se 2022. We do. I have water to drink. That is awesome. I mean now that is awesome. Man i mean now. You can actually carry payload and drop for sucks for search and rescue as absolutely a very, very useful feature. It says the battery is low now land so lets land. So you see this is absolutely a very, very useful feature for search and rescue. I mean this module is very valuable. Not only you can transmit messages which is audible hearable. You can hear them from at least 100 meters altitude, given that today, here in the background i have cars coming ambi noises and theres a generator running all the time. I was able to hear the message clearly and whats more. The payload delivery system actually was able to carry a bottle of water and dropped. I mean carried around successfully and dropped it for me, so this is really valuable. All right now, im gon na change. The battery and do some aerial, filming testing range testing and something which requires more for the testing, follow me and stuff like that.

I will do it in an open area in coming videos, whatever i can test in the next battery. Let me do that. Gopro, stop! Recording so all right people. Thank you very much for watching this video im not done with it yet so dont go anywhere stay tuned to my channel once again subscribe and hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications. So you stay updated for the next videos of femi x8se testing. Now in my next videos, i will be testing this quadcopter step by step for each feature, so in each video i will be able to test one two three or couple of features as much as the battery allows me, given that i still have to test a Night shoot and night recording. I hope the raining will actually give me some window, because i also have to take pictures night pictures with my honor magic 4 pro phone so ill be able to test both of these. For the night recordings, stay tuned people and dont miss the upcoming videos. Give this video a big like, and if you want this drone, the links are in video description. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.