This is the version two one, and this one has a 55 inch wingspan. That is a pretty good size, a really nice glide ratio on this, and it also is sporting, a 46 inch, fuselage it's, all balsa and Monaco on here. So it is not a foam airplane, but it flies way way different. What the balsa and Monaco construction does is it kind of lightens everything up? It makes it fly really nice and smooth also optional flaps. They recommend putting on a sunny sky 28 2800 kV. Motor I've got this old hobbico motor on here, which works. Just fine was around a 10 inch prop and a 60 amp ESC is also recommended. You want to use something like a 12 inch prop. I have 2.5 inch tires with steel landing gear on here as well, which is super sturdy and underneath my wing inside the fuselage. I took the extra time to go ahead and install the side copilot on here, because I wanted to see if copilot would work on Monaco and balsa airplane I've tested this flight controller on many other planes up to date on my channel 3 flight, most GPS return To home all the bells and whistles are on here, there's my GPS right. There loading up to like 16 to 17 satellites it's nice to have that extra comfort on the plane. If we need it and up front traditionally, they have a quick battery access, hatch right here.

You just lift that up and you have your wing on and also we have my fpv camera on the bottom. But sadly I lost the footage for that today. So we're just gon na be flying at line sight like the old school days of RC, all right guys, we're gon na do surface checks, let's go ahead and do some line of sight flying here. We go I'm gon na take off in manual mode it's gon na check that I'm in manual mode. You won't see the ailerons move around if you're in manual mode. So here we go once I get up I'll test out my other modes, but we're gon na see how the stick flies on a 3s battery it's. 3S. 2200. I was getting over like 10 minutes flight time yesterday with us, so let's go ahead and take off here we go nice and slow and I think it would be a little bit better or probably on a 4s battery. You can put as large as a 4s 5000 in here, and the nice thing about sticks is that they really have a nice glide ratio. If you have just a little bit of a headwind, makes it even nicer again. I watched that son over to my right. I'Ll lose all my orientation, so I'm gon na go ahead and flip in stability mode now and you'll see it level out now I just got to pretty much use the right stick left and right where I want to go she's way up there right now, he's A little bit of rudder in my turn, come back over the field here gon na come down and that that gyro will keep that nose up for you quite nice.

Look at that! Just cruising I'm gon na give it some hard rudder. I get away from that son and when I come back around to land when I land it knows into the wind too, but look at that it's really crawling up there now and I've, never fpv! You know I've never flown fpv with a stick before because traditionally I grew up flying sticks with nitro motors, but look at that look how slow it is. Really nice efficient wing it's got a really wide wing on it, so super efficient, it'll, just cruise it like just below half throttle even about quarter, throttle I've still got a nice Glide, not a high stall characteristic type of plane. Now what's really neat about this plane went completely blind there for a second son, got me what's neat about this plane. Is that it also? Not only does it have a nice glide ratio, it also does some extreme aerobatics. If you wanted to, you can fly it on 4s and just inverted eights. Your harrier rolls, whatever you want to try to do. You can hover this plane most of the guys in the field around ama fields around the country. Have this plane as some sort of a staple in their hangar one of those planes they never get rid of, and a lot of guys buy different sized ones. This is a pretty good sized stick when they make them all the way up. Til about 80 inches nice big wingspan, but this 3s 2200 will keep me up there for yeah well, over 10 minutes with this motor combo and I'll put some links down below for the right combo for this plane, then that son is making it really hard to Make my turn over here on the right side of the screen, you're watching.

Look at that slow, hover, let's just bring it in and land it here. Nice slow landing a little bit of elevator coming in a little bit hot, but it's nice because it does have a rudder in the back. So you have rudder and a steerable tailwheel let's go ahead and take off again do another quick, take off you see if we can get off the ground there. Just barely look at that nice smooth, predictable flyer, but it took me about – I guess – about 3 or 4 nights just sitting watching TV setting this plane up putting the electronics that I wanted on here from a 3 to 4 s battery. If you want it mild flight on 3s, if you want a little more punch for aerobatics and a quicker takeoff, this shorter distance use the 4s battery 30 amp speed controller and above you could even put like a 60 amp in here. If you just want to be safe, but you should be fine with 30 or 40 amp, alright guys and I landed with a tail – a tail win there earlier, just because I've kind of got the Sun to my right hand, side. But generally you want to land. This plane into the wind, if you can man she's just cruising such a cruiser alright, so I got a little bit of a battery left I'm gon na just kind of swing back around here, make a few small circles and normally to kill off some altitude.

I'Ll bring it in and just kind of corkscrew down, but man this plane is so efficient. Look how slow it goes. Motor is almost to a stop. It completely lost it there in the Sun, the Sun isn't a bad place right now. I should have the Sun to my back. Look at that it's almost hovering coming in and I'm gon na have a tailwind coming down the runway. Here. Look at that that's crazy. A little more throttle coming in try to keep that straight: sweet, really nice flying plane and back on the ground in one piece. If you go home at the end of the day with a plane in one piece, you know you had a good day. So thanks again for flying with me today, I feel like I'm visiting the past and the future at the same time, with this plane, because it's been a favorite of mine for over 20 years, most people love the stick at the RC airfields and we've kind of Brought it into the future by adding the zod copilot with GPS return to home and very, very easy to setup. If you can plug in servos to a receiver, you can put GPS on a plane now, which is really cool for about 40. So I'll try to put the link down below for that. Take care guys.