Simulators are awesome, but which is the best simulator for you thats the question that myself and my co host its blunty, how you doing there blunty good joshua, hows it going im doing good. That is the question that we have been trying to answer so weve categorized. Everything weve laid everything out into categories for people that were going to go through to hopefully help you narrow it down when youre, making your choices down in the video description. Ive got links to the live streams where me and its blunty played these simulators. As we were preparing for this video, and if you want a little bit more information about how we came to the conclusions, we came to or just sort of a real time view of what our experience with each of the simulators was like down. In the video description check out, the links, of course, also well have links to where you can get these simulators. If you want to pick one of them up and the first category i think most people are going to be interested in – is the best free simulator, because everybody out there is trying to save a buck. So the best free simulator in our lineup is going to be orca, fpv skydive and that may surprise some people who havent tried the sim, but we actually felt that orca was a pretty good um. You know kind of entry point into the simulator space for free.

They spent a little bit of time on this and it seems like maybe they have other interest for the simulator, but that means that players get a nice little set of features here, uh for free that they might otherwise not have in a good little package. Uh. The main thing that i thought stood up out about this simulator was that the physics were actually pretty good. I would say the physics on this one were above average compared to all the other ones that we flew. I especially liked the the simulation of prop wash oscillations, seemed actually very, very accurate, yeah for sure also uh. This provides nice onboarding sessions for new pilots, well talk about drl simulator a little later. Who did this first, but it seems like theyre kind of taking from that side of things and theyre kind of adding a lot of ways for a new pilot to get in if theyve never even really used a radio before so theyve got options for controller or Radio and they kind of walk you through, like what yawning is and what rolling is they kind of lock all your other inputs in um, currently theres five levels um, but they do seem to be doing regular updates because when we looked at it on the stream, There were only four theyve added, a new one and revamped an older one, so they are definitely making progress. Speaking of the levels, i would say that these levels are smaller than some of the other sims weve dealt with uh.

They managed to pack in a lot of variety and a lot of complexity. I never felt really like oh theres, nothing im out of things to do, but the sheer size of the levels is a little bit limited. The other thing i think that stands out is maybe a little bit of a downside. Is that the racing there is racing, but it didnt feel very sort of mature. All right next up were going to look at the best sim for multi, gp style, racing or kind of racing in general is velocidrone um and thats uh. You know, velosterone is basically kind of. I dont know if you could call it really this, but the industry standard, thats kind of the thing i think about when i think about it, because most of the multi gp pilots are racing there on the regular to train and learn courses and stuff. A lot of new courses that get made in multi gp, like the global qualifier and similar courses, are made on velocitron for people to practice before they come or to to brush up their skills uh before they go um yeah, i feel like its a well rounded Sin that has a lot of options and has a robust online community for racing yeah. I think there are a few main things that make velocitron stand out as one of the best simulators you can get. Certainly, the physics are very good. Definitely among the best.

Its got a lot of variety in what you can do: theres theres five inch, quads, theres, uh, tiny, whoops, theres, even a combat mode that you can get where you basically are playing a first person shooter but youre, flying a quad and trying to shoot each other Down but the thing that really makes velocidrone stand out, especially if youre interested in multi gp cell racing is the culture for whatever reason all of the top multi gp racers are practicing in velocidrone theyre on the multiplayer events, its just thats, where the culture is and So if youre interested in racing theres, no question that this is the one to get so we should also mention that velosterone split out a little differently than other sims are so velocitrons base price is going to be 22.89, but one of the downsides for some people Is going to be the split out feature set of a lot of the other packs, so um, for instance, if youre looking for that combat game mode, we we talked about thats around 10.78 cents, u.s freestyle packs for quads and locations is going to be like 6.74 Cents, micro drones is 5.’, which well go into a little bit later for its specific feature, set um and theres, also a mega quads pack for 5.’. So it looks like that total price. If you get all the packs that they offer all the options is going to come in at 51.19 for your kind of whole package velocity yeah.

Now you dont have to buy all the packs, but it does certainly have a higher a ceiling on the price than any of the other simulators here. Well, blunty. We talked about the best racing, simulator being velocidrone uh. What about the best freestyle simulator and this ones? Tough because like when it comes to racing sort of the culture, the multiplayer events, the physics are all super important when it comes to freestyle. I think the most important thing is the level design a simulator with lots of cool stuff. For you to do your freestyle tricks around today, our best sim for freestyle on these cool levels, and these neat places and stuff is uncrashed. Uncrashed is a pretty new sim on the scene uh, but it seems like its basically taken a lot of people by you know by storm or, however, you want to say it. Basically, a lot of people are hopping on the train and they uh really like what uncrash has been doing yeah. The big thing that with uncrashed is that i think these levels that theyre using are like ass theyre, just purchased from an asset store somewhere. I dont think theyre original creations, but i kind of dont care when you show me a level that looks like the flying cars from the fifth element, and i get to fly my drone and flip around these flying cars. I dont care that its just an asset. You pulled from somewhere, it is super super fun and the physics arent too bad either.

Are they? No? I think, um. The physics are, you know, i think wed say you know, uh good. I think weve said, is kind of where our like middle line is. You know its its like good, so its like feels good to fly, but its, maybe not like the best thing weve flown. I think one of the biggest issues here. One of the downsides we definitely have to mention, is the lack of multiplayer yeah uh. Some would argue that for freestyle, multiplayer isnt as important as racing, but some people do like to get into a multiplayer room and like ive done, uh tutorials in velocidrone, where you can spectate another pilot and they do a trick. And you do a trick. And you take turns watching each other do the trick, while you land your quad, its pretty fun um or just play a game of quad with a bunch of freestyle pilots youre not going to be doing any of that with uncrash, because there isnt any multiplayer. If youre interested in picking up uncrashed itll cost you 14.99, that kind of brings it near the middle of the pack for a lot of our simulators, we can kind of look at liftoff as a comparison to that. Liftoff was 20 and well take a look at liftoff a little bit later, uh with a similar feature set. What, if youre interested in racing but youre not interested in five inch quads, you want to focus on tiny, whoops and micro.

Quads turns out you cant necessarily just take a good five inch, simulator and scale the physics down to micro. So the physics are a little bit different, so in this category were going to look at the simulators that are best for racing, micros or tiny whoops. So, first up and our winner in this category is going to be velocidrone winning a second category for its micro drones pack, specifically uh velostrones micro drones pack, basically adds a few different small, whoops and small other quads and then also add some tracks. Some locations and elements for those tracks to race on, and one of the things that really makes it stand out is just the quality of the simulation of the microdrones. In addition to the fact that its in velocitrons environment, which creates a you know, already, has that wonderful community environment with that multiplayer environment, the velocitron harbors, so with those things two things together, it really provides a great package in this category. On the other hand, if youre looking for a tiny web simulator – and you dont want to spend any money at all tiny whoop go is a really really fantastic option. Uh and in some ways i feel like tiny whoop go is one of the best values in this sis in this uh roundup, because the its free and the physics are very good, and i had such a good time racing it. One of the downsides, or one of the issues i would say with this sim is its almost too easy.

Something ive noticed is that crashing is super forgiving and its basically impossible to flip your quad over um, which makes it a lot of fun for people to fly and can make spec races, very competitive um, and you still get the edge if youre good. But it can also be a little weird if youre used to you know actually crashing out in a race. Another thing that people are definitely going to notice if they download and install tiny whip go. Is that the interface it it feels like a cd rom game from the 90s, and i have to say, if you let that turn you off, you are missing out as when i first saw this game. I was like what the f is this. What decade am i in and as soon as i began, flying it? I was like. Oh, this is good and i really really enjoyed flying it. I would highly its free, so theres, no, no reason not to try it. I would highly recommend tiny whoop go if youre into racing, whether youre into whoop racing or not, just a very, very fun. Simulator lets give an honorable mention to something that liftoff offers that none of the other simulators can offer and just to be clear. Blunty theres liftoff and then theres liftoff microdrones, which we talked about, which are two completely separate pieces of software and two separate engines. Liftoff has been out for years and is very, very mature and the unique thing that liftoff offers is that they modeled my house, my yard.

Literally, you can fly around my house in the simulator and it feels really accurate, uh really the first time i flew it. I was like this is just what it feels like to fly around my house, so thats pretty cool yeah. I think if we had done this simulator roundup, i would say – maybe six to eight months ago, before uncrash released, i think liftoff would have made our number one freestyle simulator and for a lot of people this is still their core freestyle experience. You know the thing the one of the things that they are going to use most of the time to get their flying in. So this is still a super solid simulator theres, still a decent amount of levels here, um lots of multiplayer options, uh for freestyle and racing modes and then also includes a track editor. If you wanted to do those kind of things as well. This is a really good simulator in almost every way. Even the physics are pretty good id say. The physics are above average uh, but uh. It just feels like in this day and age there. If you, whatever you, focus on theres, something else that edges it out slightly, especially when you consider that the price is twenty dollars which is starting to get into the higher end like, would you spend 20 on liftoff, or would you spend 20 on velocidrone for racing Velocitron, obviously, for freestyle, it depends on, if youre willing to spend that extra extra money for the freestyle packet lets use that to segue into the category of best sim for low spec pcs, you got a like a crappy cheap, pc uh.

Maybe you dont even have like a discrete graphics card in this day and age. What simulator should people pick in that case, fpv freewriter is going to be our choice for the lowest spec simulator, its a very simple simulator, but, of course, thats what you want for a low spec, simulator theres, just a few levels of basic environments, a few simple Gates to fly around and racing yeah, just a very, very minimal package, but also very minimal on the graphics requirements. Um blunty. We should also mention theres another version of this fpv free rider recharged fp whats. It called yeah fpv free rider, recharged um, that one is kind of a sequel, but it turns out it seems to run really poorly, even on really high spec machines, which most of us have and doesnt have any really redeeming qualities and its more expensive. So i think yeah hard pass on that one so get the original fpv free rider, not fpv, freewriter recharged, if youre looking for a sim for low spec pcs should also point out blunty if youve got a low, spec, pc and youre not sure try any of The free ones on this list that cost you nothing and if youre buying from steam theres a the steam, has a really liberal refund policy. Dont they yeah. Basically any game can get refunded. If you have two hours or less of playtime on that game, you just go right into the steam store and click refund and let your refund basically automatically they dont deny you so any of these sims that you feel like.

Maybe i could run this and it seems really cool and you want to give it a shot. You can pick that up give it a purchase, run it for less than two hours, just to make sure its okay and see how it runs and if it doesnt work, for you then return that two hours and 30 days im pretty sure my my kid refunds. A lot of steam games, but yeah hes never had one denied for any reason. So as long as its two hours and 30 days, you get your money back. On the other hand, if youve got a pretty high spec pc, you might want to take a look at uh. The next simulator were going to look at the gta 5 drone mod and so grand theft, auto 5 for people who dont know is a fairly popular video game where you go out and do various crimes and activities and in grand theft auto now theres a mod. You can add on your pc so that you can fly a drone yeah. The the big advantage of this, i think, is that the gta 5 map is enormous, its a gigantic map with so much variety for freestyle and fun flying theres. Just so much you can do here if you already own gta 5, and you want to try it out, go right ahead. Uh, the physics arent the best, would you say, theyre middle of the road or toward the bottom of the road im going to say towards the bottom of the road, but like.

I still think this has been the flyable category for being in cool levels. I still think were around that bracket, so you know blenty. We spend a lot of time talking about the accuracy of the physics in a simulator i mean all the simulators try to have realistic physics, but what if there was a simulator where you could actually like make the simulator fly, just like your drone yeah, so ai Drone sim, which is the next simulator on our roundup here, actually does that so he uh the developer. This simulator decided what, if we actually just took the data from your quad from your drone and then use that to influence the simulator and thats what it does so. This simulator will actually take your black box files from your recordings on your flight controller and then you can import those to make a profile and then that profile will help emulate what your quad will feel like in flight. Well, thats pretty cool in concept uh. But how does it work in practice? Does it actually work, or is it just a gimmick, uh yeah? In my experience and from the feedback that ive heard from a lot of other pilots, it does actually seem to do a good job. Unfortunately, i think one of the parts where the struggles is kind of the other pieces around it trying to get into the ui to decide like is my black box even copied or not.

Where is the profile been applied to a lot of those different pieces? Arent very clear: once you get everything set up and you can get into the simulator, then it seems to fly quite well and theres a few levels uh that are decent design for you to get around in, but theres a barrier to entry there of even making Sure everything is set properly. In addition, uh other downsides include no multiplayer and the there are race tracks in there, but its pretty. It feels a lot like just kind of tacked on so ai drone, sim going to be more for if youre interested in freestyle flying. I think uh, the other downside is at 20 bucks uh its one of the more expensive side and there definitely are simulators out there with a more sort of full featured experience for 20 bucks. But the tie in of being able to import your black box and have the quad fly kind of like your real quad is pretty cool. Next up were going to take a look at the best overall value, and this is the simulator that basically seems like it. Has as much of the whole package as it can have at a good price that it seems fair to ask people to pay to get into simulators the best value simulator today, in our opinion, is the drone racing league simulator, the drl simulator, and this is a Weird one blunty, because drl was originally started as its a television show its on nbc and real pilots, race uh, these quadcopters around arenas and auditoriums, and compete over the series for a championship.

I think theyre in their third or fourth season now and um. So originally, when i thought about the drl simulator, i thought well theyre going to be flying the oddball quadcopter its like a 7 inch quadcopter that they fly on the television show, and it does that, but its also got 5 inch, quads and and so forth. Its got a variety of quads, you can race a variety of levels, its not just simulating. The television show experience yeah um its also got good onboarding for new pilots. Like we talked about a little bit earlier in the orca fpv skydive section um, there is basically full onboarding for new pilots here, and this actually has like, i think, its 30 or more levels for each pilot to go through, and it steps you from a very Simple to a very advanced pilot, where youre doing full acro around full tracks and its making sure that it can help you do that um its got easy controller setup, it kind of helps. You bind everything properly and, like you mentioned theres a variety of those drone sizes and theres also ranking tiers online. You have xp and levels theres. You know like we mentioned theres difficulty modes, theres multiplayer, support with drop in dropout theres, a track editor theres. A lot of different cool things in drl for you to get play around with. I will say, if theres a downside to this one, its that the focus on their racer four seven inch, quad and their television show – does distract a little bit if youre, just kind of interested in 5 inch freestyle.

The physics engine is definitely tailored around the racer 4 and every time i fly their 5 inch quads. I kind of feel like its not quite right and a lot of level design is focused around the kind of environments that they fly in the racer for uh. Although there definitely are some other just sort of generic freestyle levels like theres, a u.s air force, aircraft, boneyard um one one upside of the television show tie in, though, is that they do the championships and you can literally win a seat on the television show uh, Including a salary uh by winning a competition in the simulator. I would also like to mention that one of the other upsides here for me was this was kind of my introduction to racing and the focus on the seven inch racing creates this uh thing. Weve talked about a little bit where youre, basically keeping high on the throttle the entire time, and what happens is once you get to that point where youre used to throttling up and youre kind of using yaw roll and pitch to get through all your obstacles. You start to learn more about how track flow works and how track elements are designed and where youre cutting time while maintaining throttle. So its literally all about just the line, youre picking and maintaining momentum, i feel, like thats, been a huge help for me. Moving over to tiny whip racing and multi gp racing, because um the same things apply in that racing as well.

I i 100 agree. You figure out so much more about how a quadcopter flies and, and that experience alone actually might be worth the price of admission, which is ten dollars, but its often on sale for less. So that will bring us to the end of our simulator roundup list. But one more thing we wanted to mention before we go since we are talking about simulators today is that edge tx is a new software for open tx radios that you may or may not be familiar with, but edge tx 2.5 and later has a fix that You should definitely be aware of any open, tx or hdx radio before that version has an issue with usb latency and it is quite high because of a bug that was in the mixer, so you htx 2.5 fixes all that and all you have to do is Flash stx 2.5 and you have a much faster, usb latency experience yeah. This is dont, underestimate if youre like eyes are glazed over at this point, youre going whatever i just want to play a simulator. Please do not underestimate what a big difference this fix makes. So many people say the physics on my simulator feel terrible and the first time blunty and i tried a simulator with this edge tx fix in. We were blown away with how much better and more realistic it felt. If youre, if youre serious about simulators, then you absolutely should install edge tx on your radio.

Of course, i have a tutorial about how to do that and ill put a link in the video description. I i heartily encourage you to do that. If youre going to be playing simulators, um but thats, it thats it. Hopefully now you know the best simulator for your needs and there are links in the video description to where you can download all of these and for once, blunty theyre, not affiliate links. So i dont have affiliates at any of these stores. I just uh wanted to get out there and make some good content for the community and i sure appreciate it. Man, you and i spent like probably 20 hours, trying all these simulators uh. So i hope – and you did a lot of research uh as well. This video wouldnt have been the same without you yeah. I hope everybody appreciates the roundup and we can find some good options for people. Maybe they didnt know about or submit the thing they liked. Already so im happy happy. Everyone got to stay and check that out. Yeah me too thats gon na do it for today, though, thank you guys so much for watching and happy flying in the simulator this time. Take it easy guys patrons are the people who make all this possible not to disrespect you cause youre, watching all the way to the end which really helps the analytics.