It came to me a couple weeks ago: i’ve been testing it out in the state of oregon, where we have epic, epic stuff to film and places to go. We don’t just film in the backyard on my youtube channel. No, we actually go out and fly in real world environments where there is some super epic epic footage to be collected with something like this now you’re kind of on the fence. Right now, you’re – probably watching this video, because you’re kind of thinking about the super popular mavic mini 2. It is a great little portable, quad i’ll put the link down below. So you can check out the description of this one and some of the specs on it. But really what we’re here today to do is take a look at the xeno 2 plus it is improved on a few different levels here, mainly for the range the range will get you out now: nine kilometers it’s about 5.6 miles, which is pretty damn good. It also has around a 35 minute flight time, so that is extraordinary in the drone world. It does better than the mavic pro which originally came out getting us around 32 minutes years ago, but now we’re getting up in an upwards of 35 minutes. So 40 minutes on some of these consumer drones, so the battery technology is really starting to catch up and get us some longer flight times now that varies on battery time, depending on where you’re flying, if you’re flying into a really strong headwind out on the coast.

Your battery time is going to be dramatically decreased, as well as your flight temperature. If the flight temperature is super cold under 35 degrees, it’s going to really make your battery tank quicker, so combination of wind and cold weather can really decrease your battery flight time, but i was still getting close to 30 minutes when it was 30 degrees. Outside i mean i was also able to get and when it gets up into the 40s to 45 to 50 degrees, i’m, still getting close to 35 minutes with the stock battery. So two different options with this one down below you can get the one with one battery combo or the two battery combo for around 5.99. I believe, and one battery combo is around 529, so it is a little more expensive than the mini 2, but you’re getting more drone here and the great thing about this drone versus this drone. If you’re still with me, the big thing is that this drone will go places in windier conditions, because it has a ton more weight. It is over that 250 gram mark this. One is right in at 49, but this one will not go places that this one will go in coastal conditions like weather conditions out on the coast. When you have a little bit of wind. This one is a tank and it will head out into the wind, no problem 15 to 20 mile an hour wind. I would i would fly this up too in that wind anything over 20 i mean even like over 15 you’re, starting to have a possibility of of component failure.

So the more you stress out the power system on a drone in high wind, the more chances you have of burning up an esc and when you lose one esc on something like a quad it’s going to drop to the ground. So you’re going to crash and kill your drone, but those are the risks you take. So a lot of you guys. I know you ask questions like how much when can i handle um? How? How long does it fly? How far does it go? These are the most basic questions on the channel, so we’re going to answer some of those questions today in this review and i’m going gon na tell you why this is my go to over my mini, so the mini stays at home. A lot um. If i was traveling somewhere like indonesia, um and uh and i’m, like gon na be on the airlines, i might take something like this in a backpack, because this is super ultra light and portable for backpacking or anything like that – and i can put this in an Extremely small bag and get away with a lot here so – and this is just for sort of short flights – it did extend the range on the the two version versus the original mavic mini. So that is nice that they did that. However, this one’s going to go more places in in more weather conditions, so, if you’re looking for kind of the best all around drone that’s, not dji with all the no fly zones, this one will will do the job.

So very good drone, with a few minor upgrades compared to the original one and i’ll put i’ll put all the the originals. You know series down below. There are different price points now this one being the most expensive but goes the furthest with the range so um. If that’s, what you’re looking for the xeno2 plus is the one to get plus the video just looks outstanding and really fantastic. So let’s go ahead now and let me show you some super epic video uh we’ll play around with a a cloudy day and we’ll. Do some coastal flying out over the water where there is always a chance of dropping in the water, so be careful if you fly over water, most of you guys know it taking a little bit of a risk, but wow the video footage looks amazing. So let’s go ahead and do some flying with the xeno, 2 plus and then we’ll come back on the bench and we’ll check this out a little closer up. If you want a full review of this squad after the flight test here we go Music Applause, Music. So, Music, good Music Applause, so Music, all right guys, welcome back to the bench after the flight test was that fun. The video footage looks amazing. Um i’m really liking this camera um and ever since they came out with the xeno2 i’ve been happy with the xenos footage and i think it’s up to par on um dji cameras and it’s taken a while for hubsan to kind of catch up, because originally these Guys started out making sort of um kind of like a little bit better grade quality grade what i call hobby grade stuff because you can get parts for their quadcopters, so we’re at the point where the hubsan xeno series is wow.

It seems like three years plus in the making now, so we have many different versions of this. I won’t go through all the versions, but we start out with the original one, which was not so great. I did a review on that one. It was okay um, but the femi at the time that xiaomi fiemi the. However you pronounce that as xiaomi um it’s just uh, that one was a better drone at the time and xeno2 came out and that was far improved upon the original xeno. So now we’re at a point where the xeno2 plus you know nine kilometers and 35 minute flight time on these batteries is really exceptional and it is on par with the mini 2 so and the biggest difference between this one and this one is the fact that Yeah you do get similar flight times, but this one will handle more weather. So whereas this one disappoints me in just a little bit of wind, you almost have to have like perfect conditions to fly these um, because i’ve had friends who took them out to the coast, and you can even look up these videos on youtube. This little guy goes out offshore and then with a headwind coming back. This is so light that it sometimes can’t make it back to shore, which is a huge problem. So your 500 drone is out there in the water. Well, you can’t make it back in that headwind. This is a beast.

It will fly straight through the wind back to shore, so that is the biggest benefit and since we do have 35 minute flight time on these batteries, um on a normal weather, condition day, we’re we’re doing quite well with the flight time, so the mini 2 fly More combo is going to get you an upwards of 600 and that’s right about the price point of this one, with two batteries: um you’re gon na get three batteries in the fly more combo with this one for 5.99, with some other accessories in a bag. You also get a bag with this one which i’ll show you in a minute, but um yeah. My choice for for some, some real hardcore filming would be this guy, um and so, and the modes that come along with it as well. Follow me orbit mode um, very similar modes like active track, and things like that also come with the xeno2 plus so um. If you’re looking for the most basic modes and taking gps mode off and flying in attitude mode, it’ll also do that. You know like what we call sport mode, so you can get an upwards of 50 miles an hour plus with the xeno2 plus so a faster drone than this little guy in sport mode. So that’s one of the big concerns like if you want to do motocross or any high speed chase stuff um like drift car racing things like that, this guy will keep up with a race car um much better on a track um.

Now, if it’s straight away racing, you know you’re doing 150 miles per hour plus this is neither one of these drones is gon na work for that. But as far as the the initial comparison, those are the two. Those are the big benefits of xeno2 plus over the mavic mini 2., so again around the same price point but you’re you’re getting more drone for your money for for this purchase, so um and it’s hella cheaper than the all tell drones, and most of you guys Are also considering possibly an all tail drone, so this is a better value hub sands. Bringing in on this one – and you know the props – they are plastic. They feel a little bit um a little bit flexible, but they are much thicker than these, so um prop thickness is super important uh as far as them shattering in flight. You do not want to prop the shatter in flight. It’S. Rarely happened to me, but depending on how the the drone has been stored or if it’s button button bumped or you have a loose screw, i mean there’s all kinds of things that can happen, but it does feel like a very thick piece of plastic close to The core, so they get thinner as they go and they taper out to the end and there’s a little more flex here and that acts sort of like a dihedral in an airplane and gives us a little smoother flying drone um.

So they’ve done that type of technology on different quadcopters for years, but as far as the opening up of this drone, it is very similar to the mavic pro the larger one um. It has that sort of low stance in the back and high in the front. Very similar to the original mavic, the larger one and see if i can get this cover off and show you the three axis gimbal. So this is a much more substantial camera than what we had before. You know 4k at 60 frames per second three axis gimbal and it flies extremely smooth which is really really nice. So coming back for a landing, no problem, total stability and the gps return to home also works great. So you get into bind, you can press the return to home button right on the controller or inside the app. Now the camera let’s just talk about the camera itself, because you know that’s, one of the biggest most important parts of a drone is at the end of the day. You want good footage, so this camera is doing 4k at 60 frames per second, which is super sweet um. You have an iso range for still photography from 100 to 1600 automatic and you can do manual up to 3200. So plenty of change for the aperture and the shutter speed. You can change all that stuff in there. So your 4k resolutions come in at 38.40 by 2160 at 30 or 60 frames per second, so that’s cool.

You can also drop it down to 2.7. If you want to make really nice high quality videos, but you want to have a little more time for recording and you can drop it also down again to 1080p and 720p i’m, not sure why you would record 720p, but you’re, just playing around doing some testing That might that would be totally fine. It also makes a separate file on the sd card like a little thumbnail file. So, if you want to upload, say a quick video to facebook or something like that on the sd card, you’ll see two different files. You’Ll see a big file that has gigabytes and gigabytes and that’ll, be your 4k file, and then you can also do the thumbnail video for up to social uploading to social media, which is nice. You also have an sd card slot on the side and the sd card slot has a little trapdoor here, it’s a rubber trap door to keep moisture out, and you also have a usb port in there for firmware updates. The sd card that i use is um down in the link down below they’re they’re super cheap, they’re, 64 gigabyte cards um. I can get a lot of video recorded to that for in 4k format, and the card is fast enough and it doesn’t trip up so that’s. A really nice option on this drone so having the right sd card makes all the difference. If you get too slow of a card, it’ll actually tell you in the app like the card is too slow and you you can’t record to it so um you need a high speed card and fat32 is the format.

But again you can. You can format it on your computer before you put it in the drone, fat32 format or you can do it inside the app and it will erase everything on there and format it. So i always recommend the first time you fly it to format the sd card inside your app and that’s, going to do justice and make sure you come home with some video. You also can do image format, jpeg and dng. It does not say it does raw support, so if you guys are looking for raw camera format, that’s not quite doable, but i believe it does support hdr as well, so that’s kind of cool but jpeg and dng is pretty pretty much a file format standard out There for photography – and we also have the video format in mp4, which is cool or you can do mov file, and you can also do h.264 mpeg, which is also great but really nice, that the image transmission as well works great from the camera. Back to your phone, my iphone, i have the brand new iphone and it works great on that. Coming back to the phone and there’s, not a ton of lag. The only time i had any lag was kind of getting to the point where i’m a little far away from uh, say i have a few things in between myself and the drone you get. You know get if you get a mile out and you have some trees in between you and the drone.

This drone will show you some type of video, breakup and stutter, but then again most of them will, when you have objects between you and the drone. Now, on the bottom of the xeno 2 plus, it has an interesting battery configuration it’s, not a battery that slides into the back of the drone and locks into place. This way it actually goes in the very bottom of the drone, and i kind of like the way it goes in so the biggest problem, with some of the ones that go in the back, sometimes don’t click in properly, and then you fly off somewhere with your Drone and it kind of wiggles a tiny bit back and these teeth along this connector here can become disconnected and that’s how people’s, dji drones will fall to the ground um to their death and their demise. So years past there was a lot of mavics that were actually falling out of the air that had a top load battery, and sometimes it wouldn’t get clicked in when the the pilot would put the battery in so you’d have a failure. This one is kind of a foolproof battery system. You push two buttons here, they slide back and it pulls the battery up and the way the battery goes in there. You can’t put it in like this. It actually doesn’t go in in this direction. It has to go in at the bottom first and then it kind of swings down and these two latches lock securely into place and you’ll hear them click, and it also has a smart button here for giving you how much battery life is left here.

So up right now you can’t really see it, but i’ve got two bars here on this battery and the charger. The charger is actually pretty quick, the charger on this drone. I think it charges in under two hours. It was really fast. I charged the battery. The other day from the i flew it all the way down to the last led and it was charged super quick um. So i think the charger on this. This drone is really great. It also comes with a two port charger. If you get the two battery combo like this one, you can get it on the usa store actually um. They have a usa warehouse for the xeno2 plus and i think it’s a little cheaper there, actually, which is weird 589 for this whole entire combo. So you can plug in once. You have this battery charger plugged into the wall. It has an ac adapter on it. You’Ve got this here, so you can see charge here. You’Ve also got an output port here. If you want to expand and add more of these to charge four batteries at once, these come off, so this is kind of a cool technology that really haven’t seen before um it’s kind of a daisy chain type of thing. So i can have both of these batteries charging at once and these teeth line up and it won’t. Let you do it wrong um, resulting in reverse polarity, so reverse polarity can kill your battery battery instantly.

So if you’ve got the poles mixed um, you can fry the battery so once it starts to charge you’ll see it do this, and you know this battery should be good back up to full charge in under an hour, so really cool, and you also have a 2 amp usb port here for charging your device. So if you want to charge your phone on the road you could get, i believe you can get a vehicle adapter for this type of charger and charge while you’re driving to your destination, which is cool. But i love the fact that it does quick charge as well. So these batteries are a 15.2 volt, 3800 milliamp battery and so far they’ve been doing really well and i got ta say guys: don’t keep these in a hot car in the middle of the summer. Take them out of your car and store them somewhere, like in your hotel room where it’s you know, air conditioned so that’s very important. If you start to see this case start to swell. That means you have a battery that’s going bad, so you definitely want to take care of your batteries and make sure they’re properly balanced, charged but that’s what this charger does for you and you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you don’t see any swelling, but 35 minute flight time on these batteries is really really nice. Now the controller itself, it does remind me of the original mavic series style controller, but it is a little boxier.

It has camera button here, gimbal control wheel here, we’ve got our flight modes button record button. We have our two antennas that come up and you want to flip these up when you’re flying. We have our power button in the middle, the return to home button. Here you can see the landing pad sort of with the h on it and then our modes button and down here we have our usb port on the side. This is like an android style port that this plugs into, and just underneath this trapdoor, it says pull, and this will store your phone while you’re flying so phone on the bottom configuration – and i just tuck this down here in the meantime – and this is my lightning Style, cable for my iphone. They also give you a usbc cable in for newer phones or android phones, which is nice, and they give you the original android cable as well. So you get three different cables in the box with it. But underneath here is your gimbal? Stick storage, so this stick will come out and they screw into place, and this is nice for travel, because a lot of times in the past i’ve i’ve come somewhere off the end of an airline getting my luggage and had a broken control. Stick so or a broken gimbal and had to do a repair on the road, so that’s not easy, but it’s nice that these unscrew and the battery inside this remote it lasts a long time it’s a 30 350 milliamp battery um.

So it will, it will get you probably well over a week’s worth of flying and these store back in the very bottom, and we also have another, i believe, there’s another usb port underneath here, but that might be just for storing this cable here you can just Run it right across like that and tuck it in here and close this up and now it’s nice and neat for storage – and this is running, i believe it was running on 2.4, if i’m not mistaken, but it has an input charge rate of about 1 amp. So it’s not like the battery charger, runs up around 2 amp from the wall and when these are daisy chained by the way they what they do, is they kind of go along the chain. So they’ll charge this one at first, but i don’t believe right now. It’S charging both of them at the same time, so it’ll just kind of go down the line and eventually charge all the batteries in the chain, but it’s, just so cool that you can get extra chargers and extend this out and daisy chain it. But the controller feels nice and comfortable in my hands and um. The good thing is that this version of it has a nice transmission rate, so you can break down the resolution in the app and make it a little more real time with a little less lag. But i feel like these are just as good and better than the wi fi drones that, like dji, the original mavic mini.

The big problem was that that was on wi fi. The newer one has an updated system which will work a lot better but i’m. Pretty happy with the controller and the easy use of this controller – there’s, not a lot of buttons on here, and they make it simple and most of the changes you make inside the app for flying the drone and, lastly, guys the bag is looking pretty good. They’Ve kind of updated the feel and the outside texture of the bag to a little nicer sort of it’s, not like a faux leather or anything like that, but it does have a nice feel to it. It’S softer than the original bag. You’Ve got this sort of mesh pocket on the side. You have an adjustable strap here, which is cool, so this can be longer or shorter, and the zippers are kind of nice. They open up to reveal your drone storage part of the bag. This goes in its own little pocket on the side and the drone folds up nice and small for transport. The folding drones are really great for just really getting things small and tidy inside a bag, and then everything fits in there. So this is nice that this bag accommodates the charger two batteries, your transmitter and the drone. So – and it comes with extra propellers in here, it has sort of a little soft trapdoor right here, which reveals another bottom storage area. Your extra cables for your transmitter and we have an extra battery spot over here on this side.

Sometimes i put one here and we have usb cable as well. You get some extra props. You get a screwdriver for making sure that these screws are tight. Make sure those are tight before you take off, because you don’t want them to fly off mid fly, but each one of these screws are also lock tited, which is super important that these screws don’t back out, if you want to you, can update these screws with A new, tiny, little dab of loctite, a fresh spot of loctite will do this, some real justice, and then this is your android cable for plugging it into your computer. If you want to load the video straight from the drone to your computer, you can do that which is kind of cool um, but your firmware updates, mostly nowadays, are done over the app, and i recently did a firmware update on this drone and it took about. I think it took around 10 minutes, but look at all the extra props. We also have an extra bag of props in here so um. I got two bags of props with this. The only the only thing that’s kind of a little bit tricky with this drone. In my opinion is putting the gimbal protector back on this drone i’m, always trying to figure out which way it goes, and the biggest thing with most of these drones is that you don’t want to force anything. So the longer you own, a drone like this, the more familiar you’ll get with the gimbal cover just takes a tiny little bit of pressure to get it on properly and now it’s on there, but other than that.

I really like this drone. I think that this is one that you can trust out there i mean i’ve flagged this. I would fly this down the beach for miles and and out over the water, no problem, i i trust the drone. I trust the performance and it honestly came back with some really amazing amazing footage. So i’ll leave you guys with a little bit of sample footage from my xeno two plus experience, and i really appreciate you watching hanging out on the channel and hope to see you around more make some comments down below what you think about the xeno 2 plus, Because i think it’s pretty awesome, i mean it has 5 star reviews on the link down below, and these guys are loving it all around the world. So definitely want to think about. If you’re looking for a drone that you can rely on and is a great price, half the price of a lot of the drones, its size, so one of the best price and one of the best resulting video from a 4k drone at 60 frames per second Xeno 2 plus, is is definitely good. If you want to pick one up a little bit cheaper. If you don’t want to spend 600 on two batteries, you can get the original xeno2 and there’s only a slight difference of the range you know: uh eight kilometers versus nine kilometers, so i mean the other one still goes close to five miles out.

So honestly, um the the two would be just fine too. If you wanted to pick that up for a little cheaper that one’s again 4′ for that one. So pick one of those up at the link below i’ll list um both of those models – xeno 2 and the xeno 2 plus. But if you’re, the guy that has to have all the bells and whistles grab the 2 plus and you will love it. So thanks again guys for watching. Please subscribe to the channel for really honest drone reviews and real world testing i’m justin davis guys take care.