Now this is part of the black hawk 2 series, which is brand new coming out summer 2022. Now this is part of a pro line for exo. Now, if youre youre not familiar with xo, they are a drone company based in the united states. They are the fastest growing drone company in the world and its because they make incredible drones. So this drone is the lowest of their four new drones. As far as cost goes, it is their ultra lightweight 249 grams. It is truly a mini drone or a mini copter ive played with exo drones, ive owned an xo ranger 7 plus in the past, which is an incredible drone, but i am really excited about this. One now exo sent me this one in advance, so i could go through all the features before its launch and i was just blown away. This is an incredible drone, its huge upgrades from from what they had in their previous line. Im just really excited to share with you all the things that ive discovered Music all right. So first lets talk about the sensor thats the most important thing in a professional drone, because youre taking footage youre going to use it for b roll for your youtube channel or for professional projects, and so the sensor really matters. Now the sensor on the um xo mini is a 104 2.6 inch sensor that is on par with the old dj. Iso. Dji is kind of the industry standard as far as sensors goes and in their last line, thats very similar to what this sensor is like and so for their pro level, drones thats very comparable to this Music Music, oh Music, all right lets talk about the size And weight now, if we fold this up, we get a five and a half by three and a half by two and a half inch drone.

Now you can see it is small. This will fit in my pocket. I know because ive been carrying it around in my pocket, so i can just stick it in and the remote or the controller is similar, so you can stick one in one pocket, one in the other and youre good to go so size wise. This is really incredible. What most people care about is the weight and the weight on this is 249 grams. Now, the reason they do 249 grams, its because there are regulators in the united states and most other countries. That say if you are under 250 grams, which is roughly over half a pound, if its under 250 grams, then its less dangerous, and so for that reason you dont have to register it for recreational use. In most cases, you dont have to have a certification to fly it in most cases, and so that wave is kind of the industry standard going at 249 grams, and so this meets that threshold every place has different rules and regulations. So you still have to check those things out, but this meets the the weight standard, so thats, pretty cool, so its small and its light Music. Okay, so lets talk about features for a minute now. This has a lot of upgrades over the previous line and a few things that i was especially excited about. Now it has hyperlapse, which is incredible for a drone at this price point.

It has waypoint mode, so you can chart a course using gps. It has orbit mode, so you can have it circle around you, which is really cool um. I did some filming with my brother and we circled him. It was pretty cool to see that orbit mode. Now those are all really great, but one of the most that or one of the things that really interested me was wind resistance mode. So i live in a city that is super windy, and so you can turn on the wind resistance, and i tried this out just on default mode and it actually fared really well in the wind in default mode, and so i was able to go around and Just do things within my yard with really heavy winds and its still, you know the gimbal is great and it took great video just on default, but it does have a wind resistance mode that you can activate and then it will do even better. Oh, i should say in wind resistance mode or just talking about wind resistance, um, one of the things that i noticed is if there was some wind as it was ascending, and especially if i ascended with a rotate, it would kind of jerk a little bit and So it wasnt perfectly smooth if there was a little bit of wind or, if youre rotating too fast – and that was one of the the complaints i have about this drone is the default.

Rotation is really fast and it does make the video a little bit choppy. I wish it was a slower rotation. Now i havent gotten into the settings yet to tweak that, but just that default setting its a little fast on the rotation so thats, something that youll have to mess with now. The mode that i was most excited about is the follow me mode and the active follow mode, because i do a lot of action shots and i dont have a camera cream to team to follow me around, and so i want to be able to just select What im doing or whatever i want it to follow and not have to worry about it. So i tested this out uh this week. I simply went to one of the places where i like to go running and i you have to be about 10 meters from the drone, so i had to raise it up and then lower the gimbal so that it was on me. This took a little bit of practice for me, uh just to get in the right range because it has to start in the right range. And then you just put click a little button on the screen and it will highlight that thing or you can draw a rectangle around whatever it is. You want to follow so i selected myself and then i just put my controller away and locked it in my car and went for a run and the drone just followed me.

So i was able to go out on my run. It followed me. I was able to get some great shots and it stays about 10 meters away. So when you first set it up, you can decide how high you want it to be and how far you want it to be away, but its going to have about those 10 meters. Now one of the things about this particular drone is the xo mini. Does not have obstacle avoidance, it does have collision sensors and if you like, you put your hand under it, its going to hover and things its going to still sense things, but it doesnt have that collision avoidance uh that youll have on some of the higher end. Drones and in fact the xo mini pro, does have obstacle avoidance and a lot of the older xl drones, have it as well, but that was just one of the things they kept off. I think trying to keep the price down on the xo mini all right lets talk about the battery life and range. Now the battery you can get just a single battery with the drone or you can buy two batteries and they will come with this little charger. It just docks right on it, and then you just connect with your um, its not the usbc, its the micro um card or the micro, whatever connector, and so you just connect that you plug it in and it will charge it.

It does take a while to charge a few hours, but the nice thing about this new upgrade is these batteries have youre going to get a flight time of over 30 minutes now, i think, similar to the new dji battery. It has a 34 minute uh 34 minute flight time or you can special order. The intelligent battery that gives you up to 47 minutes, so you can upgrade for that. But on the 34 minutes i tested that out. I wanted to take it to its max, and so i took it out several times to see if it would make it the full 34 minutes, and it does, but with a caveat so first hooray longer battery life, which is awesome. When you have two batteries, you get a full hour of flight time, which is incredible for a professional drone. However, when you get to about 40 youll get a warning on your screen that says 40 and just to give you that warning once you hit 30, some of your features are going to go away its going to recommend that you return to home at 30 percent And youre not going to be able to activate some of those special features now the reason for that i learned is because, if your battery dies, while its out, you know your drone is gone, and the range on this drone is pretty impressive and so youre going To get a six kilometer range now going just straight up, you can go up to 800 meters or a half mile, but your extended range is six kilometers, now thats about four miles and thats a long distance with the speed that this drone goes.

If you are fully up a half a mile and out four miles its going to take you about 10 minutes to return to home and thats going to drain about 30 of your battery, i know because i did this and so thats why things are disabled. At 30 is because, in some cases, youll need that full time to get back now, if youre, just local, then you just override, and you can still do what you want just know that it takes about 30 percent of the battery to return from fully extended range. If youre moving the whole time, the the total flight range is almost 20 kilometers, which is pretty amazing, um and so a great range on this and a really great battery life. Now that makes this drone competitive with the dji mini 3 pro, and so this is really competing with the top drones in the world in that pro mini category, and that brings us, of course, to cost now this i believe there, the price is set at 5.99. However, as they launch it, theyre dropping it down to 4.99 for for prices. Of course, just go. Follow the link in the description to the website, but this is starting out at a very competitive price. In fact, they claim that this is the most affordable pro level. Drone in the world and from all the research that ive done, i agree with that. This is definitely the least expensive professional grade.

Drone mini drone that you can find anywhere now. It stacks up very well with the top level drones, but it is a little bit cheaper and so youre giving up a few things like that obstacle avoidance, but this is for for the price. This is about as good as it gets, which explains why this is the fastest growing drone company in the world. Now one thing that i love about a few things, let me talk about some things. I love about exo drones. One is they are based in the united states, actually here in utah and im here in southern utah, so thats super cool for me to have a local company thats doing so well, ive worked with them in the past, with other drones and ive had to take Advantage of their customer service because i have had a few things – go wrong with my drones. Their customer service is fantastic, theyre super responsive. You get a real human to talk to, they take care of things, and so i have not had any issues. That is a huge benefit in the drone world compared to something like dji, which is based out of china, and so i really love having a u.s based customer service and the company based here in the united states. Okay. So this is the exo mini drone. Its part of the blackhawk 2 series – and i highly recommend you get this drone, especially if youre looking for a mini drone, especially if youre looking one with professional features that active follow, is super super cool, and this is a us based company theyre, doing good work.

Theres a reason theyre so popular right now and so go ahead and go to their website ill put a link in my description. I do have an affiliate link that ill use and please use it if this video was valuable for you. If this helped, you make your decision on what kind of drone to buy, please follow my links. I im new to doing these drone videos and i want to keep working with xo. So i want you to use my link, so they see that these videos are valuable. All right have a great day.