This is the exo x7 ranger plus drone. Now this is a drone. Um xo is a new company. Theyve just been around a couple of years, and this is kind of their star drone, its their middle of the run, which for them is, is high end. They do have um a few that are a little fancier um that are specifically for professionals um, and then they have an entry level. Drone thats in the 150 dollar range. I think its called the xo scout. This is the ranger plus they used to have a ranger. Now they just have this ranger plus, and this is kind of their their thing, and they do it well um, so ive been playing with it and actually using it for work for the last few weeks, and so this will be a full review that talks about Kind of some of the features what to expect what i like what i dont like well, give you the whole skinny here so lets start with the design um, as you can see its a beautiful drone um it i it just folds out um and youve got Your motion sensor on top for obstacle avoidance, it has 150 degree obstacle avoidance and then youve got your camera on the bottom with the gimbal. Now this is a three axis: gimbal um and the photos are nine megapixels, so pretty high quality photos and the video can shoot in 2k. I think that higher end drone does the full 4k, but this one just does 2k, which is still pretty awesome, definitely better than anything that was even available two or three years ago, and so really high quality, video and ill show you some samples of that here.

So with the drone youll see that um weve got a pretty awesome battery here, the it comes with two batteries, so weve got two of these bad boys. Um itll give you a full 25 minutes, so youre going to get 50 minutes off a single charge and then, of course, if you bring a battery pack or whatever you can have one charging, while the other ones going um and so thats pretty awesome to have Those two batteries also with the battery the controller um i havent – had to charge it yet so i dont know how long it lasts, but at least four or five hours uh, because i havent had the charge now it will just plug into a usb so thats An easy charge on this one, one more thing about the camera is: it does have a zoom that you can do straight from the app so while youre controlling it, you can do. It has like a 50 time, digital zoom thats, not going to change the quality of your video and so anytime. I need to zoom, like that. I just shoot the video and then i zoom in post production, but you can zoom straight from the app. So if youre shooting something – and you want to zoom in on it right at in real time uh, you can do that so thats, pretty cool, so lets talk about the flying experience. Uh exo promotes this drone as a beginner drone, or at least a drone that anyone can use a child can use and ive had my kids, try it out and theyre right.

Any kid can use it. However, i wouldnt consider this a beginner drone just because of the modes that it has and the functionality it has. There is a little bit of a learning curve, ive owned a dozen or so drones, and this one handles better than most, but there definitely are beginner drones that are foolproof. That are really really simple for kids and i think this ones a little more difficult than that. So i wouldnt say that this is a drone that youd want to give a child, but maybe a teenager on up to adults, thats kind of where this is geared towards. Now, where i live its super super windy, and that was something i considered in getting this drone is. It does have wind resistance. I think they call it like level five wind resistance. I dont know what that means, but i do know that ive flown it in the wind and it handles itself really well. It can go its normal mode, its like 17 to 20 miles an hour, and you can turn it on like a speed mode, and it goes up to 27 miles an hour as far as handling whether youre using the controller and the little knobs or using your Phone and putting the controls on the phone it handles pretty well its responsive every once in a while. I feel like its a little jerky um, not so much with the controller. But if youre just using your phone – and you have like the little knobs on the phone, its really really sensitive, and so, if youre just trying to turn a little bit or whatever it doesnt work.

Well, uh. The circle mode is really cool um and for landscapes and things – and one thing i didnt even know this: when i first got it um, i would have gotten it anyways. Well, obviously, i did because i didnt know about this, but one thing that exo has done is they kind of pride themselves in their customer service, um theyre, trying to make a name off how well they treat their customers and having interacted with them for a couple Times they have a couple questions and i needed to contact them. Theyre super responsive, get back to you right away, if not immediately, and so thats really cool, but as part of that customer journey or customer experience, theyve actually created a bunch of videos. Now, when you first get the drone, the installation and the startup video and the thing that takes you through the basic modes, thats super cool, but in addition to that, they have, i think, like a seven episode series of how to take your drone flying to the Next level, and so they give you um tips on how to take great landscapes and how to do different things with your videography and as a fairly new uh videographer. As someone new to content creation with youtube – and things like that, i have found that their videos are actually really really good. Im surprised they dont have them on youtube. They just have them on their website, but theyre, fantastic videos, so thats kind of one of the bonuses of getting one of their drones is at least youll learn about their video series.

It does come with a bag and the bag is pretty nice. So its just a normal carrying bag. I know that kind of is now standard on your higher end drones, but its a pretty nice bag. It has enough room for both your batteries and space for notes or whatever. So it is a pretty nice case which ive enjoyed because im carrying it around a lot to to go in different places: um heres, just my overall impressions and feelings about this drone. I think that its perfect for someone who is trying to go from hobbyist as far as just flying drones for fun to someone whos a legit content creator and is trying to take great scenery, shots great aerial shots zoom in on different things. My son has a cool channel, its called crazy, fast car, where hes restoring a 1967 ford, mustang and im really excited now to have this drone to just while hes out working on the car welding it and doing different things. I can zoom in on different angles. Just to have some really really awesome, b roll so as a content, creator thats what this drone is going to do for me its its going to elevate my b roll game so that i can be more of a storyteller now, if you want to pick up One of these drones and i highly recommend that you at least consider it. You can go over to the website and i think ill probably have some sort of link that ill put in the description.

So go ahead and check that out in the description and enjoy your exo, x7 ranger plus drone its a great little drone.