This quad right here is running 7 inch. Props. It has motors on here that are super low kV, 1600 kV. They are 2306 gap. Rc speed X, branded motors with gym fans 7 inch props on here we have TPU trimmings on the front and back it also comes with GPS and it's ready to go with crossfire setup for crossfire and long range. Flying now, this quad originally got me around 25 minutes flight time. You can also do a lie on set up for 6s on here and get up to 35 minutes flight time with this quad, so what's so special about the gab RC crocodile 7. Well, I think the price is really good on this one it's around 300. You can take this croc 7, even a step further and since it's 2020 and we've been so far into HD fpv. Now we have the DJI digital system on here. This is mechanics Vista and I'm running it right up front here. It has plenty of room up front. It even has a mounting on the bottom for 20 by 20 stack up front. So if you wanted to bolt this right down to the frame, you can do that and you have space for it. So you can make your crock 7hd with your DJI fpv digital system now go out there three miles plus and really get some long range. Hd quality style cinema footage, if you want to add the full blown air module, you might be able to kind of squeeze that in there.

But I went with the CAD X Vista system because I think it's lighter and I seemed it to get better range and penetration with this particular receiver versus the other one. I have tested both of them in some pretty extreme environments behind trees, and I found that this one fails safe less. So if you want to use the DJI radio with this and bind it up, you can do that. You'Ll get you'll get at least two and a half to three miles out with this particular receiver setup, and it also depends on your line of sight, of course, so be careful with that. But this quad right here will bring you home some super quality cinema style stuff and over the past year, I've been all over the state of Oregon and we have flown some really amazing places. I mean out in the middle of the desert out in The Dalles we've, been down big, beautiful rivers like the Deschutes out on the Oregon coast and flying over the ocean with this quad I've flown it up and down some of the most extreme mountain ranges in The state as well and really had a lot of fun just sending this quad out there, and I want to give you guys a little bit of a flight test and an sample of to remind a lot of you guys what this quad is capable of. And why you might be interested in getting yourself a seven inch for 4k GoPro Cinema style stuff? This is the optimum set up now with HD onboard, so let's go ahead and do a quick flight test and then I'll come back and I'll.

Give you my recommendations for this quad if you decide to grab one of these also, the HD system that I recommend to put on here. If you decide to upgrade to HD, the Vista is absolutely my choice so up to a five thousand milliamp here and we get you well over 20 minutes flight time. You can go for s5000 on here. You can fly that or you can fly a success for thousands, so a lot of options and we'll talk about some of those options. After I show you some amazing flight footage of the croc 7hd. Here we go: okay, guys let's just go ahead and jump right into the HD version. Here we go with cat X, Vista onboard now everything changed once I added cat X Vista and my DJI goggles on this quad. Now this is the GoPro footage that you're seeing here. This is kind of the type of footage that you can expect from the croc 7 being HD changes a lot with this quad because it lets me get in there tighter for nicer, closer shots I'm, really able to see where I'm going with this quad. Now before it was kind of like flying sort of looking at like a VHS tape back in the 80s or 90s, so the bringing HD into this mix really makes this quad likable and and where it should be. Once you get in there with the Vista, even going behind objects, trees, a little bit of shrubs in between myself and the quad I'm, still able to make it through with one with the receiver penetration and with the video penetration.

So 700 milliwatts it'll do quite a bit even through the thickest trees and canopy out there. I'Ve tested DJI digital fpv system now for looks around the same time that I've tested the croc 7 around a year's time now so work well into the HD fpb phase and i've flown this HD system on all types of different types of quads. But I think that the seven just raises the bar. The seven inch is nice because now I feel like I can do even more incredible shots with this particular drum and getting out there with this drum, if you've never seen the croc 7 in action. I'M gon na show you some stuff now that's, pretty mind blowing. You can pretty much take this quad anywhere on a trip around the world and come back with some just super epic game changing footage. Now this is the kind of footage that cinema folks in California, with Hollywood's smaller productions. You will be able to use and not have to do a lot of stabilization editing, because look at this straight ahead, shot right here, we're able to to do things with this quad, the GoPro, seven or eight, with hyper smooth and just bring home. What looks like gimbal style, quality video and really really track a subject? Nice and smooth also doing some nice orbits, you can work on your orbits but again bringing it up to speed for me with the HD system. Onboard really just makes this quad so much more.

Enjoyable and really lets me see what I'm doing and get in there close to my subject, be able to follow and get the shots in without fear of a lot of breakup. Like my analog systems, I have tested analog systems and the DJI digital pb system back to back, and my HD systems just perform better for me out in the most extreme environments but I'm able to get this one out there with crossfire and get some really unique Shots and I think that's the greatest thing about a seven inches if you've never owned a 7 inch, you can really really push the limits of what kind of video you can bring home with a 7 inch and at some pretty amazing speeds as well. This quad will also do like I'd, say like almost full on freestyle, because it really does feel like a race quad. When you want the extra power on 6s, it will do freestyle with your GoPro onboard and you can still get around 20 minutes flight times. So this is probably one of the best quads still on the market that I can absolutely hands down, recommend over a lot of the other seven inches out there. This is the best binding fly in my opinion and still impressing me a year later, which is pretty epic and amazing, so let's go ahead back into the studio. Let'S give some final thoughts on adding HD to the crock 7, which you should absolutely do here.

We go alright, guys, welcome back phone flight test and about a year's worth of flying this quad and now the new HD system put on here – and I have to tell you that the mechanics Vista this is my HD system of choice from DJI. This is the one to put on the crock I've had the best penetration with this one that's not not had any signal loss if you're flying the DJI radio. This is the one to put on there. If you want to go full out, 1080p DVR get the air model version, it's a little bit bigger and you might have to play around with where to put that it might not actually fit up front here. These side arms come through the top of the frame. So it limits the amount of space you have behind here, but the Vista fits perfect and you can get an extended antenna, so you can actually bring this up through the top and have it sticking up top here for an of the amount of clearance. This is the shorter version of the antenna they just put it under here for temporary testing for this setup. But I felt like the HD system on here was exactly where I wanted the crock 7 to be because out in the field, but an instability mode and lower your camera angle to about 15 percent degree of tilt and push up your GoPro mount as well. Bring up bring it up with some foam on the back, and then you can get some really really stellar slowed down cinema stuff, even with a seven inch.

You can go places that that are a kind of amazing because it will slow way down and it flies extremely good. With this power system. The speed X motors on here, the 2306 16. There were 1600 kV motors they're super low kV, so that's what's, giving us that super long flight time 25 to 30 minutes flight time. If you really slow down, you can push it up to 35 minutes with a lion pack, and that testing has been done out on YouTube. You can find that video in youtube search, but I feel like, if gap RC decided to release a version of this with HD that that's exactly what all of us was one out there that's just this is where it needs to go in 2020. So get bar see if you're listening. This is what the community would love to see and we would like to see an extension off the back out here for bringing that antenna up and out the back for the Vista. I think you've already got it set up on the bottom of here with that four by four twenty five twenty set up on the bottom, so you can mount up really nicely but hope you enjoyed that in depth. Look of over a year's worth of flying the Crocs Evan and the cat X Vista on board. Now the newly updated croc seven, hopefully is coming soon to us, but in the meantime you can check out the links down below if you'd like to build up your own cat X, HD version of a crocodile 7.

I highly recommend it. It is super epic and something everyone should look at for 2020 anyway, guys thanks again for watching my channel. Please do subscribe. This has been the crocked 7 HD I'll, see you on the next one.