This is me, ive, been raining for the last few days, so couldnt get out to test the drone out. So we have the context 22. see what we got in here. As i was saying earlier, you got your extra battery. You got your remote right here. Of course, the main thing drone gon na be, you know, be a little delicate with it. Dont want to mash it up. You know you got your charging cord. I have an extra one in there and, of course, with everything else, you got your manual so but check it out, see the flight distance range and everything and see whats going on with it all right. So lets give me a couple seconds where i can get everything set up and configured and then well be up in the air. No time check back in a second ready, so open the wings up, make sure you lay it on a flat surface, very important. Get your controller out, of course, like the usual for the joysticks heres uh, for your signals antenna, and this is where you place your your smartphone, almost like a xbox controller, so in instructions. It says you turn the drone on first. So because its you know a little light out here, you cant really see too much, so you have your red lights, flashing on the front and also the back of the drone. You turn your controller on. Oh hear that that will be the camera same thing both of his life should be flashing and, as they will tell you, inside of the manual here, Music lets see where okay yep, so it says here.

So you turn on the remote control and you pair with the drone so to do that, push the left, joystick up and then down. So can you hear something hear that beep you got your blue lights and you know the drone is now paired with your remote control. Next, you see the rear lights, flashing, blue white. When the front lights are white and the parent is successful, so we got white lights on the front, the lights on the back again, i dont know if you can really see it too good, but white lights on the front, the lights on the back and ill. Tell you that the drone is now paired with your remote control, so next step youre going to connect the drone wi fi signal at this time to view the current drone and wait for the gps calibration. So this can take a few minutes to calibrate so now youre going to go into your mobile device, Music, im gon na go to your wi, fi and youre gon na search for this. So you already have it here connected now after thats done, connect your smartphone to the wi fi application control interface. So now youre supposed to go to the app Music. Oh it says internet unavailable look connected. I seems like we have some connection issues its going to be the app right here. Green apple, ill show you in the books, so you make sure you downl so were going to head into the app and its going to say.

Quick start. If you go to quick starts its going to tell you a few steps: how to set everything up your own safety and all that now, of course, um. If its anything on the 46 grams, then you need to dont need to register it um anything over that in weight. Then you need to um. Most importantly, you dont fly in there any type of power lines, overhead trees and, of course, in residential areas. Thats. Why youre right in this wide open field at least get some privacy? Hopefully the po po dont come by its youre, not allowed to well im, not really not allowed to they just you know some people use it for different things, so they try to make sure that now, if you zoom in here, you can actually see that the Drone is seen the phone has seen exactly what the drone scene. I dont know how i look catch my angles, not if im looking good or not yeah, i dont look good. I dont know she can tell me. If i look good or not, i guess i dont um anyways, so you can see whatever youre seeing thats how you know you. I guess thats means that youre fully connected lets double check step, but you wont have to click the controllers button to enter the app uh with intelligent status. Bottom right screen reads ready to fly so bottom right now, as i was saying before, the calibration takes a few minutes.

Sometimes so at the bottom right screen see some numbers here. It should tell you that its ready to fly so until then we just got ta. Wait if you can see all the options here, this is what its supposed to show up when it says ready to fly just to make sure that the gps is synced to your phone. So you know the drone doesnt go like 20 miles away and youre still here until it dies or something at least i can do the emergency landing or call back or home. Then it can find its way back now. I dont see it searching so im, not sure if i need to restart this or something Music. Okay were gon na. Try something here: Music, try, okay cool, so everything is synced up, still not ready to fly as yet so lets go through controls for a bit. Then, if anything, we have your controls here. This is for your emergency, stop and start your power. This is for home, come back to your base in your top right. You have your v video controller. You have your forward in your back for your video just to move the camera up and down. If you want to do a 360 overhead type of thing, there is your camera and then you increase and decrease your speed here at the top. So these are going to be, you know, just roll it, just like your regular playstation, xbox controller and of course you have your joysticks here.

Usually you put your phone in here just like this and yeah its like youre playing xbox. So that way, you can look at it and operate, see still no confirmation yet ready to fly so were just waiting. Sorry, sorry, we actually missed it so part of the calibration here to hold the drone behind facing away and make a complete circle. Next is to hold it vertically facing the ground as well, and then you make a complete circle next, so youll have your blue lights on the back and your white lights on the front, and you should be ready to take off. It keeps flashing in and out ready to fly, so i dont know if that means its good or it should be theyre steady or should it go back and forth? I am not fully sure, but i guess well find out so it says here in the book. You already push the left joystick into the five oclock position and the right one into seven oclock position so lets see what happens so we got some action. This will warm up tomorrows gon na fellas going, and this will run idle for about 20 seconds or so and then do the same thing to shut it off. At least we know they work now next, Music, once the legs have switched all solid, you are ready to fly so lets check the lights, its kind of solid its going on and off it says no blinking.

So that means it. Shouldnt go five oclock, seven oclock Music! Me me: Music, so Music, Music, Music, me, Music, e, Music, me Music, me, Music, so, Music, Music, me Music, me, Music, hey Music, me, Music, Music! Music! Me! Music, see Music, Music, me, Music, Music, Music, all right folks. So that was our first little test of the constitution: 22., its not bad its pretty good, its quick uh. The range is pretty good, actually had a little trouble, syncing it when it first started up, but so far its a good, very inexpensive drone. This isnt, like the startup model, usually the starter model, is about 100 bucks which mostly like for kids. You dont have like the telescopic camera here for overhead shots, so this is the one up from that. So this will run you about 260 at best buy uh, not sponsored, but you know, hopefully somebody can get a job to you know test out some of these, but its pretty good. So far, definitely gon na need some more flight time and see you in the next video thanks for checking out dont forget like subscribe.