Pricing stay tuned and lets get into the video Music dji mavic 2, though mini 2 remains the best drone for most people. It lacks the build quality, camera technology and extensive flight time. You get with dji step up model, the mavic air 2., the second generation air isnt cheap. It costs several hundred dollars more than the mini 2, but its considerably sturdier and stronger its also heavier, but mostly due to a beefier battery which has pushed its flight time beyond 30 minutes per charge. The mavic air has legit camera specs, capable of shooting full 4k video at 60 fps and capturing 48 megapixel photos. It has a top speed of 42 5 miles per hour and opposite three zero technology, which helps it more fluidly, navigate around obstacles, instead of just stopping to avoid them. That noted, if obstacle avoidance, is your top priority. The one thousand dollar skydio2 remains the gold standard and an all around excellent choice in its own right. Dji makes plenty of other drones, with superior specs, even better cameras and photography capabilities, but they come with higher prices. Higher spec options include the dji mavic pro, which costs 200 more than the air 2 and the mavic 2 pro 4k drone, which costs quite a bit more. I have included this product link in the description you can check out this link for more information and latest price. Thank you for watching this video.