Also stay tuned Music, okay, so todays review is going to be on this. Okay, this is the durax en du rax extra large camera backpack its available on amazon, and i will have a link in the description below for you. It runs 109.99, so 110 dollars. Oh, it has a coupon right now, if you get it for five percent off. All right lets get started with this im going to pull the stuff off the outside of the bag. First, now i bought this off of amazon. There will be a link in the description down below and as an affiliate. I might make some money off it uh. It helps the channel doesnt cost you any more. So please, if you buy one of these, try to buy it from my channel. If you can so right here, ive got the first thing i just i got this stuffed in this pocket here, because it covers up a little higher itll actually go into the water bottle holder also, so we have a water bottle down. Here. Has water bottle holder on both sides? This is a dx commander. This is for his uh expedition, pole setup and ill show you the bag. I have. I have a separate bag with all the parts for that in it and ill show you that also at the end here on the other side. Here i have my tripod and you know a lot of times. I probably wont carry it like this, but i just wanted to show you that you could, if you wanted to now this, this setup is not super light.

I wouldnt be uh backpack packing this with a you know, with up on a summit someplace, you know 20 miles away, but for your parks on the air. It gives me a way of organizing all my gear and i can take everything pretty much in one bag with what i have in here. I have a hole set up for hf youll, see later so over here. I actually ran this through this cord. This is my uh, my tripod, that i use all the time. It is a kf concepts. Really nice, really nice pry pad pretty light, but i mean theres some weight there. So let me get rid of that now on the side over here you have pockets like i said you have a place for your water bottles or whatever you want to put in there snacks on one side, maybe a water bottle on the other. This pocket comes down about only that far and then it goes down pretty deep. It goes to the bottom and id say: thats 12 10 to 12 inches deep okay, so it only zips part way, though. On this side, i have the same pocket basically, but this one zips all the way down, and they both have inner pockets, also and theres little things in here to catch. You know you can put your pins or whatever. This would be a good place to keep some notes, notebook and stuff like that. Okay on the back here, this has your shoulder straps here its got a handle here you can grab, so you can carry it like that, if youre just carrying it to the car.

Its also padded here and i dont know if you guys cannotice, but maybe you can see it these, this padding and this padding stick out a little bit so the middle down this section here its its open. So i mean if it your back, doesnt touch it. It might keep your back just a little cooler thats, what its for, but its a pretty comfortable backpack when i took it to hawaii. You guys have already seen this. This is what i took to hawaii to carry all my stuff on onto the plane, and i stuck those it has a place down here where you can stick them all the straps down inside this little panel here, and that way i didnt have them flying all Over the place, its got your little straps. These pull it up on your shoulder tire, just like a like a real backpack that you would buy for um going backpacking. The only thing is, this thing is not super light to start with, because it is a camera case and being a camera case. Everything is padded, its pretty solid um. It keeps its shape really. Well, you know a lot of backpacks you them on the ground. They just they just fold to nothing, thats, not the case with this one. Let me just set it down here now, if you guys can see this this top section right here. This backpack is also kind of designed for drones and the one the little small dji, even the medium sized dji drone – will actually fit in this top section here, and then it leaves everything else for your camera gear.

This is actually made to where you can land. The your uh, your drone on top of this, if you want to kind of anything what i kind of like about its hard, so it gives a little more protection for my camera here. Let me set this up a little closer, so you guys can see better whats inside were going to go through this part first and then i will open the main section. Oh one other thing, though i almost forgot because its kind of hidden but over here this is for your laptop. What i have in here right now. This is actually my solar setup. You guys have seen the video on this or, if you havent, seen it ill put it in the description below also or at the end of the thing up in the corner. So this is a 60 watt and its made by top solar, okay and ive got more parts to this that are actually in here. Yes, i got the wires forwarder in here. Do it yourself Now i want to do a review on this later. This is a pretty cool controller, its an mppt. I still need to do some testing on to see how quiet it is theres, a little story behind this later that ill do when i do the review okay and then also, i had enough room for my uh ipad, its like one of the bigger ipads, and I use this for logging.

Let me open this up and ill show you what i have in the top section in the top of this. This is where i told you before that, if you had a small drone, you could put it up here, its the two zippers, its got. The bungee cord and ive actually thrown my coat up here or like a sweatshirt or something like that before, and it works pretty good okay. So in here this is my uh. First of all, this is my dr ed fong, the dual band antenna that i built theres, a video on that this is my kx2 and uh. It fits in there really good. I have this bracket on here, where i can i screw this on here and i cut i got this from. I think josh was the first one. I saw to do this josh from hrcc ham, radio crash course and basically on a 705 – and i can just put this down like that – it just sits there, so its pretty pretty cool, pretty cool setup, it gets it up off the ground and uh tilted. The right direction you want to see always carry some tape. Okay, this is for my battery for my biono for the radio. Ive got a bunch of fittings in here, uh extra, coax one of thems for the antenna, sometimes and one of thems, for that dr phong. Real lightweight stuff, my little two and a half ounce in fed halfway that i carry this is my doublet.

This is really my favorite antenna with the kx2 because it has that tuner and if you have a tuner for your 705, this would work great also. It does 10 through 40. 40 is a little its a little short for 40, so its a little marginal there. This is a 20 meter antenna from msj and uh heres the whip for it. It just screws on there. A lot of people dont know these come off, but they do come off. Sometimes you have to heat it just a little bit to make it shorter, but that its thats, a marginal antenna and ive, got like this little stand for this clips. This clips on here and these little legs come out and it keeps it from falling over. I made some uh. This is rg 316 or three, i think its 316 or 315.. I put some ends on it, its about 25 30 feet. I forget exactly how much ive got my ht, this ft60 thats? Usually i usually grab that ones one of my favorite. These are earbuds, and these are theyre actually made for supposedly for editing and stuff because theyre they close off your uh, your ears, pretty good. If you guys can see that ill, try to i dont know well see lets see, i can only get so close. This lens doesnt get real close, but these are pretty cool. It knocks most of the noise out i found out when i was on the beach that thats something you really need, and i dont i usually use this bad.

A lot of people complain about. You have to pull the battery out of the kx2 to charge it which theyre going to fix theres a theres, a fix for that coming out. Pretty soon wayne had told us on coffee and ham rages, dont forget to watch coffee and ham radios also guys and and dont forget, even if youre subscribed to me, uh im ready to do teo for temporary offline or the smoke and ape uh still yeah. You still need to subscribe to coffee and ham radio also, but uh. I usually run this first. This thing will run for days on the kx2 run for days on that, and just so you guys know the 705 with that metal case that the ham radio did just got for his itll. Still, the pov, i think, is what they call it. Itll still fit in here which, from what i understand it wont this wont the 705 wont fit in the eye. The icon backpack with that cage. I dont know for sure, because i dont own one but theyre out and ill ill, throw a picture, and i took a picture of her while he was here and there was still room that you could put my these two antennas and a lot of this other Stuff, this probably could have fit in there. Still, there was still a lot of room. This has a lot of room up in here. Okay, so you have two zippers, like i said before, really nice zippers, they work real well, the top up here.

Let me show you the very top inside the top of this first, so this is like i said this is for drones. So the all these little deals here, ive got some stuff just to show you can put a couple pieces of coax. This is a choke that i just picked up this last weekend, but you put the propellers for your drones up in here. Then it has a little small thing for other parts. You could you could probably get uh sd cards all kinds of stuff like that, its just you know the skys, the limit. You know what im saying now: heres the inside of the bag. This is just a bag that i make. I make these bags theyre made out of dyneema threads and different kinds of backpack material that one doesnt really have anything in it right now. Ive got another tripod here: py tech ill try to put uh links to everything thats in the video, this ones pretty cool, because i use this for my small camera. They actually hold my big camera. Now, when i open right here, i usually have. Let me show this to you guys. Actually let me do that that might work better. Let me use my old camera bag underneath it and ill show that to you in a bit too. So usually, my camera is right here, uh the one im using right now, but i need to use it so ill ill put a picture of it inside the back.

So you can see what that looks like also now in here theres, another bag that i made. This has all my batteries in it for lets, see one two, three four four different cameras i can carry and i dont carry all of them, but theres chargers for each one has a different charger. So what i have here, let me just pull the cameras out this one. I dont always take this one, but i did take this to hawaii with me because it has a 60 times zoom and its pretty good, especially if you put it on a tripod. This is usually the one ill take for my sports camera. This is my dji osmo action. Uh really good deal theyre about 200 bucks right now. Now i also have this. I just keep a rag in there for clean lenses. Mountain was dirty. This is a a gopro nine uh i do like this, but its not super reliable ive had ive had bad luck with it at times. This is my sigma. 56 1.4. Put that back in there see what else we had here: theres, not just another bag. This is um. This is dyneema fishing line. My dyneema is a super super strong material, its really slick i use this for throwing up in trees. This is from peak design. You put these on your camera. Usually i take them off when im recording, especially in the wind, and they just snap in boom its on filters a battery.

This is to charge your phone or anything else. Now i have two of these lights. These are yulonzis theyre, theyre, pretty nice uh ill turn. It on, for you real, quick, uh kind of darkened everything really good if you need just a little bit of fill light or its getting dark, and you want some light. It works for lighting up your radio. If you, we were out with the 705 of the day in the dark and noticed that, for some reason they didnt put uh, probably because of saving battery, but they dont that the buttons arent lit up on it. So we could use something like this all right now. The other thing i have in here, which is this, is all my microphone stuff. I use the rode go to its a wireless go s system and i bought this from small rig ill put that in the down ill put all the stuff. Like i said down in the in the description and then inside here i have this. This is a gimbal. This is the zhiyun m2 ill put it in the description. Also. Basically, it has this here, a little tripod that goes in the bottom, that folds out whats nice about this thing. It will handle my mirrorless camera, my sony and now all these all these things here they just basically velcro in you – can put them wherever you want. The whole thing is just got the velcro stuff around the edges, where it will stick to it, and then i just put this one over the top just to hold things in there: okay, so thats what i carry all right.

I hope this is a good video for you, guys and maybe itll help you make a decision on what you might want to buy for your go bag or photography, bag, a ham, radio bag or everything. If you have bags that you have used, why dont? You put those in the description and tell us about it. Im sure everybody would like to hear about it. So dont forget to hit that like hit the subscribe button, if youre new here and hit that all button youll get all my new videos. This is chuck kk6 usy for ham, radio adventures be safe.