Today i have a pretty cool review for you: we're, looking at the eachine civitar it's sort of named after avatar they combined cinewoop and avatar to make the civitar i'm just gon na call it caviar because it flies really well and it actually flies better than the Bumblebee v2 that i just reviewed on the channel last week that one is a dji setup. You can also get an analog. This one is also ready for dji. If you want to move up to dji and buy those goggles later, you can do that with this flight controller, which is kind of nice, so it has a little bit of duality with this quad as well. It can do freestyle or cinema. This is one of the first cinewoops this year that i didn't have a lot of problems with taking it high up in the air for those big loops and coming back around the bottom of a power. Loop is where a lot of these cine whoops, with even a little bit of just a little bit of wind, will cause these things to tumble and wash out. Everybody knows it as washout, but it also comes with a lot of tpu extras on here. You even have an additional tpu mount for doing a vertical mount dji air unit in the very back right here, and it also has antenna protectors, which is nice. You have your setup for crossfire on here as well. If you want to add that you can, it also has kind of these cool little bumpers on the bottom that i haven't seen any other cinewoop have, and i kind of like these – these are nice for takeoff or, if you come in for a crash, i've talked About this before on the channel, the most sensitive point on these little center wood frames is the bottom at the edge and right at the edge of that screw right.

There is where they hit and they break, and then you have to replace the entire frame or just ride it out. Sometimes it can affect your video now on this we have a dual layer stack as well pretty nice, and i think this is the secret sauce in making this one fly so well. It is an f7 flight controller in here it's, a 22 up stack on the bottom. Here we have 45 amp esc's and it has the run cam nano 2. On the very front, you also get two different attachments for your camera. In the front you get this little flat mount right here. You can use a strap around whatever action cam you decide to put there. It is sort of a dedicated about 20 degrees worth of tilt, but on center whoops i don't recommend a lot of tilt anyway. So i keep my camera, probably between 15 to 20 degrees at the most for any type of like cinema filming. So you want to fly slower with these. If you want to fly faster, you can obviously raise the camera, but i also like that they give you an adjustable gopro mount style mount for the very front of it, which is nice. You'Ve got your 3m padding on top for a battery top mount and i'm going to suggest you guys use the 4s 1550 battery. You'Ve got your xt60 here and in the very back just underneath here. I already have my, i believe, it's an rxsr up under here, and you can get to it to bind it.

It has its own special little tpu mount in the very back just between those two posts which is kind of nice, and i like the antenna that they chose the way they mounted it as well in this tpu mount right here, it's likely not to break off. So this is a pretty good setup back here and there are two different versions of this. As i mentioned before 4s and 6s version, this one is the 4s version, so it has the higher kv motors. If you want the 6s version, you need to have the lower kv motors, so these are 1507 3600 kv and they did quite well out in the field on 4s, but they have four bolts on the very bottom and they have three supports underneath the motor for Extra support on the frame – and i have to say that this one is one of the lighter ones out of the bunch. This one weighs in at around 288 grams. On my scale, i believe it was and and upwards of 500, not even 600 grams with the gopro. So this rig is actually pretty light, but let's go ahead outside now. Guys let's fly this one together and let's have some fun with it. Let'S put it through its power loops and we'll, try to do a little cinema and close in proximity flying around the tree farm with this one, and you can judge for yourself how well this one scores on the channel, but so far for around the 185 dollar Price point on banggood this one is actually quite good and i'm impressed with what they've released here.

So i was going to say right in the beginning of this review that this one is already two thumbs up and i usually don't say that until around the end of the review, when i've completely gone through all of the good and the bad about each quad. On the channel, so let's go ahead out now and let's fly the scivitar and let's see what it can handle here. We Music go Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music do Music Music! Oh, that cinema just did what others can't do: Music, pretty much everything power, loop, freestyle, no, no tumble and the whole thing, that's, really good, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, all right guys welcome back from the flight test of the civitar. So what did you think about that footage that was pretty decent wasn't? It um the one thing that i did notice about this and let's just get right into this right away about the flight characteristics. I felt that it flew really nice lines, so i was able to fly with some speed underneath some of the little airplane docks right there at the front of the field and just go underneath those and and be able to maintain my line without doing a lot Of up and down so some of these quads, they have a little bit of extra power in the motors, and these motors seem to be somewhere right in the middle, in the sweet spot for cinema type flying and making nice true straight lines.

If you have a motor on here, that's a little bit overpowered if you're running 6s, sometimes when you're trying to follow a straight line, the throttle is very sensitive on there. So you can kind of boost up and hit the bottom of that airplane dock and i've done it before this one. I did actually kind of stick to the bottom of one of those benches at the back of the field, so i had to learn a little bit of throttle management, but overall, i think that it did really well with making a nice straight line and that's what We'Re, looking for for cinema type stuff and just kind of an enjoyable feeling when you're flying a quad, so i like that they also gave us a variety of camera attachments on here. A lot of people are using either the insta360 go or you're using a gopro. So either way you go, you can, if you want to save a little bit of weight, you can get the insta360 go on there and have stabilized 1080p video or you can add the extra weight of the gopro, and it mounts quite well on the front right Here so no problem with that um i just put a strap all the way around the gopro. You can add a little bit of foam on the bottom between the mount and the gopro. If you want to add a little bit of extra layer of stabilization, so you don't get that jello, but probably one of the best freestyling cinnaboobs out there that has been released to date.

Um, even up on par with the diatone take hand, and you guys seen that review on my channel. If you haven't go back and watch it again, it might be probably your your cinewoop of choice to pick and buy. If you want to have all the bells and whistles and something that you can cinema or freestyle, and this one has everything that the diatone take can has as far as flight characteristics, cinema and freestyle and this one it might even freestyle a little bit better. But um that's to be debatable. Maybe we can do a comparison on the channel because i still do have my take on i've kept that quad, so maybe in a future video we can do that. But this one is is a deal, so it has great flight characteristics, good price, a lot of options and it cinemas extremely well. So i think you have a little bit of everything here if you're brand new to flying fpv drones. This would be a good one to get to learn how to practice acro, because also the bumpers are a little bit extra thick on the outside here and you're likely not to break these little pla inserts in here they might be pla or nylon, i'm, not sure, But they are 3d printed in duct inserts and they don't have any type of ridging going on in here or anything special it's just a flat duct on the inside. But they do give you an extra duct in the box as well, which is one of the things that i haven't seen.

Some of the other companies do give you an extra duck, because sometimes these break and it's nice to have an extra in the box. So thanks eachine for doing that, but guys thanks again for watching this review. This one is a winner. You can pick it up at the link down below. That would be super awesome if you do that, but you can trust this one that it is going to perform and you're going to enjoy it that's the biggest thing about the civitar. So i really like it, and i think that eachine is on to something here with this release. The f7 is fantastic on here and it flies great guys, i'm justin davis take care, be well stay, safe and i'll.