So this is a completely redesigned kit. Obviously, with the new um, you know basically a tiny web drone and new goggles, a new transmitter which is um one of the big downsides of the previous kits, and i think, even though i havent opened this up yet just based on the um information ive been Given this is probably going to be the one ill be recommending uh going forward, but well just have to you know, obviously test it out and make sure that everything is as good as advertised so heres. The case opened up. I havent actually looked at any of this stuff, yet youre looking at it. At the same time, i am everythings still covered in plastic. I actually dont even know how many batteries we get here im sure we get at least a couple. Hopefully, okay so pulling the plastic off here. This is the goggles, and here is the new controller, of course. Well, take closer detail. Look at all this stuff here, just gon na show you a quick unboxing first here is the new tiny hawk. Three uh looks like its a more traditional square design x, design now, like a stretch decks. It is still inverted, of course, and these are look like these – are the 40 millimeter propellers as usual, 450 milliamp hour battery in the bottom. Here it looks like you only get one battery okay, so you get a bag with all this stuff in here, so um you get your battery charger, it just charges by uh usb a micro, usb cable.

You get this extra mounting stuff. It looks like uh looks like a gopro type mount here. This is for the transmitter, so you can use the screen on the transmitter if you want to, if you dont, want to use the goggles uh so basically for those of you that have problems with glasses. For example, you can attach the um monitor to the transmitter and use it that way. Some people prefer to fly that way. So this is a nice option, thats what these mounts are for and then you get a little baggie of spare parts, screws and screwdriver rubber bands for the battery, a couple of antennas for the fpv monitor or the goggles. And then you have some spirit: props got a qr code here for the support sites um and also for the manuals. This little allen key im, not really sure. If this allen wrench is required for adjusting some sort of a screw and thats everything thats in the case, you know again, it comes in your nice case, of course, to carry around all your stuff okay. So i want to look at the transmitter first, because this is probably the most important change the previous generations of their ready fly kits. Were you know the transmitters werent very good? They didnt have very good precision, so they have replaced these gimbals. They feel very nice. They feel like normal gimbals uh. These actually feel pretty good, pretty close to the way my jumper tea light feels like better than the beta fpv gimbals.

So this is a im, not sure. I think this is free sky d or capable transmitter. So, of course, youve got your sticks. You got your trims down here. Power button get a lanyard hook, a few lights up here, three position: switches in the front two position switches up top: this is the back uh. So this one uses an 18650 lithium ion cell. Very nice and in the bottom here youve got a looks like a trainer port and a charging port here, uh usb type c, im, not 100 sure. If this im sorry its not you sorry, this is micro, usb im, not sure if this is um, simulator ready. It probably is so on top here, theres a little uh like a little rubber gasket cover its coming up this hole. This is for this little adapter for the monitor, so youre going to slide this out of the way, and then this slots in here so theres. Another rubber gasket over here covering another hole and theres a little screw here, thats included in that bag, and i think this is what the allen keys for so youre gon na this holds the um this in actually its its uh theres a little latch there. So it should stand. You probably dont need this crisper. This is just for extra safety, so you can stick that in there and then um use the allen key to screw that and thats not gon na go anywhere all right.

So here are the goggles. So the screens detachable its a pretty low profile. I actually like the design i like the colors up. You know they went away from the white, the the gray is uh. I think its gon na age a little bit better than the white plastic, and also i think, bhpv – has a exclusivity and weight anyway. This looks like has a dvr, so i havent looked at the manual or anything im. Looking at all this, the first time you guys are it has two antennas for im, not sure if its 100, if its diversity or just antenna, diversity uh. I will annotate here if the interest information that i have ill note, that power button here band and channel switches here and menu button, uh usb c up sorry, usb micro, usb for charging for the internal battery. I dont see an external battery anywhere see if the houses pops off – oh so its just magnetic very nice, its just theres, no latches or anything its a pretty strong way, its not gon na its, not gon na fall out or anything. We got this plastic screen protector Music yeah its a glossy screen, its very reflective, but inside the goggles. I shouldnt be that reflective. But if youre using this on the transmitter, youre probably going to want some sort of a sun shade to cut down on the reflections. But you know this is a standard. You know three strap headband for a lot of these um typical goggles here and then you have a nice foam pad so im not able to put these on with my glasses and um okay.

So i already see a problem here looks like okay, so this is retractable, so it says adjustable focus if its all the way in like this. This is actually hitting my nose in this area right here this right here so im going to need to retract this, and i think youre going to need to adjust the length of this to make the screen fixable. So theres three uh clips here so theres three different uh lengths that you can adjust to and now now that ive moved the plastic frame away. Thats totally fine, and i have a little bit of light leakage underneath here in the nose area thats expected, but it shouldnt affect my ability to use these alright, so lets finally get to the drone. So um theyve made some improvements to the camera mount here. Its a totally you know new design. I think this is still d8 ill put all the uh specs up here on the screen, because i actually dont, i know them off hands. I didnt actually do any research, but i think theyve got uh. They said they had more powerful motors on this one um its a lot to see still the same one as battery, but its basically, you know an improvement over the um tiny hawk 2.. Now theyve changed the kb of the motor and everything so theyre. Focusing now on just 1s only whereas the tiny hawk 2 was 1s and 2s. This is 1s only so theyre, just focusing on 1s performance.

I think theyre going back to the original uh tiny, hawk 1 roots, where that was only 1s and while the 2s was interesting, i dont think it really was that attractive and also finding batteries for the 2s setup on the tiny r2 wasnt that useful either. So i think, going back to this sort of 1s setup is going to be the way to go, and this this looks like like. If i compare this to the original tiny aquinas, this looks like a much nicer setup, its very low profile compared to the tiny app too timer, 2 look kind of bulky and heavy um. This feels much lighter than the um tiny hawk. 2 did all right. So enough, chit chat on this one lets go ahead and fly this and see how this thing performs alrighty, so im just going to start off in the angle, mode, Music and yeah. I dont like angle mode at all, uh just gon na see how it feels. Luckily, theres, no wind right now and no people either so yeah flying a little general gym like this is gon na be kind of fun with a model like this. Oh here comes some wind all right. Let me uh im not even gon na bother with horizon mode im gon na switch straight into air mode or acro mode. Okay, oh its much better. Now i feel like im flying all right, so yeah uh, not so great in the wind.

As expected, i hear an airplane or model airplane. Oh wheres, that i dont know what that sound was anyway um. This controller feels great. It feels like a regular controller. Again, the wind is pushing me around also theres wind, so this is going to be better indoors, of course, and i think they optimized the kv of this motor for efficiency and flight time. So it doesnt feel like it has a ton of performance in it. But i guess so: you can do little flips and stuff and rolls yeah, but its going to drop fast. This is kind of more for, like gate racing Music, it seems fine for that. You know again the winds kind of hitting it and all of a sudden you can see you can see that little bumps and stuff in the video, but totally normal for something. This light. So im at three and a half volts lets see how long this will go in terms of flight time again. They, i think they optimize this for more flight time, which is better, especially for beginner. You dont really need like a lot of power and shorter flights. You want less power, more control and longer flights, so i agree with uh emacs here, but yeah its pretty good control is really good. I feel like i have pretty good control. Just the wind is a little bit of a factor here. Yeah, the voltage is still at three and a half Music flight time is really good in this all right see.

If i can go through here, pretty nice yeah. This was a new controller, is light years ahead of the old one. So, if youre disappointed with the original controller on the tiny, hawk 2 kit and the one kit, this one is way way better, and i did test this on another quad. It does bind to other quads in d8 mode and you can combine to multiple quads all at the same time, so you dont have to rebind. So, if youre worried about, if youre wondering about flying this with new models later, you definitely can do that up and we got a flashing light time to land all right.