Oh almost knocked the property over stew from uav futures here and today. Well, we have a video that i guarantee is going to help people for years to come. What we are talking about is the top five fpv goggles for any budget, and, let me say it: isn’t sponsored like you’ve seen in some recent videos right. What are you doing there? Well, anyway, we’re gon na be going through a little bit of throwing a bit of shade there, a goggle for every budget for every person, if you’re getting into fpv. If you want to get a new set of goggles, this is going to be the video for you and also, i want to say it is really important that you choose the right set of goggles. For you. I know cost is a factor we want features. We want performance all that sort of stuff, but these are the way that you connect with your drone, upgrading your goggles or having a goggle that works, for you is the number one recommendation that and the radio is the number one recommendation on how to have a Good fpv experience, so, if you’re into drones, you want to try fpv stay tuned because we’re going to be going through everything that you need. So you know how to spend your dollars. That’S not sponsored rubbish and you’re going to get the most out of your fpv journey. Oh, and i should say too, if you’re into digital well, yeah go buy some dead, joe goggles, because nothing really compares to that.

But that’s, not what this video is about. This is about you analog boys and girls, people who want to know what to get how to get flying getting up and having some fun so let’s. Do it. We’Ve got our top end up here. We’Ve got some mid end mid range budget. We’Ve got some cheap budget options and we’ve also got some box goggles or whether you want the dual diversity screen. Styles. There is a range of goggle for you and i’m also going to say a little playlist should pop up here more than any other reviewer out there or pilot, i would say, i’ve had the most versatile uh flight experience when it comes to the sorts of goggles That i’ve used, i flew onways. For years i started on fat sharks, i’ve flown sky zones. For years, i’ve been flying dji. There is no one brand or preference that i prefer and we’re also going to be linking some other videos and other youtubers to sort of give some credibility to this one, because i think that’s really important that you guys see that this isn’t just my opinions as Well, it is backed up by other, respected and appreciated people in the community as well and i’ll link some of their videos. People like joshua bardwell we’ve, got uh bruce from rc model reviews, some really champions of the hobby that are kind of agreeing with the things that i’m saying here so anyway.

This is gon na this video is for you and if you enjoy it drop a like a thumbs up thumbs down. Let me know, and if you appreciate a video that’s, not full of sponsored rubbish, uh well, my patreon is gon na be linked down below. So we continue to make these videos to help you, but so without further ado let’s, kick it off we’re going to be starting at the budget end and i’m going to say: look budget, stuart, yeah, it’s, going to be coming in at around 80 100 bucks. I understand that is more money than some people want to spend, but i recommend highly if you are doing this hobby, you want to enjoy it. Please don’t go any cheaper than that we’re going to be starting down here now. These are what i like to call the nun goggles, i feel like i’m working in some old church. None dracula thing i don’t know what it this is, but that’s the sunshade actually, but these goggles were sent to me i’m, going to link all these down below. With their full reviews, as well they’re coming in, i think at about 100 bucks they’re around 80, when i first reviewed them so it’s a bit unfortunate. The price has gone up it sucks. All these prices seem in 2021 to have gone up, but these goggles are right here, uh, i got them as a bit of a joke. Someone said stuart: do you want to review these? I said oh man, that’s, going to be funny for a laugh.

That’D be good to slam a product that just looks completely ridiculous and it doesn’t look like it’s going to perform. I thought this was a complete joke right when i ordered it. I i did not expect this at all. I cannot believe i’m saying this man did. I eat my words. These goggles had amazing range, a clear screen, no eye strain trevor loved them. Just you can take the screen out and use it as a second monitor. If you want to these goggles right here would be my cheap box. Goggle of choice, i’ve recommended them for about a year now, and you just you: can’t really beat them. The price to performance is absolutely outstanding, so the hawkeye little pilot, goggles and some people might say man. I don’t want to look like that in the field. Look how silly i’m going to look mate? Look at all these goggles having these things in the field, strapped to your face: you’re not going to look cool, no matter which pair of goggles you’ve got on your face, so you need to just get over that and advantage of this as well. You can use glasses and also, if you’re new, to fpv, it can be a little bit disorientating. You know having the outside world shut out and only seeing through these small screens. This way, if you get a little bit claustrophobic or something like that, a goggle like this gives you a bit more peripheral vision.

You don’t feel quite so strange in the park. You can see if people are walking up to you all that sort of stuff, and i really like this one because uh it can bounce the image off this little mirror here. It’S, like a periscope design and because it goes here, it means you’re not going to get that eye strain which you get on a lot of cheaper box goggles. So things like the stad shark recons and some of those other ones, the ev 800s, the eachines. I get a lot of eye strain with this. I can use these no problems. I could use them all day trevor. The old grumpy bugger himself he’s, an old man. He didn’t get any eye strain using these, so it’s, just all around a good, cheap, reliable goggle that has great range, great performance and a whole bunch of features packed in for the price. Now moving up what we have right here, we have two sets of goggles. Now this is definitely going to be jumping up in price. We have the cobra uh. These are the s’s. This is from sky zones you’re going to see a lot of sky zones on this list, because i really you know let’s do a little poll or put your comments down below. Skyzone has been crushing. It they’ve probably been the number one company in 2020 and uh moving into 2021 that continues to make products, but for the pilots of people to fly around that they enjoy that they want.

They listen to feedback, so big ups to skyzone. So this is the box. Goggle it’s still a box goggle. This is the cobra s i’m, going to link that down below you’ll, see a review coming out of this one in a little bit, they’ve also got the x version, which is a bit more pricey, but i believe joshua bardwell i’ve got some notes right here. He said that this was the best box goggle period now i’m, a big fan of josh. He does some amazing reviews as well, and if you are looking after a box goggle you still you don’t, like this style, these ones the esses can be found. I think for about 160 bucks, maybe 170 and we’ve also got the cobra x’s, which are like a more feature. Pack version they’ve got a higher resolution. Look. This is the x version. I’Ve got right here: they’ve got a higher resolution, just a nicer screen and that’s about it in here, but all in all these are a great goggle. You can use different modules in here. They have, i think, it’s believe i think it’s called the rapid mix receiver, which is a way of like it’s, basically one of the modern analog receivers. It works very similar to the fusion and the rapid fire, so you’re going to give a great reception with these. As well, a beautiful screen fairly comfortable, these goggles uh yeah. I think, if you’re into box, goggles 170 bucks moving up in the price tier uh and 230 dollars.

I think for the exes or something check the links down below, just all in all a great goggle don’t. Just take my word for it. You can also see joshie b uh his review as well. He enjoys him i’ll link that down below he thinks they’re. The best box goggle period now moving on this is, for my all time, favorite fpv pair of goggles. It is still the number one goggle that i use to this day. It is a little bit old. This is the sky zone, the holy grail, the 02xs, and if you can track these down, uh good luck because they’ve been very, very popular. I know they’ve been superseded by the o2os. You can see. I’Ve got the o2os here, but um. I still prefer. I think these are the skyzone o2xs for the price you can get them for about 280 bucks to ching, and these are my number one goggle of choice. I love the receiver that they’ve got in here, even though it’s not the new modern, rapid mix style i’ve. Still had plenty of luck with them, they’ve been reliable, i’ve used them for about two years, a rock solid super fast menu to cycle through nice screens. All in all, i really can’t fault these goggles for the price. This would be my recommendation if you’re getting into fpv. I also did an fpv goggle if you’re jumping in with drones, radios goggles all that sort of stuff, you can find that video there.

This is the goggle that i recommended now there’s the two versions of these there’s, the o2 x’s and the o2cs. Both of these uh look just get the o2cs they’re cheaper. The only difference in the o2xs is that the front camera works, but if you’re going to be paying a little bit more money, it might be worth looking at some of the newer options out there as well. So if you can find these under 300 bucks, please go and get them. They’Ve got a whole bunch of inputs down below my number one goggle of choice. This is the one that i recommend and if i only had these for the rest of my fpv experience, no look that’s fine. I would be totally more than happy to continue to use these plus they look pretty baller too they’ve got some really nice color schemes and formats that come out now. Moving on let’s talk about the big boys, the expensive ones. You extravagant lads and lasses out there who like to have the best of the best, whether you’re, a fat shark fan a sky zone fan or an eastern fan. We want some amazing goggles for us to wear. Well what options do we have so we’re coming in? You are absolutely cash. You’Re gon na be looking at spending about five hundred dollars, which is an awful lot of money. It might be 500 plus, depending on what sort of module you’re going to buy and we really have two options now.

I know a lot of people like the fat shark hd02s. Do i like them, not really they rubbed. On my eye, my dvr was broken out of the box. However, look they are make fat shark does make shark bite at the moment, which is leading into a digital solution. If you want to be looking and supporting a company that’s going to be moving in towards digital, even though i think it’s inferior to dji, you can think about supporting them. But what i would actually choose is this right here. So this is actually the eachine one, but you can get these sky zones which i’m going to link down below. It is the sky zone or x’s that’s right there’s, so many sky zones right now – and this is probably the highest featured best fpv goggle in terms of performance on the market. It comes with a rapid mix receiver, which absolutely kills it’s, actually the same receiver. That comes in the cobras as well. Uh it’s got so many features of the o2 x’s that i like, but it has beautiful high resolution, oled screens it’s – probably going to be the juiciest footage. You get sent back to your eyeballs from here, but be expected to pay for it and also, i want to say, bruce from rc water reviews. I think he said simply. The best i’ll put a little picture on on here somewhere as well. Bruce is an amazing member of our community.

Definitely no shield whatsoever tells it like. It is and bruce said these are simply the best look at his thumbnail. He loved them and i’ve got to say i concur. They are an awesome, goggle, big, beautiful, bright screens. As this is the eachine version, i don’t recommend getting this one. So much definitely check out my review somewhere of the sky zone version, because the skyzone version is a little bit more pricey, but you get a lot nicer screens in there and just all in all. Oh for x’s, i got ta agree with them. They perform well. You still don’t get any antennas, which kind of sucks you’re gon na have to upgrade your antennas they’re coming in. I think about 550 um and it’s about as good as it’s going to get for your analog situation and also, if you would like to think about upgrading to digital in the future, you don’t have to just go and buy dji stuff. You can also use these with the sharkbite system as well. So if you think man, i like the idea of a digital system – i’m not going to be buying a whole new sort of setup by going dji uh. Well, i want to get what other options we have well i’m going to get shark bite, but i really like the sky zone. Goggles don’t worry! You can still use these now. Look that’s going to be it for this video today. The reason i make this because i want you guys to have the best flight experience that you can i’d love to know.

What do you think? What have i missed out to recap? You know we’ve got the cheap. We uh we’ve got the hawkeye little pilot down this end moving in we kind of have sky zones in the box, goggle range the mid range and the top range, even though there is the eachine one, and i know fetcher wasn’t really in this video. Like you see some other videos out there, the hdos i feel like have just been superseded in every single way or beat out in their competition that don’t sound too good, but don’t beat it too much guys but moving on that’s it for this video. Let me know, or what did you guys think if you appreciated it, if you like the different, diverse opinions, uh well, let me know in the comments as well. If you would like to support me on patreon, my link is going to be down below, so we can do more videos like this, so you can make informed decision to get up and get flying and they’re videos that aren’t misleading the customers or the consumers or The hobbyists or anything like that, because nothing pisses me off more. When i see people using their uh. What would i say, their influence to uh change market perception in a way that’s inferior just so people can make money that drives me bonkers anyway, there it is there’s the hard truth on it there, the the recommendations that i’ve got you can see it’s backed up By joshua and brucey rc as well subscribe for more fbv related content.

I hope you guys have a fantastic day.