The dji go app check if the aircraft has been successfully connected with the remote controller in the app initial interface tap update. Now, on the top of the screen disconnect the remote controller’s, wi fi and connect to the indoor household wi fi tap to download the firmware in the app time used for downloading is subject to wi fi speed, Music disconnect the indoor household wi fi after the firmware Has been downloaded successfully download it again if it fails connect to the remote controller’s, wi fi, again tap to upgrade the firmware with the aircraft connected with the rc. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to upgrade a progress bar that shows the upgrade status can be seen in the app do not turn off the aircraft during the upgrade app will notify whether upgrade is successful or not. If the upgrade fails, please upgrade again if it still can’t be upgraded after trying for several times, connect the aircraft to pc and read the sd card find the hidden folder in the sd card, click tool, option, click, folder, option, click, view, option, find the hidden folder And click, it click confirm to save the setting find the upgrade log file in the hidden folder. This is mavic air 2.. You may have some questions like so what’s different well, let’s start with the larger sensor, there’s a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto.

Every shot is a masterpiece, Music yeah, but photos aren’t. Really my thing, don’t worry we’ve got you covered Music. It also does 4k 60p video. You can also slow things down way down and yes, there’s hdr video how’s, the flight time it’s fantastic you’re. Looking at up to 34 minutes in the air, a new record for the mavic series, we’ve added ocusync 2.0, so you can fly longer and see clearer what, if i’m, not a great pilot that’s where focus track comes in so you can fly like a pro Music Or just press a button: Music here’s, the best part automatic obstacle avoidance okay. But what do i do with all these shots? Here’S an idea use the dji fly app to edit and share your moments with just a tap in this tutorial. You will learn how to set your bebop 2 for its first flight. First install the propellers by placing them on the motors. The polarized propellers should help you lock the propellers, using the supplied mounting tool, Music, download the free flight 3 app for free on your tablet or smartphone Music insert the battery by sliding it forward into the latch located on the back of the battery makes a clicking Sound press on the on off button of the bebop Music on your tablet. Smartphone go to settings and activate wi fi, then choose the wi fi network of your bebop 2. launch the free flight 3 app. In order to connect your drone.

Make sure that your bebop 2 is updated if it’s not follow the instructions given by the application. At the end of the update, you will be asked to restart your drone. The rebooting should take about two minutes. You’Ll have to calibrate your drone’s magnum meter before its first flight to do so reproduce the movements shown by the app you are now ready to take off Music. The hobby tiger h, 301s ranger, is a precision, gps, altitude, hole and camera drone with included gps and altitude hold functions. The h 301s ranger is a stable drone for any flyer. Single key take off and landing with every aspect of control at your fingertips. Gps function allows for smooth flights constantly searching for a gps signal, stable hovering, an automatic record of the home point at takeoff. The return to home function can be triggered one of three ways: one pushing the return to home button on the remote two battery signals too low or three controller signal lost. Each will trigger the drone to return to its home location, preparing for first flight step. One turn on drone step, two turn on remote control. Three push the left joystick up, then pull it back down when all lights begin blinking. The remote is successfully paired to the drone wi fi pairing to pair the wi fi of the drone with your device simply go into the settings and select the hobby tiger. Wi fi gyroscope calibration move the left joystick to the 11 o’clock position and the right joystick to the one o’clock position.

When gyroscope is calibrated, the camera will move up and down compass calibration front lights will be blinking, red and white alternately. Rear lights will be blinking. Blue and red alternately pick drone up from the ground and rotate 360 degrees, then turn the drone facing down and rotate again: 360 degrees, Music, so Music; yes, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music.