So stay tuned Applause, so the objective of this video is to help people who are new to fpv or havent started, but want to get into fpv kind of figure out what to buy first and whats the best path for them. So lets start with the dji fpv drone. This is it right here. This has been out for a year and a half. Now it is a pretty cool drone, its very different, looking than other fpv quads, its quite a bit heavier than other fpv quads, and it does have a place in the lineup here. A lot of people dont like this drone. A lot of fpv pilots dont, like this drone for a variety of reasons, but im going to tell you that, if youre the kind of person that wants to get into fpv but doesnt intend to go very far with it. This is designed to make it very easy right out of the box to put on some goggles and have the fbv experience using the type of flying that you may already be used to with camera drones. This has gps. This is stabilized. It has a gimbal in the front, so the the image is stabilized in your footage. You can tilt the camera up and down from the remote control. It behaves very much like a dji mavic when its in normal mode. But, of course, if you get to the point where youre flying it quite a bit, you can flip over to sport mode and its going to go a lot faster and you can have that experience of flying fast with an fpv drone.

And, of course, if you want to really get into it, you can switch over to acro mode, and this thing will do flips and its not stabilized anymore, and you can do a lot of the same things you can do with a regular fpv quad. But when this thing is flipped into acro mode, you really need a lot of room to fly it. You need a big big open space because it eats up the space really fast. As i said, its heavier than every other quad ive got sitting here, and it could actually be quite dangerous if you hit someone or something with it going fast. So if youre gon na fly fpv with this make sure you have a big open space, but the nice thing about this guy is, you can always flip it back into normal mode and its very tame, its very easy to fly when its in normal mode. It just hovers, it uses gps and it flies pretty much like a mavic like i said before, so, if youre someone who just wants to try out fpv, isnt too interested in getting into freestyle or racing or anything like that, this might be a good choice for You now its not cheap its over a thousand dollars for the setup, but the setup is turnkey. You can buy the fly more combo, get three batteries, get spare props, get the remote control, get the goggles all the cables you need, and then the setup is pretty easy and you can be flying very quickly and even if youve never flown fpv uh, you can Fly this thing in normal mode because it literally just hovers if you let go of the sticks, its just like a mavic in that respect, where this thing falls down is, if you crash it, and you have to repair it its, not easy to repair its, not Designed to be repaired like some of these other quads, are these have removable arms on them.

Removable motors, all the parts are replaceable most of the parts in a quad like this are very easy to get to, but the parts on this are not. This is not designed for the average person to take apart and repair, so keep in mind that if you are doing flips and rolls and flying this thing in acro mode and you crash, you may have to send it into dji to get it repaired. Thats. Just one of the downsides to it another downside: is it doesnt? Give you a lot of options for flying in small spaces? You really need a big big, open area to fly this thing in acro mode now. Another option for more of a true fpv experience is a tiny whoop. Tiny whoops are also the best option. If youre on a limited budget, like i said, the dji fpv is pretty expensive, and these others, when you get started, are going to be a little bit more expensive because you have to buy the goggles and you have to buy the controller and all of that Kind of stuff, with the tiny whoops, especially the emax, tiny hawk, you can get the entire kit right here, ready to fly its got the goggles, its got the remote its got spare props its got all the batteries and you can be flying right out of the Gate now the downside to this tiny, whoop and most tiny whoops is they are analog and analog is going to give you kind of a glitchy sort of just analog dirty signal and so be aware that if you do decide to go, the tiny whoop route know That youre going to be able to fly this indoors, its not going to do great in the wind.

Its not gon na have great range, but itll be a good chance for you to kind of learn how to fly fpv a little bit through a tiny hawk and with an all in one experience. Just right out of the box set it up and youre ready to go now. If you have a little bit more money, you can spend it on one of these guys, and these are 4s fpv quads. Now the difference between 4s and 6s quads is the battery size. This is a 6s battery. This is a 4s battery now. The reason i bring these up is this is the essential difference between the types of quads im going to talk about next, and what i mean is a 4s quad is typically smaller. This is a 4s quad. This is the gep rc rocket. Then a 6s quad. This is also a gap rc. This is the mark 5, and you can see the difference and the weight. This one is significantly heavier than this one, and this one uses the smaller battery and this one uses the larger battery now. Why does that matter? Because a couple of reasons number one with the 4s fpv quad, whether its this guy here this guy here this guy here this is the baby hawk digital baby hawk. My point is with all of these: you can fly these around in your backyard and if you get good enough, you can even fly these indoors without a whole lot of trouble with a quad like this again, you need some space youre going to need a big Open area, preferably over grass, so that if you crash youre, not landing on concrete and breaking things, but this thing eats up space very fast and with this bigger battery youre getting a lot more power, a lot more thrust, a lot more acceleration, which is fun dont, Get me wrong.

I remember the first time i flew a 6s after i had done 4ss. I was blown away by how much fun it was to fly theyre a blast, but they do require more space for you to fly in, and so, if you live out in the country – and you have lots of space, a success is a pretty good option. But ultimately, where im going with all of this, if you are going to start your fpv journey and youre looking for your very first quad, i cannot recommend strongly enough the gepp rc rocket with the dji fpv system. This was the quad that got me into flying. Fpv and because this thing is so small, i could fly it around my backyard, i could fly it in my house. I could fly it just about anywhere. I could fly in big fields too. I took this thing to the very first minefield event, and this was the quad i flew, while other people are flying these big ones. I was flying this little guy around and had a blast what i recommend, if you have the budget and youre not going to go this route. Is you pick up the combination which includes the gep rc rocket, the dji remote control and the dji v1 goggles and thats the v1 remote by the way? Now a lot of people dont like this remote control, they dont feel like its the best remote control. It has more latency, yada, yada, theyre right theyre, absolutely right.

I love this remote control and the reason i love this remote control is this. One. Remote control will bind with any of the fpv quads. I have here, except for this one right. So if you take this one out of the mix, itll bind with my 6s itll bind with my forest itll bind with my cinewoops itll bind with my rotor riot. The one i built myself. All you need is a quad with an air unit or a vista unit and ill explain what those are in just a second, and this will fly with it and thats what i love about it as i can go online, i can look at geprc. I can look at flywoo, i can look at emacs. I can look at any company thats, putting out quads that have an air or vista unit in them, and i know itll work with this remote control and its much easier to bind this to these quads than it is to bind any analog quad to any analog Controller believe me ive done it and its generally. Unless you know what youre doing you cant find the button, you have to hold it down and say some magic word at the same time and hope it all works. But with this, it beeps and youre bound, and i love that about it – the goggles, of course these are the v1 goggles. These also work with all of the air units and vista units, and so essentially with these two tools right here, i can fly any quad that has the dji system in it and theyre becoming more and more common.

Most companies that make ready to fly quads are putting the dji system into it. Now, what is the dji system im talking about theres two types? Theres, the vista unit and theres the air unit, the vista unit and the air unit are basically the same thing, except that the air unit is a little bit bigger and the vista units a little bit smaller and lighter, and the air unit has a slot for An sd card, so you can record video directly from the camera. The only way you can record the vista unit is to put on an external camera, or you can record in the goggles, which will give you a pretty decent recording, but its 720p not 1080, and its not gon na. Look quite as good because its being transmitted to you, but its still way better than an analog goggle recording so its just a little silver box that dji makes and that little box talks to this remote right out of the gate. And these goggles right out of the gate now one other important note about that. This remote does talk to those air units, but a lot of people choose not to use this remote and they install a different type of receiver in their quad, so they might get uh. You know a crossfire or lrs or or whatever other type fr sky. Whatever other type of receiver theyll put it in here, you have to solder it in, and then you can bind it to a different radio and thats fine thats thats great some people like to do that.

But if youre a brand new beginner – and you want to be as easy as possible and fly as many quads as possible with one controller, this controller talks to anything with an air unit or a vista unit. As i said before, and you dont even have to put in a separate receiver thats, the thing most people want to do is either buy it with that other receiver or put one in themselves. I dont understand that it adds extra weight. It takes extra time its more work. Why not just fly it with something that that works right out of the box bottom line? If you know, if you could just skip to this part of the video, this is what you need to know without all the blobbity blavity that i had, that is, i recommend either the gep rc rocket or the gep rc cinelog 30, which is also ducted. I like these ducted quads because they can bump into things and theyre not going to hurt anything and youre not going to break props quite as quickly as you are, with a non ducted quad. Now this is the the emacs baby hawk 2 digital, and i love this little guy. But when you hit something with this, you can very easily break a prop or a motor im, not saying this things not durable, because it actually is pretty durable but its not going to be as durable and its forgiving bumping into stuff.

As something like this is so its really kind of up to you, these two both have the dji system. This one has a vista unit, its the smaller one. Without the onboard recording, this one has an air unit, its the larger one, with the onboard recording, but with the rocket plus with an air unit. You can actually record straight to the air unit, and so you can get some pretty decent footage, its not stabilized its. Not the best camera in the world, its using the onboard dji fpv camera, but it still looks pretty cool. You can set these up to fly in whats called angle mode, which is stabilized its not going to hover because it doesnt have gps, but it will stay. Keep from flipping over in angle mode, and then you can put it into horizon mode where itll turn a bit more, but still wont flip over. You can actually can do flips in horizon mode, but you you, when you let go of the stick, itll level itself and then you can put it into acro mode and fly it like a maniac which is really fun. Another thing ill say too about the 4s quads with the smaller batteries. These batteries are significantly cheaper than these batteries. If you just look at them, theres so much more material that goes into making this battery, i mean theyre, basically, the same technology, but this has a lot more in it. It just takes more its like buying a big truck versus a small car, theres, more metal in it in a truck than in a car theres more material in this than there is in this, and so you can buy two or three of these batteries.

For the price of one of these batteries, which gives you more flying time and then one other important thing about the 4s and particularly the one with the ducted props, you can fly this pretty much anywhere. You stop at a rest. Stop during a road trip. You can pull out pull this out. Go to the picnic table, fly it around at the rest. Stop you could maybe fly this around at a rest. Stop, but it would. It would draw a lot more attention. It would be a lot more dangerous. Youd really have to know what youre doing to fly this in a place like that, whereas with this guy it just kind of looks like a little toy and it still flies great. This thing will still cut through the wind, especially when youre in acro mode. You can do all kinds of things with it. You can fly it in your backyard. You just dont need a big giant space, thats, completely isolated to fly with one of these and thats one of the things i love about it again. The tiny whoops are a very good place to start if you are on a budget and youre okay, with investing a little bit in analog but having a ready to fly kit. The dji fpv is not a bad place to start. If you dont intend to fly a whole bunch of other quads, but youre limited in the quads, you can fly. This only works with the remote control and the goggles that come with it, its its a closed system, at least right now.

It is that might change in the future and you can use the goggles actually with other quads but theres a few steps to make that happen. But with these goggles and this remote control, you can fly just about any digital fpv quad thats on the market. In 2022, let me know what you think: leave a comment below thanks for watching.