Right now for the holidays been here for about a week and before we get to this, video lets go grab some food Music Applause, Music ive been eating a lot of mofongo, which is one of the uh quintessential dishes here in puerto rico, um just put some Hot sauce right plan and change punch is like a fried ball of mashed potatoes. First time ever having it was. When i came to puerto rico, first night love it skirt steak and summer fungo anyway. This video youre about to see was filmed. I think over a month ago, and before we get to this disney video, a big thank you and shout out to surf shark vpn for sponsoring this video and continuing to support this channel ive been talking about surf shark vpn for over two years now still a Product i use every single day, first of all, digital security, a big issue right now, especially when people are traveling more and more, connecting to random wi fi hotspots, which are all great places for people to have access to your personal information. I give this example a lot when youre google searching for something or when youre talking to your friends about something. Often you see as for whatever you were talking about, where something closely related to whatever you were talking about appearing everywhere. Thats people getting access to your personal information, so what a vpn is is a virtual private network and what surfjar vpn does is that it encrypts and secures your personal information before it goes over the internet.

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Some dumplings all right got ta, go back to my steak in my fungo, because if it gets cold, its less fun go all right enjoy the video. Do. Music, Music Music today eating at the happiest place on earth. Is this still the happiest place on earth? I think disney world is, but this is not this place. This is the second second happiest its a little bit smaller good enough. Music Music. First stop at disney. Um not a riot, of course, at the jolly bakery buffet sorry, i dont know why i said buffet jolly holly bakery cafe thats thats, what i meant so here. The musket item is just the combo, the grilled cheese sandwich and the tomato and basil soup. Im telling you im looking at photos coming to disney this time. Food is looking spectacular. Also, i think the price for this like its, not something you would think got an amusement park. Youll think something like this would be like. Maybe 16 20 bucks take around 10 for this thats. Actually so good i mean mickeys been taking cooking lessons, wow its creamy, its velvety as nice, chunks of tomatoes and a little sweet. This is delicious dip. The grilled cheese in there only complain. This is not freshly made, so its not going to be melty but thats good. The toast is also buttery. Cheese is delicious, especially dipped in that tomato basil soup holy moly. This is good. I want to dip all sandwiches in this tomato soup.

Luckily, i got one more sandwich check this sandwich out um by the way im here during the holiday season. So this is what the holiday season looks like inside disney. So right now its a lot of holiday, themed stuff – you see cinderellas is covered in snow. Although im pretty sure, like ive, seen houses in texas bigger than that anyway, this sandwich sliced turkey cranberry stuffing and you can drizzle the gravy on here. Music. Oh, that turkey strike thats, definitely not as good as the grilled cheese sandwich. It does taste like a thanksgiving dinner, though Music, actually the bite in the middle, with a cranberry sauce and stuffing thats, not a bad bite, see what that tastes like dipped into the tomato basil soup. Instead of the gravy, all sandwiches all bread for that matter, it will all taste better in this tomato soup. This is amazing. This is just okay, grilled cheese, get that get the combo highly recommend. This is really cool. Look at this a mickey mouse, macaroon Music thats. Not bad, oh macaroons, really good! This thing is just super airy. The sweetness is offset by the tiny raspberries. This is a very very nice macaroon also got a walnut maple cheesecake. Look at this. This thing caught my eye, wow wow wow. I dont know of like the cheesecake being made here. They sprinkled some disney magic on this, where they had that rat from ratatouille cook. This, where i dont know whats going on this, is a cant, miss cheese.

This is so good. I will miss this cheesecake. How good is that cheesecake be honest, its really good right! I didnt try the macaroon yet im more excited about that thats, good macaroon, you think thats better than the cheesecake that ones a little bit overwhelmingly a little overwhelming, delicious sweet, meaning delicious. I think Music. This is pretty cool, so theres a gambling bolt right there. Look at this pirate ship wow, okay! Well, not really a pirate ship, but thats a giant ship Music do Music welcome to talking base 7.. Thank you, oh thank you. So much so got the andorian tippy chicken over mac and cheese in a batu bun, a batoon beef pot. Roast! Oh look at this. This is over pasta. Oh, that is tender. Oh man, you cook roast on a jet engine and its gon na come out nice. The star wars world is so awesome its so well made that is tender whoa. I didnt think it was gon na, be that ginger. I really did not how tender is that theres, like restaurant quality, almost yeah like seriously, i mean this thing: is this borderline melts in your mouth? You dont even need it huh. You dont even need it. You really need to chew this, though we got that from a restaurant. Maybe pretty happy with this. This is the fried chicken all right, first glance, just a feeling not going to be as good as the roast. I feel like that chicken was cooked on a planet.

Tattooing, because that is deathly dry, although it has a lot of potential, i mean the outside. Seasoning is fantastic and his skin is really crispy, but thats just dry as darth vaders, humor, theres, mac and cheese and vegetables in this as well. That is delicious mac and cheese. I almost didnt get the mac and cheese because im thinking like this is mac and cheese. That is amazing, mac and cheese. Am i wrong taste of mac and cheese im wrong? Okay, i mean i was just so depressed by the chicken that the mac and cheese tastes so good to me. Just because it has you know, moisture i feel like the bun is just okay, its basically a chocolate shell with a brownie and some kind of vanilla, custard and the moss on top is just green cake. This is a little overly sweet, not a fan of this, but forever do catch yourself on the galaxys edge on this planet. Get the pot roast Music food break roller coaster. Do you even call this a roller coaster? No, a train Music, Music, Music, exhilarating Music, its actually pretty fun its really long right, Music, all hands on deck standby to go ashore. Next, food stop at the royal street varada cafe. Ive never had this before a pumpkin croquet and i mean weve all seen clam chowder in a bread bowl. I got one just because i was looking at the reviews. A lot of people love this clam chowder, so i wanted to try it out, but the thing thats really unique here is this beef gumbo in a sourdough bread bowl start with a pumpkin thing.

First off hard drive, i like it. It tastes like a fried pumpkin pie, almost filling inside its nice and soft. The outer shell is deliciously chewy and crunchy big pumpkin flavor, though oh really about festive and delicious thats, freaking, delicious plain chocolate. I just took a big old chunk of clam. I thought it was a potato thats how big it was challenged me a clamp. I feel weird saying this, but thats amazing clam chowder. I just had to disney again i dont know what it is, its the disney magic were that ratatouille guy. So i got his name wrong remy, i dont know if remys cooking this, where mickeys just been taking a lot of cooking lessons. Well, thats, deliciously, creamy and good tabasco sauce must have companion with clam chowder a couple packs of tabasco three packs for good measure tonic. Your sourdough inside tastes like day old, sourdough, thats clam chowder way better than the sourdough bread itself steak gumbo in a sourdough. No, its not bad steak is tender. Big giant cut, celery, rice, tomatoes, thick and gooey, and a little bit spicy soup red ball here. Disney. Really really good, especially that clam chocolate, i would highly recommend getting yourself a clam shot when youre here in disney gummys, not that bad clam, chowder Music, youre scared, Music, Music. Oh, i forgot how fun space one was good left disney for a food that can only be found in downtown disney, which is outside the game: pinko crusted, pickle dog, so theres, a hot dog in a pickle in a corn dog dipped in peanut butter.

I need this Music Music here it. Oh, oh, it is heavy. This is at least a pound. This is still oozing oil. Somehow this thing just struck fear in the depths of my soul, and then you dip it in this jeff creamy peanut butter. One example of mandela effect how many of you guys remember: jiffy peanut butter, not jif. I am not exaggerating. I think this might be over a pound. I think it might be two pounds dip it best. I can in the peanut butter one second Music, okay, cherish late. This is really really good yeah. What the heck the peanut butter first of all youve, had a fried pickle before fried pickles are delicious mmm. The pinkle crust is super crispy and sweet, and the sweetness is balanced perfectly by the sourness of the pickle and the hot dog is delicious, too nice juicy hot dog inside also this crazy wizardry of peanut butter on the corn dog smother this on yeah just adds An element of creaminess to the crunch – this might be my favorite food item today ill eat multiples of these by myself. Why have i just heard about this? I barely like corn dogs, the difference i have a hot dog inside a pickle tremendous im, just gon na start, adding peanut butter to all the hot dogs i ever eat from here on out. My hot dogs gon na come with ketchup, mustard and peanut butter. So my last hot food item here in disney, i think the best wow my final food of the day is here: cant leave disney without a milkshake shaped like a mouse.

This is really cool. Look at it, rice, crispy, mickey mouse, crystal rock candy. I think. Maybe the tail: this is a thing of beauty, no idea how to even begin with this look at this spoon is like all the way in its basically a strawberry shake with whipped cream rice crispy treats four sprinkles perfect final food item. For me, i mean rice krispie treat good milkshake, good rock candy that i can eat later on. The road very good always enjoy coming to disney. I feel like this time the food just like leveled up significantly. I think a lot of people actually are starting to come to disney for food. I mean as soon as we came in, we went to the first restaurant wait in line for about half an hour and that was in the morning but tried a lot of food. Never had before here in disney best thing today its got to be that corn dog – i mean if you just want to come and like not go into the park and just go to disney downtown just eat a corn dog with a pickle inside dipped in a Peanut butter, i highly recommend you do that if you do make this at the park, go to a galaxy far far away get yourself a pot roast definitely tomato basil, soup and cheese sandwich. Oh get yourself a clam chowder yeah. I mean i lived in boston that, to me is still really really good.

Chatter, i always say ciao. I only lived here like six months anyway. If you are planning on visiting disney here in anaheim and food is your focus. Hopefully, this video has been helpful.