It is one of the world's premier speaking destinations for Marlin offshore fishing swimming beaches in thousands, if not millions of people go there to see in big attempts to bring home, but today, if you're looking for a clickable zone that is usable, install water or fresh water, This is probably the drill engineer because she is a great price at under around 2000. It comes with saltwater coated motors that usually submerse. It also has a variety of different attachment has obtained hook, release on it, as well as the low camera and a 4k option, but it does grow also and once it goes into the water it slide down over as well, because you're doing whether a particular look Out over the breaker or off of the Tartar boat, you can land it through the fog jacket, bring it up really really tough and durable, and then the ball applied good let's go ahead. Now let's check out there. We go so let's check out what you get with the new splash drone 3 plus you do get a better flight time. Around 23 minutes you get better seals and new color options and the power flip option, which I love in case. You flip over in the water, a new saltwater coated motors 35 tins and twist on and off carbon locking props, which are super easy to get on. For 40 amp pscs are inside the sealed up frame and we have a new GPS sealed membrane, which is really really nice.

This is a little more robust than the older one, and it has thumb twist locks which I love. The older one had screwdriver bolts on the very top, and you had to have a screwdriver handy to take the top off to put your battery in and out of the quad. So this is much easier to get in and access your battery compartment and get to the flight controller. It also has GLONASS GPS on this one, it just dual: GPS, it's all sealed up inside that top mount right there with a little bit of foam to protect it, and it has the s3 flight controller. It is updatable. You can use the assistant software to update it with the USB port. It also has options in for power in GPS, a one and A two there. It also has led options and a receiver port there. On the other side, you have motor ports one through four. Therefore, the quad setup that's typical, but you also have extra ports in here. 5. 6. 7. Amp 8. If, for some reason, you wanted an octocopter now, the accessories that you can get are the 4k camera and the low light camera with the bait hook, release which is nice. So if you're flying closer to dusk, you can use that it also has a quick release. There for the power and as one single bolt holding the whole thing on you have buttons on the bottom of the 4k camera, ok record power modes, and you have the sealed up protected SD card slot there, with the updatable USB port there for your assistant software, Which is super nice and I got to say I really do like the fact that you don't need any tools if you're out on the beach or on the boat.

You don't have to fiddle around with unscrewing or using screwdrivers to take these attachments on and off, and the servo that comes along with the bait release is a weird servo, so that's not likely to strip out on you, and let me just show you real quickly: How easy it is to take it on and off so take off that bolt unscrew that and it's off now I can take my 4k camera slide, that up on the post and put this bolt in and now screw this power port in make sure it's, nice And firm, so no water gets in there and you're all done you're ready to film. With your 4k camera, I got to say the aluminum looks pretty good on there as well the aluminum gimbal and two switches to turn on this transmitter. And now let me show you the switches it has. The bait release switch on the left hand, side kind of convenient to your index, finger your gimbal dial here for moving your cameras up and down on the pitch axis. You also have a media switch there for video record if it's up it's, recording preview and take photo mode there. Flight modes on the right hand, side for GPS positioning flying it has a cruise option and it has a d4 no GPS hold flying. If you want to take that positioning off and the return to home switch in case you get in trouble, it'll come back and land.

It also has a new option for smooth y'all access, turns so it'll turn the nose slightly left or right for precision filming it's. Very very smooth and the drone actually turns with that dial. It'S really neat the right hand. Side shows the roll axis, so you can slowly move the drone left or right on the roll axis and you have a firmware update port for your radio on the bottom. As well, underneath that port and a pretty robust, looking lanyard hook there for your strap and in the back, we have a two s battery that should power this for more than ten flights. It also comes with a balanced charger inside the box, which is gon na charge up your 4s. Fifty two hundred million F batteries just a little bit bigger and now they're HV. It also comes with battery, leads that plug into your charger and the battery. They have retractable sleeves on the main terminals of the battery leads, so you just go ahead and push them in like that. Don'T, try to remove those plastic sleeves they're there to protect the lead, so you don't short them out and you have your balanced connector there plug in your balance, lead there and your xt60 goes into this side of the port, and it takes about 45 minutes to Charge up and top off these batteries, not too bad. You also have a bluetooth option available for being able to change the software on the drone through the swell pro phone app, which is super.

Nice you'll also get an extra membrane for your GPS cover on the top of the dome, which is nice and a pretty decent. Lander comes along with it. Now let's go ahead and put everything in the case. I just want to show you how nice the case is and how everything fits in there. This is just generally the way I'd do it. You can do it differently if you want, but this is what works the best for me now. These two straps go over the top and everything stays pretty snug in place. I'Ve shipped this across country and I've also traveled with it on airlines it's a pretty decent case, all the way back from the original version. It hasn't changed a whole lot as far as the case goes, but it is very robust and has nice zippers and carrying handles so let's go ahead now and do the flight test it's a beautiful sunny day on Cape Hatteras today and we're going to go ahead And take off the dock here in a minute, but I do need to do my pre flight checklist I'm going to go through all the things I'm gon na make sure that I have my props locked on securely and that our home point is loaded. Give yourself about a minute to a minute and a half to load. All of your satellites you'll see them come up on the screen. Here you have full telemetry on the strobe, which is nice.

So now I know everything is checked out. I have a full GPS satellite home point recorded and I can take off. I am in GPS positioning mode right now. The nice thing about GPS positioning. If you've never flown a drone before with GPS positioning. When you let go of the sticks, it will stop. It will hold its altitude and its position in your airspace, which is really nice even when the winds blowing it'll still hold it it'll bite into the wind and hold its space. Now this boat is just coming in, so we got a nice shot with the 4k camera, and I want you to notice how crisp and detailed this video looks also look for jello or stutter in this video. This version of a 3 axis gimbal. They had a two axis version before this one is looking way smoother than the version on the plus swell Pro Splash drone 3, so I'm. Happy with that, this 3 plus is getting way better. Video right off the bat and the nice thing about flying such a large drone is that this will fly in more environmental conditions, especially around the coast. A lot of times when we're flying out in Cape Hatteras down in Florida, offshore different situations around the ocean or water usually tend to have more wind and the heavier a drone is the more wind you can fly it in. This will handle quite a bit of wind and today it's, not super windy, but the other nice thing about this drone is that I'm really not worried about it falling into the water.

If there was some type of failure component failure on this drone and wind the water, we could just go out and pick it up. That'S, not a problem, and this guy is bringing in a big catch. As you can see, because there are tons of seagulls around, you know when someone's coming into the docks, if they have a ton of birds following the boat in either they're, throwing out their old bait or they've, got a ton of fish on the boat. And it looks like they might be loaded down with a big catch there's a little higher up shot. Pretty spectacular. The video seems to be a little bit whited out on certain boats down there, and this looks like a pretty good, mid range type of shot and the nice thing about this lens on here as well. Is it doesn't notice that it doesn't have a ton of fisheye that's? One other thing that I have to comment about because GoPros other drones out there that have sort of fisheye lens it distorts the horizon a little bit too much for my taste, and this has a really nice flattened out field of view and now we're just moving On and show you a little more of how much water there actually is around Hatteras village, it's kind of amazing, I grew up down here. We used to use our little. I guess pull pushed raft that we went build by hand and take them out into these creeks and around these boat docks and now let's go ahead and dunk it into the drink and notice how well the camera handles the water coming off the lens.

When I come back out of the water generally there's a lot of water still on the lens, and this lens does have a special coating on it, you can also use rain x to keep the water off just a thin coat of rain x and wipe it Off and that'll get that lens back to clear for you and throughout the week as the week progressed, my coating sort of where it wore off so you're gon na have to replace that coating every once in a while and I'll show you an example of what That looks like after it gets a little bit worn off, but let's go ahead and put it down. I want to take you to another location here just before the Sun Goes Down. The nice thing about this is that you can rinse it off with fresh water and make sure that you keep your battery compartment on. You can wash off the gimbal all the motors and just give it a really good rinsing. Once you get back to the dock or you get home, try to do it before you leave the beach if you're doing any type of beach fishing. What I do is I carry one of the garden sprayers in my truck out to the beach with me and I spray it off with a garden sprayer now we're back out over the Pamlico Sound, and this is some really good. Looking video right here, I have to tell you that I've flown the same exact flight path with the DJI phantom4 years ago.

Doing a Cape Hatteras sunset like this, and I wanted to do that low to the water shot. It always looks really nice, the lower. You can get to the water, it just starts to look really cool because you can see all the ripples and the reflections, the Sun, all the gradients and the color just looks amazing. But you don't want to get too close, because you're worried about hitting the water and dumping your drone in the water and this one you can take that risk. You can literally go full speed into the water, and this drone, even if it flips over you, can use that riding option and flip it back over. These guys are coming in at the end of the day, with their catch looks like some storm clouds off on the horizon there. It has a pretty decent sort of range for that camera here, using a little more speed, I'm flying in adi mode. Just wanted to give you guys an example of how fast this particular drone is. It probably doesn't upwards of 45 miles per hour, 45 to 50 miles an hour she's moving moving across the water, really nice speed to this drone, and this again is one of those shots that I would not attempt with the DJI phantom or a Mavic pro, because I wouldn't want to put 1500 into the salt water you'll immediately, lose it I've done it before I had somebody with a kite boarding kite hit my DJI phantom Vision, Plus at the current time when he hit it.

It was around 1400 drone ready to fly and that that drone didn't get recovered for about two weeks when some wind surfers found it, but it is that golden hour and they're sort of a golden hue over the village right now you can see Hatteras harbour marina Down there on the bottom left and highway 12 through Hatteras village right here and back out over the sound side, we're just gon na do one last dunk here and it's interesting, because the sound is really shallow in spots and that's why everybody runs flat bottom boats Out here, but look how shallow it is right here, it almost looks like it was less than a foot deep where I went in and there you can see the water dripping off the lens and let's. Try that one more time let's go ahead and put it back down. Look for some blue crabs, plop right back in the water it's! Just awesome that you can do this with a drone and I'm telling you guys that swell Pro is the DJI of waterproof drones. They are the most advanced well packaged ready to fly waterproof salt water proof drone out there on the planet. My guy, Alex over at swell Pro, is he's a genius, and these drones have been through various different versions in the last five to six years. Well pros been around for a long time and they really do bring some quality to the fishing market as far as far as, if you're looking for a fishing drone, this is the one to get in 2020 and it's been updated with all the bells and whistles And a lot of extras that you won't even really notice they've put a lot of RampD into these drones and they're impressive.

They fly well and I haven't had a single problem with mine. Just make sure that you seal up everything nice and tight on it, including your power for your gimbal and on the top with a GPS dome, is and you'll have a really good experience fishing with this drone and plenty of attachments to play around with and the Bait release guys super awesome. I love it. It is thumbs up from you guys take care.