I am very excited to be reviewing this drone for you guys today. So anyways lets open this box up and lets get right into the video. Alright guys so lets open up this box right here. So, as you can see, once we open it up here is what it looks like on the inside. We have the instruction manual right here. You have this slip of paper, not really important. Who cares the controller, the drone some landing gear, and i think that is some extra propellers behind there, as well as probably a battery charger, all right guys so were going to reach in here. Take the drone out, as you can see, we have the camera at the front. This is what the drone looks like right here. Of course, this is without the landing gear on it. So itll look a little bit different once we put those on alright guys. So obviously other than just the drone. With this, you get a screwdriver a battery and some screws in there, as well as an extra set of propellers. It looks like theres these little tips that go on top of the propellers. You also get a full extra set of those. You also have some propeller guards that are come with this drone, so thats pretty good for beginners. If you suck at flying and you crash a lot, those would be helpful and theres also landing gear and thats kind of important, because its kind of uneven right now with the camera on the bottom.

So the landing gear fits right in to those little holes. There plugs right in and then you need some screws to tighten it in there ill. Tell you what guys i like this a lot. So it has this like little cardboard sheet over the controller and on that cardboard sheet it has all the specs written out for the controller. So this is the 360 flip. This is auto takeoff Music. It says headless mode right here, yeah photo video. We have the trim, speed, uh, the controller is this switch. It has everything on this little piece of cardboard. So if you dont know what some of these control buttons do, it literally says right there, so you cant miss it alright guys. So once you take the battery cover off youll, see that you have an extra battery, so you actually get two batteries with this drone package here also, these screws are extremely small, so i would recommend using a pair of tweezers like what i have here. So look. How small that is, camera pet cant even pick it up its really tiny, so yeah use a pair of tweezers to help you put the screws in, because i have skinny fingers, and this is still like impossible for me to put these things in alright guys. I hope you enjoyed the unboxing. Now we are going to take this out were going to fly this and im going to show you some of the footage that this guy can produce.

It also has room for an sd card, so youre going to be seeing footage straight off of that so im just going to give you the specs im going to put it on the screen for you to see and lets get right into it. All right guys were outside here now we have our snapton s5c were going to take it up its actually a little bit windy out extremely cold, but were going to see how this guy performs outside were going to take some photos and videos for you to watch. So anyways lets go be ready to go so down out to armit, so the wind is coming towards me right now, so this is full forward. This is sideways. This is the other direction. Music is Music. Music. Just remember guys. This is a toy i was flying. It right about in that spot and then it got caught by a gust of wind and it flew all the way over there and hit that brick wall heres, actually a video of it being taken away right now and bang thats, where it hit the wall. All right so here is the live, wi fi fpv view. As you can see, you have all of the settings on the top right there and we just got a notification that were flying a little bit too far away so were going to bring it back. Um a little bit glitchy, but for the most part you have to remember, this is a toy.

Its got several different features on it and its pretty good. I mean, as you can see, the wi fi fpv. I mean its a little bit glitchy, but its it works for a toy, alright guys. So i guess its time for me to give my final thoughts on this snapton s5c and to be honest for a first drone. It is actually pretty fun to fly. I really enjoy flying this drone a lot. The camera is okay, its decent, the controllers, theres a lot of fun things you can do for a toy drone, because this is a toy its less than a hundred dollars. So its not gps, and you can fly it indoors and you can fly outdoors as long as you fly it close to you and its not too windy out. So, yes, i would highly recommend getting this for someone who you know is just looking to have fun with their drone and really isnt trying to uh buy something expensive just wants to have a drone for fun like you could get this for a christmas gift. For somebody that would be a really really fun christmas ki gift for a young kid, so i would highly recommend this now. If price is a factor, this thing is pretty much all over the place in terms of price, but i bet you could, you know, find this anywhere from 40 bucks to 80 bucks, so it really depends. I wouldnt really recommend spending eighty dollars on a toy like this.

I would you know, just spend an extra forty or sixty dollars and get something with gps, but, like i said, if youre strictly spending under a hundred dollars – and you just want to get a toy for somebody or for yourself to you – know, spend some time messing Around with a drone, then i would recommend getting this snapton s5c drone, all right guys if youre still here. I really appreciate you sticking around for the full video. Please like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel.