com and ive, actually done a few dji mavic 2 enterprise videos in the past, mainly around the attachments that go on it. Now this isnt the enterprise version. This is actually just a mavic 2 zoom, but it used the same frame, the same drone pretty much except you were able to add on a few of those attachments, and since i did that video in the past, they actually came out with another version which had A thermal camera which i got really interested in wasnt able to test that one out, but luckily enough i was able to get my hands on this one to test out. This is the new mavic 2 enterprise, pretty much like the version three. I guess you would say the new enterprise advance has an even more enhanced thermal camera compared to the mavic 2 enterprise dual. But this is new because it also has all the attachments that the previous ones did. It also has thermal just like the previous one did, and now it has the thermal plus the rtk and the main reason why i wanted to get into, or at least test out, the new thermal and enterprise version of it a little bit longer than i did Before is because of the fact that, if youre coming from something like this, a regular camera drone, is there much of a learning curve, or is it difficult to transition into an enterprise platform where youre able to do a lot of other things? Kind of opens up? The door for a lot of other opportunities in the thermal industry, as well as some of the land surveying mapping and things like that, and if youre going to be doing things on that side of drones, you definitely want to look into something like this.

So i just wanted to see how much of a transition it would be for someone like myself, who has just been a video and photographer for many years to test out, get this thing up and running and just see what its like to get into that other Side of drone, so i will be doing more testing on the thermal and the rtk as well to have a bunch of videos on the other accessories on it. This video, i got this in the mail, so i just want to open this up. Show you exactly what comes in the enterprise advanced kit and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos so lets just jump right into it. This is the dji mavic, 2 enterprise advanced kit. It does come in this hard case from dji all right. So once you first open it up, as you can see, everything is packed in here, pretty much ready to go from dji and well just kind of go from left to right. I just want to give you a quick overview of what comes in the kit. All right, starting from the left hand, side we do have the smart controller. The well known smart controller, its been out for a few years now, really hoping that dji comes out with a new version, same battery hub, of course, and it is using the mavic 2 platform.

So, as you guys know, the mavic 2 platform is probably still even up to now. Three years later, probably these best and most reliable uh platform or lineup of mavericks that theyve come out with and right here up front. We do have the new thermal camera as well as zoom, so put that right. There does use everything the same as the mavic 2 lineup, so you are able to interchange the batteries. If you previously had uh. The existing mavic 2. also has two extra batteries. So three batteries total and if you are looking at this setup in general, ill make sure links are down below in the video description. Like i mentioned, these are very specialized types of drones, so youre going to want to look at the types of kits that are available for it on the top right. We do have the standard, mavic, 2 charging brick and here, on the right hand, side. We have all of those accessories and if you guys, havent seen my video on these, i made videos on every single one of these. This is the speaker, so the modules are able to attach right above the drone. This is the speaker which is really cool, because if you hook up the speaker to the drone youre able to then record messages on your smart controller, those messages can be projected through the speaker here, while youre out there, you can actually record in the field as Well, uh or also pre load, some audio onto here.

That can just repeat if you wanted to. If you guys, havent seen my speaker, video, it was actually a really good video tested it out the beach. I was communicating with a surfer. So if you guys havent seen that one make sure you guys check the links above as well as down below in the video description next one we have is the spotlight. So if you wanted to fly around not with the rtk module but with a spotlight, youre able to do so as well extremely bright and actually did a video with this spotlight right here made a little role. Play hid a bag out in the field, and i want to go look for it with my drone, also its on my channel. If you guys havent seen my spotlight video make sure you check the links above as well as down below and the last one. We have here is the beacon, so if you are flying late evening or at night, you need to be able to see your drone as far as that light coming off your drone at great distances. So this is what the beacon is for all you do. The same thing, you put it right here on the very top of the drone, and now this is able to flash and youre able to see it at great distances. I did a test with the beacon as well so make sure you guys check out that video above as well as down below now, when i first shot with the enterprise on those first videos.

I did it had this camera here, a little smaller camera. It was a zoom, 12 megapixel camera smaller sensor, one over 2.3 inch cmos sensor. Now with the new advanced. We do have a larger camera larger sensor, 48 megapixels half inch cmos sensor on this one, and the biggest thing, of course, is that new thermal sensor right there on the very front. So if you are trying to get into things like public safety, doing some sort of inspection, building, inspection, energy inspection or even wildlife protection, you want to survey an area you want to map out an area. Have this thing run those routes all the time with thermal thats? What youre going to want to do with something like this now with a new camera, you are able to get 640 by 512 thermal resolution and with the thermal camera, youre able to get 16 times. Digital zoom, now with the standard camera on here, you do have 48 megapixels and 32 times digital zoom and for accurate positioning in the air while youre surveying this is what this is for. The new rtk module sits there right up top now its really cool about the enterprise just in general. So if you havent seen these attachments before all you have to do is just pop. This thing off has a micro usb plug here at the very bottom, and if you wanted to put on the speaker, all you do is pop the speaker on there, through the interface on the smart controller, youre, now able to interact with people by using the speaker, You have pre recorded audio uh uploaded to the smart controller, or you can actually record it directly into the smart controller and then project it out youre not able to do real time audio.

So you cant really have it up in the air and speak into it and itll come out. You actually have to record a little clip and put it on there. Like i mentioned, if you guys, havent seen my surf video on this thing, pretty cool make sure you guys check out those links above as well as down below in the video description and because were going to be doing some surveying. We also have a bump up in waypoints the original one had 99 waypoints. This new one has 240 waypoints im, not even sure how many youre going to need before you actually run out of battery, but they did bump up the waypoints on that thing. So i do want to test that out and there it is guys just wanted to do a quick first look for me at least of the new enterprise advanced system, like i talked about before ive done a bunch of videos on these modules right here. These attachments so make sure you guys check those out im, just really excited about using thermal for the first time, as well as having that precision accuracy with the rtk. I think its just something that dji really positions for you to make a pretty seamless transition. So if youre used to a dji platform already, i think jumping into this space might not be as difficult as you might think and thats what im hoping to test out. So if you guys are interested in seeing my progression into this area, make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel, as always, if you guys got some value from this video.

A big like much appreciated and also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is ultra nostalgia with ill see you guys.