I just kind of put an order to them, but they're all really good drones, so don't take it for granted. Each drone has its pluses and minuses which, by the way you can see on the side where I did an article review, which also has individual video reviews for each of them. If you want to go more in depth, also stick to the end, because the number one drone is quite special and it's. A new release for 2020 hi i'm paul from jones gator comm the site where i review jones and make buyer guides. But anyway, let's get started the DJI sport, although it made my top of the list drone with just one year ago. The DJ spark isn't the definite winner for the under 500 category anymore. Dji has stopped selling it on their site, but you can still find it to buy in the description for those of you who don't know about it. The DJ spark is a really compact drone, with a fifteen minute battery life, 1080p camera and the two axis stabilization gimbal it's, a really solid quadcopter, and it comes with a ton of flight modes that are really well made from circle around. To follow me and even obstacle avoidance, it has this sensor in front that helps it with detecting obstacles. The camera also has some electronic image stabilization. So the footage is surprisingly smooth. This zone is absolutely perfect for photos too, as you can take amazing 4k photos that can be edited later in post processing and made to look quite professional, it's still a great role in 2020, and I definitely recommend it if you want a sturdy drone that can Take a few crashes, no problem.

The Xiaomi Femi x8 is a really really capable drone with a 4k camera, five kilometers range 30 minute battery life and the 3 axis gimbal stabilization. I will underline that this John is unique through the fact that it shoots 2.7 K in 60 P, which is something I wanted for a long time now, considering I usually shoot in 2.7 K anyway, and this allows me to do some slow motion shots. The German controller are both well made typical for Xiaomi, and the app is also pretty good to think about this drone. Although it may look like it has optical flow sensors in front it in fact doesn't, but the FEMA does come with optical flow sensors, underneath to better hold this position in the air. The only downside of this drone is that the gimble doesn't have any ground clearance and you might have to launch it from a plane surface. Otherwise, its flight modes are all working great and the gimbal does an extremely good job overall it's better than the smaller drones. On this list by the fact that it's, sturdy and powerful in wind – and you can do many complex movements – small tenuously with it it's shipper brother, the Xiaomi female 3 – made it on the top of list of my drones under 300. So we can check my video on that category right here in the corner. My full list, with all these drones can be checked in the description down there it's an article with all the pros and cons of each drone and individual video reviews to each of them.

So check that out, the Maverick mainly is a really special drone, mainly because it's really capable, although it's, actually under 20 50 grams, so you don't have to register it in most countries, including the United States. It comes with a three axis: gimbal, a 2.7 K, camera 30 minute battery life and the four kilometer range. What more can you want for this size, it's also foldable and super small in size, the perfect vlogging or travel drone, in my opinion, so if you're, a casual user who doesn't know what nd filters are then go for this one for sure, but if you're a Professional, you may find the lack of freedom in camera settings a bit limiting you can't change things like ISO or shutter speed, for example. However, the Jones shoots amazing footage as it is and it actually handles wind really well, despite its small size. I have noticed that if you want to do really complex movements with it at the same time, it loses a bit of altitude but other than that it's a super great drone for filming and taking photos and the specs it comes with amazing. I feel like it's one of my favorite drones on this list, simply because it's so small and easy to carry so I tend to fly it more often, just because of that I wouldn't have necessarily put the Hudsons. You know two on the first pot because it's really on par with the Xiaomi females, taking my opinion.

I have reviewed it here on my channel, but it's definitely coming soon, but currently there are some issues with the virus, so I can really go upside that easily. However, with the Hobson's you know were talking about 4k 60fps recording with a 3 axis gimbal great GPA stability, eight kilometer range and 32 minute, better life, it records at a hundred megabits per second and guess what it supports. Endif that are easily detachable perfect for professionals. Another interesting feature the hubsan is, you know, two features is a detachable gimbal. This modular system means you can update it in the future with another camera release. Maybe, frankly, the only downside of this Joan is that at the moment this video was recorded. It was a bit over 500. I still wanted to put it on the list, because in a few months I may find a coupon and put it in the description, and maybe you get it under the price. You can check the current price in the description below. If you really like this job but don't, have that much of a budget then check out the hubsan xenon, one it's also featured as my top john under 300. If you want to check the video right here, don't forget to leave a comment down below and tell me what drones you like best from this list, also check the description, because there's a lot of helpful articles and videos right there to help you make the decision.

If you're still undecided what to buy, I do recommend you check the drone tool down in the description where you can store drones by price battery life range and so on, and you get everything recommended in the table next to it. If you like, drones in general and don't, know where to start can visit those get his homepage and it will guide you to the respective categories, where you can learn a lot more about drones in general or about specific models. If you want to see more videos like this, it would help a lot if you'd, like this video for the YouTube algorithm, subscribe and hit the bell notification icon so that you get notified whenever I post on your video I post about three times per week. If you want, you can watch the related video right here. The next recommended video right here and you can subscribe to draw skater easily. If you click on my face right now. I usually post buyer guides for Jones in general, individual reviews, photography and videography tips and so on.